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									The Moons and Earths

   By. Rhian
   Staring Moon kitty and
   earth puppy
1 st   pet’s name is water

There is 2 waters in the shop
The 1st water is a moon type it has a
little bit of water.
The 2nd water is a earth type it has a lot of
running water!
3  pet’s name is

  Also there are 2 gravities in the shop,
  The 1st is a moon type and the mass on gravity
  affects the gravity on gravity 1.
  The 2nd gravity is a earth type it has gravity and
  that gravity is what keep us on the earth.
The       5th
         pet’s name
is landforms/craters
Like before there is 2 landforms/craters
The 1st landforms/craters is a earth type, it
has good landforms that are sometimes
green, deserted, watery and has 1 crater in
The 2nd landforms/craters is a moon type it
has a rocky dusty and gray landforms the
moon is covered in craters which are
made by objects/ space junk that float
around the solar system.
The      pets name
         6 th

is SIZE !
  The moon is only ¼ the size of the Earth it
   would take four moons to fill up the
The7 th
      pets name is
Weather and Atmosphere
  There are 1 of each of these unique
  Animals in our pet shop weather on
  The moon is cold and baron at night but
  super hot during the day
  The Earths weathering is different then
  the moons weathering it has warmth and
  coldness depending on where the sun is
  if the sun is facing the other side of the
  earth the side we are on is cold!
Its time for Earth puppy and his
friend moon kitty to travel on the
moons axis!
 Earth puppy and Moon kitty are
  about to blast off around the earth to
  see how long it takes them to finish
  traveling on the moons axis they
  blast of and their gone as we wait to
  see how long it takes to rotate on
  the moons axis ………… 27 days later
  they are back in 27 days the moon
  spins on its axis in 27 days there you
  have folks it takes 27 days!
Phases of the moon
 WHAT HAPPENED TO MOON KITTY!?! Earth puppy: Moon kitty is going
  in to her new moon phase that is why we can’t see her right now.
 Moon kitty: yeah I am here still its just one of my special phases.
 What are moon phases?
 Earth puppy: they are different stages that moon kitty does when the
  moon is in its phases like right now she's in her new moon phase
  soon she will be in her crescent phase then the first quarter then
  the waxing gibbous then back to full moon and there on the cycle
  keeps going.
 Moon kitty : now do you under stand.
 Earth puppy goes around the Earth   !
 Moon kitty: If you are wondering were earth
  puppy is, he blast off to the moon to see how
  long it takes for the moon to go around the
 Earth puppy: Earth puppy speaking do you
  hear me Moon kitty.
 Moon kitty: Yes I hear you loud and clear.
 Earth puppy: I am on my way back, the trip
  was awesome
 Moon kitty: Good, but the real question is
  that how long did it take?
 Earth puppy: it took 29 days total!
Earth puppy’s seasons

 Moon kitty: Earth puppy why do you have
 white and blue fur not green and blue fur?
 Earth puppy: like your phases I have my
 seasons. because it is a different season
 of the year like you have your phases
 depending on what the moons phases
 Moon kitty: then what season is it?
 Earth puppy: Its winter of course that’s
 why my furs white and blue and not green
 and blue
 Moon kitty: oh! Now I get it!
The end

  Thanks for watching
  Made by Mrgan Peterson
  And by Rhian ’Neill
  And our good pals Moon Kitty and Earth
  And special thanks to Google

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