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      закреплению раздела: «Страноведение» по темам: « Соединенное Королевство
        Великобритании и Северной Ирландии», « Соединенные Штаты Америки», «

     по дисциплине:                 «английский язык»

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                     Пояснительная записка.

   Задачи гуманизации образования,т.е. приобщение студентов к
культурному наследию и духовным ценностям своего и других
народов, может успешно решаться в процессе изучения
иностранного     языка. Немаловажную помощь в этом может
оказать использование         страноведческого     материала.
Использование     страноведческого материала при обучении
иностранному языку актуально, так как студенты приобщаются к
культуре страны изучаемого языка.

   Методические рекомендации по изучению и закреплению
раздела : «Страноведение» направлены        на   практическое
овладение студентами СПО знаний по страноведению, т.е.
географических, культурных реалий стран изучаемого языка.
Тема 1: «Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной

  The United Kingdom is situated on British Isles. The British Isles consist of two
large islands, Great Britain and Ireland, and a great number of small islands.
Their total area is over 244,000 sq km.

   The British Isles are separated from the European continent by the North Sea
and the English Channel. The western coast of Great Britain is washed by the
Atlantic Ocean and the Irish. Northern Ireland occupies one third of the island of
Ireland. It borders on the Irish Republic in the south. The island of Great British
consists off three main parts: England(the southern and middle part of the
island),Wales (a mountainous peninsula in the west) and Scotland (the northern
part of the island ).

   There are no high mountains in Great Britain . The Highlands of Scotland are the
highest of the British mountains. Ben Nevis, There is very little flat country except
in the region known as East Anglia Most of the rivers flow into the North Sea. The
Thames is one of the deepest and the longest of the British rivers, it is over 300
km long. Some of the British greatest ports are situated in the estuaries of the
Thames, Mersey, Tyne and Clyde. Great Britain is not very rich in mineral
resources, it has some deposits of coal and iron ore and vast deposits of oil and
gas that were discovered in the North Sea.

 The climate of Great Britain is mild. It is dependent on the Gulf-stream. So
winters are not severely cold and summers are rarely hot.

 The population of the United Kingdom is over 55 mln. people. The main
nationalities are: English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish. In Great Britain there are a lot
of immigrants (black and colored ) from former British Asian and African colonies.

  Great Britain is a highly industrialized country though it is not a leading state of
the West an longer. New industries have been developed lately. The main
industrial centers are London, Birmingham Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool,
Glasgow and Bristol. The capital of the country is London. Great Britain is a
parliamentary monarchy.
  Great Britain is a country with old cultural traditions and customs. The official
language of the state is English. The national symbol of the UK is “Union jack” –
the British state flag having 3 white and red crosses on the dark blue field. The
weave of crosses symbolize power and might.

  The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy. Officially the head of the
state is the Queen. But her power is not absolute, it is limited by the Parliament.
The British Parliament is the oldest parliament in the world. It consists of 2
chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The British
Government is headed by the Prime Minister – the leader of the party having the
majority in the House of commons. The Prime Minister appoints the ministers to
compose the government.

  There are several political parties in the UK. The largest and most influential of
them are the Conservative (the Tory), the Liberal (the Whigs) and the Labour

Task 1.
Study the text and answer these questions:
1.What islands do the British Isles consist of ?
2.What ocean are the British Isles washed by?
3.How many parts does the island of Great Britain consist of and what are they
4.What country does Northern Ireland border on?
5.Where are the highest mountains situated in Great Britain?
6.What sea do most of the rivers flow into?
7.What mineral resources is Great Britain rich in?
8.What is the climate like in Great Britain?
9.What nationalities live in Great Britain?
10.Whatare the names of the main industrial centers?
11.What kind of state is Great Britain?
Task 2.
Say if these statements are true or false:
1.Northern Ireland is part of the Irish Republic.
2.The total area of the British Isles is over 300,000 sq km.
3.Scotland is situated in the southern part of Great Britain.
4.Most of the British rivers flow into the Irish Sea.
5.No deposits of oil and gas were discovered in the North sea.
6.There are a lot of immigrants from former British colonies in Great Britain.
7.Great Britain is still the leading state of the West.
The British Government model and laws.

  The governmental model that operates in Britain today is usually described as
constitutional monarchy, or parliamentary system. While a monarch still has role
to play on some executive and legislative levels, it is Parliament, which possesses
the essential power, and the government of the government of the day, which
governs by initiation of Parliament is “Queen-in-Parliament”.

  The various branches of this political system, although easily distinguishable
from each other, are not entirely separate. The monarch is formally head of the
executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

  The legislature, which consists of both Houses of Parliament and formally the
monarch, is for mort purposes the supreme law – making body. The executive
comprises the sitting government and its Cabinet, together with government
ministers of departments headed by ministers or secretaries of state, who all act
formally in the name of the monarch. The judiciary is composed mainly of the
judges of the higher courts.


  In theory, the constitution has three branches: Parliament, which makes laws,
the government, which `executes` i.e. puts them into effect, and the law courts,
which interpret laws. Although the Queen is officially head of all three branches,
she has little direct power.
  Parliament has three elements: the House of Commons, the House of Lords and
the Queen as its Head. Members of the House of Commons are elected by the
voters of 659 constituencies. They are known as MPs, or Members of Parliament.

   The House of Lords consists of the Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual. The
Lords Spiritual are Archbishops of York and Canterbury, together with twenty –
four senior bishops of the Church of England. The Lords Temporal used to consist
of hereditary peers who inherited their titles; life peers who are appointed by the
Queen for various services to the nation; and the Lords of Appeal who become
life peers on their judicial appointments.

Task 1. Give the definition to the following statements:

1.   The governmental model of the Britain today ………
2.   The body that legislative power belongs to……..
3.   The body that executive power belongs to……..
4.   The body that judicial power belongs to……..
5.   The head of the House of Commons ……….
6.   The head of the House of Lords……..
7.   People who are sitting in the Parliament ……..
8.   The official head of three branches of power …….
Тема 2 : « Соединенные Штаты Америки».

Text. « The USA»
  The United States of America is the 4th largest country in the world after Russia,
Canada and China. The country consists of 3 parts: continental part is in the
center of the North America continent, the Hawaii and Alaska. Its total area is
over 9 mln sq. km. The country borders on Canada in the north and on Mexico in
the     south.     It    also      has       a     sea-border     with       Russia.

  The country is washed by 3 oceans: The Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific. The
country has many lakes, including the Great Lakes and many rivers, the longest of
which are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Columbia and others. The highest
mountains are. The Appalachia, the Cordillera and the Sierra Nevada. The highest
peak, Mount McKinley, is in Alaska. The USA is a highly developed industrial and
agricultural country. The main industrial branches are aircraft, rocket, automobile,
electronics, radio-engineering and others.

 Americans are made up from nearly all races and nations. The country
population is over 250 mln. The official language of the state is English. The
national symbol of the USA is the national flag ”Stars and Stripes”, having 50
white stars and 13 white and red stripes on its field, symbolizing the number of
the original and present day states.

TASK 1: Are these statements corresponded to the text.
1.The USA is the largest English speaking country.
2.It occupies the whole North American continent.
3.The country borders on Russia, Canada and Mexico.
4.The US territory is over 9 mln. sq. km.
5.There are many lakes and rivers on the territory of the country.
6.The country climate is rather different.
7.The US is one of the highly developed industrial powers of the world.
8.There are 2 official Languages in the country - English and French.
9.The national symbol of the US is the "Union Jack".
10.The capital of the country is New York.
11.The head of the state is the President.
12.The legislative branch of the US Government is the Congress consisting of 2
chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
13.The president controls all the governments branches.
TASK 2: Translate into English:

1. крупнейшая англоязычная страна 2. иметь морские границы 3. занимать
центральную часть континента 4. омываться тремя океанами5. страна рек
озер 6. различные климатические условия 7. страна богата различными
минеральными ресурсами 8. высокоразвитая промышленная держава 9.
разные расы и нации 10. официальный язык государство 11. звездно-
полосатый флаг 12. 50 штатов и один округ 13. количество первоначальных
штатов 14. назвать в честь первого президента страны 15. исполнительная,
законодательная, судебная власть 16 принадлежать Конгрессу 17. сенат,
палата представителей 18. система федеральных судов19. вице-президент,
кабинет министров 20. ведущая держава.
Тема 3: « Австралия».

Text « Australia».

 Australia is the state in Southern hemisphere, a member of Commonwealth of
Nations. State capital is the city of Canberra. Australia i is located on the
continent of Australia, island Tasmania and several other islands of the Indian and
Pacific oceans. The sixth on the area in the world the state is unique.

  Australia is the state of federal type consisting of 6 states and several territories.
The population is 22,697,004. Under the version of magazine « Newsweek» the
country occupies the 4th place in the list of the «Best countries of the world».
According to the World economic forum (World Economic Forum), in a rating of
world competitiveness (the List of the most competitive countries of the world)
for 2010-2011 Australia occupies 16 place.

State system of Australia

  The Australian union has been created in 1901 by the certificate of the British
parliament when the former British colonies have united in the uniform state. The
state system of Australia is based on federalism and parliamentary principles. The
federalism is a heritage of the colonial past of Australia.
  6 former homing British colonies enter Into the structure of the Australian
union: the New Southern Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western
Australia and Tasmania and two territories which were earlier under a direct
control of the British crown: Northern territory and Canberra – territory of federal
capital. Now all these administrative formations possess independence of
subjects of federation. Institutes legislative, judicial authority institutes and
executive power are concentrated in country Canberra capital.

  Australia has own constitution accepted in 1901. The Constitution declares
leadership of the law, division of the authorities and the basic liberally-democratic
freedom: religions, a freedom of speech and associations. In the Constitution
principles of distribution of the power between the Allied government and the
governments of states are formulated. The constitution defines powers of the
federal government.
  Australia is the parliamentary country. The parliament consists of the House of
Representatives (150 deputies) and the Senate (76 senators). The House of
Representatives defines government structure. Members of the House of
Representatives are selected for the term which is not exceeding three years and
three months.

  The Senate includes on 12 representatives. If the Senate refuses to approve the
presented bill and if the government is ready to go on early election twice, so-
called double dissolution of parliament, that is dissolution of both chambers is
possible. In territory of states local elective bodies which create the legislation at
level of states and territories are formed.

  The head of the state nominally is the British monarch, now – Elizabeth II. Its
powers are delegated to the governor general appointed by the monarch on
representation of the Australian government. He/she is the nominal head who
operates only with the consent of the government and the prime minister of

  The highest judicial instance of Australia is the Supreme court. It carries out
supervision of constitutionality of new laws. Decisions of the Supreme court
periodically promote strengthening of the power of the federal government.

  The flag of Australia represents a rectangular panel of dark blue color on which
three elements are represented: a flag of Great Britain (known also as «the Union
Jack»), the Commonwealth star (or the Federation star, it Hagar) and
constellation of the Southern Cross. According to the law «About a flag» the
image of a flag of Great Britain should is in the top left quarter of a flag; the image
of the big white star symbolizing 6 states of Australia and other territories, — in
the center of the left bottom quarter, specifying in the center of a flag of Sacred
George as a part of a flag of Great Britain, and five white stars, symbolizing
constellation of the Southern Cross, should be in the right half of panel.
Geographical position

  The Australian union is the state in Southern hemisphere , it has the area of 7
692 024 km ². Australia is the sixth state on the area in the world after Russia,
Canada, China, the USA and Brazil, occupying about 5 % of a surface of a land of
the Earth. Northern and east coasts of Australia wash the seas of Pacific ocean:
Arafursky, Coral, Tasmanovo, Timorsky exhausting; western and southern —
Indian ocean

  Along northeast coast of Australia more than on 2000 kilometers the biggest
lasts in the world a coral reef — the Big Barrier reef Australia is the huge country
stretched from the West on the east almost on 4000 kilometers, and from the
north on the south — approximately on 3860 km. Extreme points of continent
are: in the north — the cape York ,in the south — cape Saut-Ist-Kejp (in the west
— cape Steep Point ,in the east — the cape Byron. The length of a coastal line of
Australia is 59 736 km . Australia is the huge country stretched from the West
on the east almost on 4000 kilometers, and from the north on the south —
approximately on 3860 km. Extreme points of continent are: in the north — the
cape York ,in the south — cape Saut-Ist-Kejp (in the west — cape Steep Point ,in
the east — the cape Byron. The length of a coastal line of Australia is 59 736
km .

  Australia is the huge country stretched from the West on the east almost on
4000 kilometers, and from the north on the south — approximately on 3860 km.
Extreme points of continent are: in the north — the cape York ,in the south —
cape Saut-Ist-Kejp (in the west — cape Steep Point ,in the east — the cape
Byron. The length of a coastal line of Australia is 59 736 km .

  The climate of Australia is under considerable influence of oceanic currents,
including a dipole of Indian ocean and the Ale-nino which create periodic
droughts and seasonal tropical low pressure which leads to formation of cyclones
in northern part of Australia.


  In territory of Australia there is a considerable quantity of lakes which are
located mainly in the hollows filled with water only after rains. Thus a
considerable part of year these lakes are covered by a glinisto-saline crust. The
largest lakes of the country are Ejr (9500 km ²), Makkaj (3494 km ²), Amadius
(1032 km ²), Garnpang (542 km ²) and Gordon (270 km ²; simultaneously is the
largest artificial reservoir of Australia). The largest salty lakes — Ejr (9500 km ²),
Torrens (5745 km ²) and Gerdner (4351 km ²).


  Though the continent most part is occupied with semi-deserts and deserts, in
Australia there are various landscapes from similar to the Alpine meadows to
tropical jungle. Because of considerable age of continent (and also low fertility of
soils), the big variety of weather conditions and long geographical isolation,
Australia is rich and unique

  The flora of cool Tasmania considerably differs from continent flora. Except
eucalyptuses typical for Australia, on island the considerable number of kinds of
trees, related New Zealand and South American, in particular an evergreen
southern beech grows.

  The most known representatives of the Australian fauna are single-pass animal
(duck-bills and echidnas), various marsupials (koalas, a kangaroo, wombats), and
such birds as эму, a cockatoo and the kookaburra.

The Sights of Australia

National park of the Cockatoo

     The national park of the Cockatoo located in tropics in the north of Australia
in 252 km to the east of Darwin, is world renowned as culture and ecology
treasure. The park is known for the unique cultural and natural values. Unique
achievements of art and live traditions of natives of a tribe of the Cockatoo have
the greatest world value. In the park occupying the space of 19 000 sq. km, 50
kinds of mammals, 280 kinds of birds, 123 kinds of reptiles, 77 kinds of fresh-
water fishes and 10 000 kinds of insects live. Water meadows represent a series
of the cooperating ecosystems which do not have equal all over the world.

Kangaroo island

     Kangaroo island is pure air, the virgin beaches tremendous kinds and the
blossoming wild nature. Kangaroo island has separated from the basic file of a
land during last glacial age, and the set of local plants and animals don't meet any
more anywhere in the world. 30 % of territory of island are under protection for
preservation of this unique heritage. On island will organize short excursions with
riding walks, scuba diving, and fishing.

12 apostles

   From coast of staff Victoria it is possible to see 12 rocks of Apostles, as if
breakages on guard in scenery and open ocean. These rocks were formed as a
result of thousand-year work of ocean. By our time has remained only 8 of 12
initial Apostles. The coast of 12 Apostles totals 10-20 million years — in this time
billions tiny skeletons have formed adjournment of limestone at the bottom of
the sea. Later this limestone was exposed to cruel influence of waves and winds,
yet hasn't got the surprising outlines. The path going along coastal breakage, at
Twelve Apostles leads to the main viewing point and to mountain the Kastl-fate,
whence opens a remarkable kind at coast from height of 200 m.

The Sydney Bridge

   The Sydney Bridge built in 1932, gently named the Hanger. It became a
symbol of Australia for the whole world. The bridge was under construction at
once from two coast. Its length of 1149 meters, it weighs 52 800 tons, in it of six
millions rivets and that it completely to recolour, 272 000 liters of a paint is
required. For check of durability of the bridge before its opening on it have
imported 96 trains that is approximately equated to 5900 cars. To cover the
bridge with one paint coat, 10 years of continuous work and 30 000 liters of a
paint is required. The Sydney Bridge is both a museum, and a fine viewing point.
In a bridge support — 200 steps and from it open a kind on a city in any party.

The Sydney Opera Theatre

     The Sydney Opera Theatre — an outstanding architectural construction, the
world center where premier displays in various areas of performing art are spent.
Having opened in 1973, the Opera Theatre has risen in one number with the
buildings having world value. It has been designed by the Danish architect Jornom
Utzonom (JornUtzon). Building of the Sydney Opera Theatre proceeded about 15
years. Two times a week are led special excursions for side scenes of the Sydney
Opera Theatre. Visitors spend on a warehouse of scenery. It is possible to order
also excursion on foyer and boxes or on representation with a dinner. Organic
forms and absence of external scenery have transformed Theatre into a
construction which is not subject to

Task 2. Answer the following questions:

   1)   Were is Australia situated?
   2)   What oceans wash Australia?
   3)   Is it a highly developed country? What place does it occupy in the world?
   4)   When has been Australian union created?
   5)   When did Australia accept its constitution?
   6)   What does constitution define?
   7)   What is the capital of Australia?
   8)   Where are main authorities concentrated?
   9) What are the main political parties of Australia?
   10)     Who is the head of the state?
   11)     Who is the head of the government?
   12)      What is the highest judicial instance?

Task 3. Make the definitions to the following statements:

     The state body that have legislative power.
     1. Number of countries, the former British colonies.
     2. The state of being free.
     3. The main law of the country.
     4. The place of the land near sea or ocean.
     5. To choose smb. for a post.
     6. People living in a country.
     7. The main city of the country. Say if it is true or false:

Task 4. Say if it is true:

      1. Australia takes the 4th place on the area.
      2. The southern parts of Australia are washed by the Pacific ocean.
      3. The island of Tasmania is on the south of Australia.
      4. Cape York is in the north of Australia.
      5. Periodic droughts and tropical rains are caused by cyclones in the north
      of Australia.
      6. The deserts and lowlands occupies the most part of Australia.
      7. There are plenty of rivers in Australia.
      8. Flora and fauna are rather poor.
      9. Rainforests are situated mostly on the island of Tasmania.
      10. The lowest point of Australia is the big sandy desert.
situated –расположенный.
island – остров
total – общий , полный
kilometer – километр
separate - отделять, разъединять
wash - омывать(о море)
middle a - средний
middle n - середина
mountainous – гористый
peninsula – полуостров
occupy – занимать
peak n – пик, вершина
m, meter – метр
flat – плоский, ровный
except – исключение
deep – глубокий
port – порт
estuary – устье (реки) эстуарий, дельта
mineral resources – полезные ископаемые
vast – огромный обширный
deposit – залежь месторождений
coal - n каменный уголь
oil - нефть
gas - газ
discover – открывать
severely – сильно, чрезвычайно
rarely – редко
nationality – национальность
Scottish – шотландский
Welsh – валлийский, Уэльс
Irish – ирландский
colored – цветной
former – прошедший
colony – колония
industrialized – индустриальный, промышленный
highly industrialized – высокоиндустриальный
industry – отрасль промышленности
develop – развиваться
no longer - больше не
leading - ведущий, руководящий
state - государство, штат(США)
dependent – зависящий
parliamentary monarchy – конституционная (парламентская) монархия hemisphere -
commonwealth of Nations – Содружество Наций
island – остров
сoast – побережье
to occupy – занимать
heritage – наследство
legislative – законодательный
judicial – судебный
executive – исполнительный
power – власть, сила, могущество
distribution – распределение
representative – представитель
chamber – палата
body – орган
majority – большинство
expenses – траты
rectangular – четырехугольный
constellation – созвездие
approximately – почти, приблизительно
to stretch – простираться
considerable - значительный
freezing – морозный
quantity – количество
to hide – скрывать
pure – чистый
blossoming – цветущий
rock – скала
 inhabitant – житель
untouched – нетронутый
gorge – ущелье
outstanding – выдающийся
value – ценность
length – длина
weight – вес
transparent – прозрачная
survey – обзор
tower – башня
Вариант 1.
Task 1. Choose the right variant:
   1. The official name of Great Britain is:
          A. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
          B. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and British Isles.

   2. Great Britain is washed by the:
         A. Atlantic Ocean
         B. Pacific Ocean

   3. The climate of Great Britain is:
          A. Continental
          B. Mild

   4. London is the capital of:
         A. Great Britain
         B. Northern Ireland

   5. Over 11 mln. people live in:
         A. Moscow
         B. London

   6. Russia has:
         A. 12 time zones
         B. 11 time zones

   7. The official name of our country is:
          A. The Russian Federation
          B. Russia

   8. Our land is washed by the:
         A. Indian Ocean
         B. Pacific Ocean

   9. Russia borders on:
         A. Canada
         B. The USA

   10. The USA borders on:
           A. Canada
           B. China

   11. The highest peak of the USA is:
           A. Mount McKinley
           B. Ben Nevis

   12. Government revenues come from:
          A. Industry
          B. Taxes
   13. The USA is the:
           A. Second petroleum-producing nation
           B. First petroleum-producing nation

   14. The country is washed by:
           A. Two oceans
           B. Three oceans

   15. The USA is bigger than:
           A. The UK
           B. Russia

Task 2. Answer the following questions:

   1.   What is the official name of Great Britain?
   2.   What does the USA border on?
   3.   What is the total area of Russia?
   4.   What oceans wash Russia?
   5.   Where does the U.S. economy benefit from?
   6.   In what country the climate is mild?

Вариант 2.

Task 1. Choose the right variant.
   1. Russia is the:
         A. 4th largest country
         B. second largest country
   2. Russia is situated in:
         A. Asia only
         B. both in Europe and Asia
   3. There are over:
         A. 2 mln. people
         B. 3 mln. people
   4. Russia has a:
         A. Private economy
         B. Mixed economy

   5. The UK is situated on the:
          A. British Isles
          B. Falklands Isles
   6. The population of the UK is:
          A. More than in Russia
          B. Less than in Russia
   7. The majority of British people live:
          A. In the country
          B. In cities and towns
   8. The North Sea wash:
          A. The USA
          B. The UK
   10. Alaska in the producing field of:
          A. Coal
            B. Oil
   11.   The climate of the UK is:
            A. Continental
            B. Mild
   12.   London is the capital of the:
            A. UK
            B. USA
   13.   The Great Lakes are situated in the:
            A. UK
            B. USA
   14.   Services in the USA has grown faster:
            A. In the second half of the 20th century
            B. In the first half of the 20th century
   15.   The US economy benefits from:
            A. Industry
            B. natural resources
   16.    The USA is a highly developed:
            A. Industrial country
            B. Industrial and agricultural country

Task 2. Say if it is true or false:
   1.    There are many rivers and lakes in our land, that’s why the climate is mild.
   2.    The population of our country is over 160 mln.
   3.    St. Petersburg is the capital of our state.
   4.    Our country has rich mineral resources.
   5.    The territory of the UK is rather large.
   6.    Great Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
   7.    The USA is the largest English speaking country.
   8.    It occupies the whole North American continent.
   9.    There are 2 official languages in the country – English and French.
Викторина по страноведению

Ход занятия.

 -Good afternoon, my dear friends! Today we are going to speak about English- speaking
countries, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about our country and some tasks will be
connected with Russia. So, let me introduce the students of the groups of technical
department and the students of the programming department. They are going to show us their
knowledge in country studying and prepare some creative tasks. These ladies and gentlemen
are our jury and I ask you to give some assessments to both teams and at the end give
us the results of this intellectual game. So, let’s begin. I would like to tell you about the plan
of our lesson.

   1.   . Greetings. (Teams will present us their participants.)
   2.   The competition: The British and American Signs.
   3.   Tests. Greetings
   4.   Home tasks.
   5.   Captain Quiz
   6.   Crossword.
   7.   Presentations.
   8.   Conclusion.

   1. Greetings.

-So, let’s give the opportunity to the teams to present their participants.

        2. The competition: The British and American Signs.

 -The next task is the following: having listened to the particular statements, you should
determine the country to which these statements are associated with and rise the flag of this
country.(If the statement is associated with the USA, you will rise the American flag and vs. If
the statement is connected with the UK, you will rise the British flag ). So, let’s start.

1.It is a country of valleys & highlands.
2.It is a country of rocky mountains.

3.People in this country are conservative and modest.

4.People in this country are ambitious and businesslike.

5.In this country you can find huge skyscrapers.

6.In this country you can find one of the oldest natural monument Stonehenge.

7.In this country you can buy matryoshkas and balalaikas.

8.It is a country where Niagara Falls is situated.

9.It is a country of Shakespeare's birthplace.

10.People in this country have five o’clock tea.

11.The national symbol in this country is called “Union Jack”.


-And now I’ll give some minutes to do the following tests:

1. Great Britain consists of… .

a) England, Scotland and Ireland

b) England, Scotland and Wales.

2. The USA occupies the … part of the North American continent.

a) central
b) northern

3. The capital of the USA is… .

a) New York

b) Washington

4. The largest state in the USA is… .

a) Alaska

b) Texas

5. Wales is the … part of Great Britain.

a) northern

b) eastern

6. There are … mountains in the UK.

a) many

b) not many

7.There are … original states in the USA.

а ) 11

b ) 13

8.It is a federal state.

a) The USA

b) The UK

9. It is a parliamentary monarchy.

a) The USA

b) The UK

10. Legislative power in the USA belongs to... .

a) the Congress

         b) the President and his Administration

11. Legislative power in the UK belongs to… .

a) the Queen
b) the Parliament

12. The Conservatives is one to the leading party …

a) of the UK

b) of the USA

13. One of the oldest buildings in London is … .

a) the Buckingham Palace

b) the Tower

14. Barahk Abama is the representative of the … .

a) Republican Party

b) Democratic Party

15. Queen Elizabeth II is …

a) 85

b) 65

        4. Home tasks.


- So it’s time to know what you have prepared for us as a home task. When I told you about
your home task I suggested you doing the following things: to sing song or to recite a poem, to
make a poster or may be some kind of show and I know that our programmers have made a
movie, a defective story where the students of group 2p1 and 2p2 took fn active part.

(watching a movie).

-Well, what about the students of technical department, they will perform a song of the great
American singer… So, let’s listen to Ivan and Arthur.

(performing the song).

- I think, our jury will give some assessments to our participants.

5.Captain Quiz.

 - Now it’s time for Captain Quiz. At the interactive blackboard you can see the table. Your
 task is to fill it as quickly as possible. So, I invite our Captains to the blackboard and do this

                                   The UK                          The USA

1.The full name of the country

2. Capital
3. Area
4. Main cities
5.The Political System
6.Famous people of          this

7.Places to visit

8.Traditions and Customs

 6. Compelling the crossword.


  -Well, my dear friends. The students of different groups made some crosswords concerning the
 English- speaking countries at home. And I have chosen the one. I’ll give you some minutes to
 complete this crossword. Please, work in group.
   9.   Presentations.

- So, the last task is the presentation of the county. I think, the first will be the UK. I would ask
the participant of the British team to tell us about this country.(The British team presents the

        - Thank you. And now, the participant of the American team will present us his country,
        the USA.( The American team presents the USA).



- So, our lesson is coming to an end and I would like to say that all the participants showed us
good knowledge. I see that you’ve learned much information about English- speaking countries
and I believe that this knowledge will help you in your future life, in your future profession.
Thank you.

  - I would like to announce the results of the competitions. (Announcing the results)
      9. Estimation.

 - I want to thank all the participants and of this competition and our guests and give the
following marks to the students.

                      The assessments table.

 The    name          of    the The British team.             The American team.

(from1 to 5 points)

THE UK or the US(from 1 to

(from 1 to 14)

Home task
(from 1 to 5)

Captain Quiz
( from 1 to 8)

the crossword
(from 1 to 10)
(from 1 to 5)

The total points.
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