He is a recipient of numerous awards and honours including the Jamnalal Bajaj Award

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He is a recipient of numerous awards and honours including the Jamnalal Bajaj Award Powered By Docstoc
					                                   ABOUT ANIL SADGOPAL

                    After obtaining his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1968) from
                    the California Institute of Technology, USA; Anil Sadgopal joined TIFR as a
                    Fellow from where he resigned his appintment to organise a rural education
                    and development programme through KISHORE BHARATI in Hoshangabad
                    District, Madhya Pradesh. In collaboration with the Friends Rural Centre
                    Rasulia, he initiated the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme (HSTP)
in 1972 in 16 government upper primary schools which was expanded in 1978 to all the 270 odd
upper primary schools of the district. He helped to found EKLAVYA in 1982 which later extended
HSTP to almost 1,000 schools of 15 districts of Madhya Pradesh wherein more than one hundred
thousand children learned science through an inquiry-oriented, experiment-based and
environment-related pedagogy.

He joined the people’s science movement and the movement for civil liberties and democratic
right in the early eighties & was active in the struggle of the Bhopal gas victims for obtaining
scientific medical treatment and rehabilitation from the Government as well as justice from Union

He has undertaken numerous assignments: Professor of Education in the University of Delhi &
also served as Head, Department of Education and Dean, Faculty of Education in the University;
Member of the National Commission on Teachers (1983-84), the National Policy on Education
Review Committee or the Acharya Ramamurti Committee (1990) and Central Advisory Board of
Education, CABE (2004 to date); Member of three CABE committees respectively on (a) Free &
Compulsory Education Bill; (b) Girls’ Education and Common School System; and (c)
Universalisation of Secondary Education (2004-05); Member, National Steering Committee for
Review of National Curriculum Framework, NCERT (2004-05); Chairperson, NCERT’s National
Focus Group on ‘Work and Education’ (2004-05).

He is a recipient of numerous awards and honours including the Jamnalal Bajaj Award (1980)
and Shantiniketan’s Rathindra Puraskar (1984) for application of science and technology to rural
areas; Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture (1981), UGC National Lecturer (1988),

He is currently engaged in building up a nation-wide public campaign in support of Common
School System and seeking major pro-people amendments in the Draft Right to Education Bill,
2005 before it is sent to the Parliament.

He is the author of two books in Hindi: `Sangharsh aur Nirman’ (Rajkamal, New Delhi) on the
trade union movement led by Shaheed Shankar Guha Niyogi, the radical leader of mine workers
in Chhattisgarh, and `Shiksha mein Badlav ka Sawal’ (Granth Shilpi, New Delhi) on education
policy and the need for social intervention in education & has authored dozens of articles/essays
on policy analysis and adverse impact of globalisation and communal politics on education.

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