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                                Monday, September 26 2011

                                    6:00PM Blum Union 220

I.        Call to Order
       A. Roll Call
       B. Approval of the Minutes
             a. Approved

II.       Adoption of the Agenda
          a. Adopted

III.      Executive Officer Reports

          A. Alison Norris, President
                 a. Nominations for Fall Commencement speaker
                 b. 27 organizations in Homecoming
          B. Robin Ussher, Vice President of Western Activities Council
                 a. Karaoke Night
          C. Jordan Carney, Director of Student Relations
                 a. PLC – Oct. 5 in Spratt 205
                 b. Spring SGA Award Banquet
          D. Nick McCutcheon, Director of Finance
                a. Max Committee
                        i. Mascot in transit
                b. FOC
         E. Noah Green, Director of Communications
                a. Ads in the Griffon News
                b. CCC meeting and survey
         F. Senate Committee Reports
                a. Amanda Johnson - GRC
                        i. Review by-laws
                b. Morgan Lindgren - CAC
                        i. Discussed proposals
         G. Jacob Scott, Executive Vice President
                a. Committees met last week; excellent work
                b. Brandon Griffon resigned
                c. President Norris has vetoed the bylaw revision, so it has been brought
                   back to Senate
                d. Recommends tabling to allow GRC to review
                e. Homecoming tailgate
                f. Griffon paws proposal
IV.      Old Business
      A. NOA # 11 Approval of the Bylaws
            a. Vetoed by President
            b. Moved to table – Shewell
            c. Tabled

V.       New Business

      A. NOA # 17- Funding for Homecoming SGA Tailgate
            a. Moved to previous question – Shewell
            b. Unanimously passed
      B. NOA # 18- Resolution supporting an SGA student survey
            a. Unanimously passed
      C. NOA # 19- Funding for Potter Hall Basement Student Lounge
             a. Dallas Henry – authorship speech
             b. Brian Shewell – speech in affirmation
             c. Clifford Peterson – speech in affirmation
             d. Moved to Previous Question – Beavers
             e. Unanimously passed
      D. NOA # 20- Funding for Senate nametags
             a. Amended to read, “Allocate up to $200.00 to purchase nametags for the
                senators that can be worn at SGA senate meetings and SGA events subject to
                review from the Campus Communications Committee.”
             b. Unanimously passed

VI.      Closed Session
      A. Personnel matters

VII.     Announcements
      A. Committee weekly charges
         -   CAC- Director of Technical Operations proposal
         -   GRC- Review Bylaws and make formal recommendations
         -   CCC- Create SGA Poll on Goldlink, Finalize survey to bring to student body
         -   MAX- Finalize logistics of SGA Homecoming tailgate
      B. Senate Seats are still open. If you are here and are interested in being on Senate
         please stay after and talk to me or Peter
      C. Committee Chairs, Please stay after for a few minutes.

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