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									Date                        8 January 2008
Subject                     London Skills and Employment Board
Location                    The Council Room, One Birdcage Walk
Time                        8:00am – 10:00am

Present                     Harvey McGrath – Vice Chair
                            Cllr Abdul Assad            Dinah Caine OBE**
                            Paul Cuttill OBE            Barry Francis
                            Chris Hayes*                Paul Head**
                            Deian Hopkin**              David Hughes*
                            Jack Morris OBE             Dame Ruth Silver DBE
                            Nick Turner

Apologies                   Ken Livingstone – Chair
                            Lucy Adams                 Surinder Arora
                            Elizabeth Balgobin         Ozwald Boateng OBE
                            David Butcher              Ruth Carnall CBE
                            Richard Cousins            Terri Dial
                            Keith Faulkner CBE         David Fison
                            Neil Fletcher**            Tracey Hahn
                            Grant Hearn                Jeremy Long*
                            Ian Smith                  James Wates

In attendance               Mario Abela                Director, LSEB Secretariat
                            Beth Simpson               Policy Manager, LSEB Secretariat
                            David Fowler               Secretariat Manager, LSEB
                            Murziline Parchment        Director Major Projects and
                                                       Service Delivery, GLA
                            Stephen Evans              Director People Skills and
                                                       Employment, LDA
                            Rebecca Rhoades            Regional Skills Policy Manager,
                            Philippa Langton           Regional Director of Skills, LSC
                            John Attree                Director, London First
                            Bernadette Cronin          Partnership Manager for London,

   * Ex officio Board member
   ** Board Advisor

   Minutes of meeting 8 January 2008            1
   London Skills and Employment Board
1. Apologies for Absence and Chair’s Announcements (Item 1)

   1.1    The Vice-Chair welcomed members to the meeting and acknowledged
          apologies the apologies received. In the absence of Ken Livingstone, Harvey
          McGrath chaired the meeting.

   1.2    The Chair advised the meeting of the appointment of two new members to the
          Board – Councillor Abdul Assad, Cabinet member for Employment and Skills
          at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Elizabeth Balgobin, Chief
          Executive of the London Voluntary Service council. The Chair welcomed
          Councillor Assad to the meeting.

2. Declarations of Interest (Item 2)
   2.1 The Chair outlined the need for Board members to declare any prejudicial
       interest they may have that affects them in such a way that it was likely to
       prejudice the member’s judgement of the public interest when taking a
       decision. No Board member indicated that they had a prejudicial interest,
       although the under mentioned members asked for the following interests to be
       noted in relation to funding decisions resulting from the LSC's draft Regional
       Commissioning Plan:
       - Dinah Caine, Chief Execuitve, Skillset
       - Barry Francis, London Regional Manager, Unionlearn
       - Paul Head, Principal and Chief Executive, College of North East London
       - Deian Hopkin, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, London South Bank
       - Jack Morris, Chair of Governors, City and Islington College
       - Ruth Silver, Principal, Lewisham College.

3. LSC Regional Commissioning Plan (Item 3)
   3.1 The Chair invited David Hughes to present his report to the Board.

   3.2    In introducing the report, David explained:
          - The report provides an overview of the London Learning and Skills Plan
              that forms the LSC’s business plan for London and guides the discussions
              the LSC has with all of the colleges and providers.
          -    The plan is still under discussion with the Department for Innovation,
               Skills and Universities (DIUS) because there are flexibilities in funding and
               policy that are being sought by the LSC to deliver to meet the needs of
          -    The LSC needs to finalise this plan as soon as possible because it is now
               engaging with providers on how to deliver on the plan.
          -    That there are a number of constraints which the LSC acts within; these
                 • The overall funding envelope of £603m
                 • The current learning and skills being delivered in London and the
                     capacity for change amongst colleges and providers
                 • DIUS policy and the targets set for the LSC nationally
                 • The actual demand from employers and learners, and the lack of
                     demand from many people in society for learning.

   Minutes of meeting 8 January 2008         2
   London Skills and Employment Board
       -    How the LSC would like to direct its 2008/09 budget in order to meet the
            LSEB aims, acknowledging that this plan was in essence a compromise
            position, designed to meet national and London priorities as closely as

3.3    In response to the report from the LSC, the Board noted the context in which
       it was being asked to approve the LSC’s plan:
       - The planning cycles of the Board and the LSC have not aligned for
           2008/09. The Board’s Strategy is not due to be finalised until March 2008
           while the LSC is required to finalise its spending plans by the end of
           January 2008.
       - This is a period of significant change in the employment and skills system.

3.4    Recognising because of this context that this is a transitional year, the Board
       endorsed the changes in funding and policy proposed by the LSC’s London
       Learning and Skills Plan that reflect greater integration of skills and
       employment, particularly those aimed at addressing worklessness.

       -In addition, the Board was keen to have a better understanding of how the
       LSC sees the gaps between the Plan and the Board’s ambition.

       -The Board was keen to see a closer link between the aims and objectives of
       the LSC and reducing unemployment, as well as understanding who is
       supported by the learning being provided, and the impact on their job

       -The Board was keen to see an emphasis in the Plan on supporting long-term
       workless people and helping them into work. Targeting of the Skills for Jobs
       provision on Job Centre Plus clients needs to be highlighted further in the Plan.

       -The Board was also keen to see how this plan and the actions in it integrate
       with the plans and actions of the LDA and JC+, as well as local authorities.


•     Vice-Chair and Secretariat to work with the LSC on amendments to the plan.

3.5    The Board noted that in future years it would expect to see a shift in emphasis
       in the LSC’s plan in order to:
       - Move from funding on the basis of products to a client-centred and
           outcome-based approach to funding that identifies how the outputs and
           activities proposed are expected to achieve the outcomes sought in the
           Board’s Strategy
       - More clearly map spending plans against the Board’s priorities, in particular
           identifying how the plans address worklessness and skills progression for
           those in work
       - Identify how the LSC is contributing to the meeting of targets set in the
           Board’s Strategy
       - Encourage a culture amongst providers of testing what works and changing
           delivery on the basis of evidence.

Minutes of meeting 8 January 2008        3
London Skills and Employment Board
   3.6    In addition the Board identified a need to understand whom the funding was
          directed at and the impact this could have on people out of work.


   •     Re-circulate earlier research carried out by the LSC in London and nationally
         which tracked the progress of adult learners after they had finished their courses.
         This shows the impact learning is currently having on the job prospects and life
         chances of LSC-funded learners         (David Hughes)
   •     Using a sample of five colleges and working with Jobcentre Plus, conduct a
         statistical analysis of learners to give the Board an indication of learner
         motivation (getting into work or progression in work) for the six budget lines of
         employer responsive provision.         (Paul Head to lead)

4. Any other Business (item 4)
   4.1 There was none.

   Minutes of meeting 8 January 2008         4
   London Skills and Employment Board

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