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					                        Mayna Peterson Memorial

The Northwest ISD Education Foundation will be proudly awarding a $2,000 need-
based scholarship to Northwest High School graduates.

We encourage you to read the attached criteria and application and consider submitting
your application for review by an appointed committee. The application must be returned
to the Northwest ISD Education Foundation office in the administration building no later
than 4:00 pm on Thursday, March 10, 2011.

Please be sure to complete all requirements of the application. If you should have any
questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation office at 817-215-0174.


Marcia Schmitz
Northwest ISD Education Foundation

                            Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship
                    Northwest Education Foundation
                  Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Applicant must be a Northwest senior having fulfilled requirements for graduation in
June, 2011 and who plans to attend an accredited college, university, or technical school
in the summer or fall of 2011. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of personal
excellence, citizenship, and service to family and community. No minimum GPA
required. The applicant must fulfill the criteria established by the NEF Scholarship
Committee which include:

               1) Application

               2) An Essay
                  250-400 word essay “Why should you receive this scholarship and
                  what do you hope to accomplish?”

               3) Official High School Transcript

               4) 3 Letters of Recommendation
                      a) Academic
                          From Teacher
                      b) Community Service
                      c) General
                        For Example:. Past or Current Employer, Neighbor, Family
                        Friend, etc.
                         Letters should include legible name, address and phone number
                         of the provider.

               5) A one-page Biographical Sketch
                  Written by Applicant

The selector will look for distinction of character. Preference will be given to candidates
who display a potential to make a significant contribution to society. Selectors will also
look for strong motivation and seriousness of purpose.

Selection is based on a range of factors.

NEF wishes to contribute to the student’s ultimate personal success and are looking for
students who excel not only in school, but extend their capabilities beyond the classroom
to benefit society, therefore, the scholarship is open to students aspiring to go to a
university, college, trade school, technical institute, vocational training or other post
secondary education program.
                             Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship
                Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Legal Name ______________________________________SS # ___________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________State ____________________Zip _________

Phone # ______________________________Cell # _____________________________

E-Mail Address __________________________________________________________

Father’s Name ___________________________________________________________

Mother’s Name __________________________________________________________

Legal Guardian __________________________________________________________
If Applicable

Siblings:           Name                            Age            School


Total Number of Children living at home _____________________________________

Number of Years in Northwest District _________Northwest High School __________

Have you applied for other Scholarships? _____________________________________

 If yes, when and where? __________________________________________________

Have you received any scholarships?_________________________________________

 If yes, please list:________________________________________________________

Have you applied for or received any financial aid? _____________________________

 If yes, please describe:____________________________________________________
                           Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship
                Community Service Letter of Recommendation

Name of Applicant_______________________________________________________

Name of Club or Organization _____________________________________________

How long have you know the applicant ______________________________________

Please describe the applicant’s role in your organization. Be specific, include position
titles, responsibilities, number of hours per semester, etc.

In what way has the applicant contributed to or made a significant impact on your

How do you feel the applicant has changed or grown as a result of his/her involvement
in your organization?

Name _______________________________________Title _______________________

Address _____________________________________ Phone _____________________

Signature ___________________________________ Date _______________________

                            Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship
                      Academic Letter of Recommendation

Name of Applicant ______________________________________________________

Faculty member please complete the following:

It would be helpful for us to know how long, and in what capacity you have known the

Please describe the applicant in terms of effort versus ability. Do you feel that grades
are an accurate reflection of the student’s capacity? If no, please explain.

Please comment on the applicant’s




Breadth of General Knowledge

How are the applicant’s skills on oral and written expression?

Describe the applicant’s overall ability and potential.

Faculty Name _____________________________Title __________________________

Department _____________________________________________________________

Signature ________________________________Date __________________________

                             Mayna Peterson Memorial Scholarship

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