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               The Reality of the Academic System

How can we describe this system? This system can be compared to other systems, and it
is these comparisons that will reveal more its reality.

The current academic system is comparable to a new feudal aristocracy. In this
comparison, the professors are the noble lords, the faculties are the fiefs, and the
students are the serfs and villains. Even among students, there are distinctions of rank.
Some doctoral students behave like lords although they are seen by their professors as
nothing but serfs. In these fiefs, it is forbidden for a serf to visit several fiefs. Such a serf
is dangerous because he may become lord himself over several fiefs; he is a threat to
these lords. This is an analogy to the fact that any interdisciplinary research is
discouraged. In addition, in these fiefs, it is forbidden for a slave to leave his fiefs and
find a new field. Such a serf is dangerous because he may become lord himself over a
new fief. This is an analogy to the fact that every invention and every innovation is
prohibited. It is forbidden to create new disciplines. However, the most important
reality here is that the student is a serf to whom they give two choices only: either
endure serfdom, or endure poverty. Every student is intimidated with the fear of
poverty if he refuses to succumb to the servitude of Academia. They intimidate you by
saying that without this insignificant paper, i.e. the diploma, you will live in poverty
and your future will be destroyed. They lead you with the fear of a dark future. But,
why should a man be condemned to poverty because of the lack of a simple paper?

The current academic system is comparable to a new caste of priests. In this
comparison, the professors are the priests, former inventors and writers are the
prophets, the acceptable bibliographies are to the sacred scriptures, the students are the
faithful and their lives are the victims of the sacrifices. These priests have the function of
preserving the sacred scriptures. Every believer who dares to contradict these scriptures
is condemned as infidel. Indeed, the slightest refutation of one of these scriptures leads
to the fall of this caste of priests. Only the priests give themselves the privilege of
interpreting the sacred scriptures. But the most important thing is that the faithful must
sacrifice their lives on the altars of Academia under the promise of a better future life.
They promise paradise to the faithful, if they make these sacrifices. But as you know,
most of these sacrifices do not lead to any paradise. They intimidate you into being
faithful to the scriptures and into sacrificing your lives for fear of punishment and

The current academic system is comparable to a new sect of sophists. These sophists
make you admire them with their eloquence and their mastery of language; but within
this language and these pompous expressions lies emptiness. They make you think that
you are learning, but in fact you go out more ignorant than before. And when you dare
to oppose their futility, they fiercely move against you by taking any excuse to accuse
you and by manipulating the vocabulary of the language.

But there is still a more important reality. The current academic system is the facade of
the dominant capitalist system that is composed of the lords of money. The academic
system is nothing but the pawns of the front row that protect the lords of money seated
in the second row. Your servitude to Academia is just one step that leads you to your
servitude to the lords of money. The academic system prepares you for the great
servitude outside Academia. Indeed, the lords of money have established these
academic fiefs for this exact purpose. The lords of money, under the pretext of
promoting science, finance certain faculties at the expense of other faculties for their
own interests. Yet, it is these same lords of money who, through the lords of Academia,
intimidate you and lead you by the fear of poverty and of a dark future.

Briefly, the reality of the current academic system is contrary to what this system claims
to achieve. This system is at the service of the capitalist system. This system suffocates
free thought that is contrary to the common ideology of the establishment. This system
prohibits innovation, because every innovation threatens to destroy it.

When I speak of the academic system, and although my focus is on humanities, I do not
exclude the more exact sciences such as chemistry, medicine or mathematics. For, the
same vices that infect the fiefs of humanities now infect the fiefs of the more exact
sciences. Where are the most recent great discoveries that the lords of these fiefs are
supposed to accomplish? It seems that even in these fiefs, innovation is under

                   Manifesto of the New Student
Given the current state of the academic system and given the reality that is contrary to
its supposed function, it is not the reform of this system that is necessary but its total
elimination. Indeed, any reform will be nothing but a pretext to increase its vexations to
its subjects. Its total elimination is necessary for the establishment of a new and more
efficient way of spreading and acquiring sciences. A new way, not a new system, for
any new system will evolve into a system similar to the old system.

However, is this current academic system necessary for the acquisition and spread of
sciences? Is it necessary for work? Is it necessary in order not to be condemned to
poverty? The answer is: no. The human race must remove the mentality by which a
person is condemned to poverty for not owning this piece of paper, i.e. the diploma.
Because a diploma indicates nothing. Because we can acquire and spread knowledge
outside the academic system. Because we can acquire a better knowledge and we can
understand more outside the academic system.

Indeed, my personal experience proves that we do not need this system, that we do not
need to be crushed by unnecessary studies, that we do not need to memorize like
machines, that we do not need the personal cult of every priest. For, in reality, the
overwhelming majority of my knowledge was acquired by myself outside the academic
system. And this is not a singular case. Read the biographies of inventors and scientists
and you will see that they also did not need such a system. But, even an ordinary
student does not need this system to acquire knowledge, especially that he is being lead
by intimidation and by the fear of poverty.

Given the fact that the current academic system is not necessary for the spread and
acquisition of knowledge, it is time to pronounce the "Manifesto of the New Student":

1) The spread and acquisition of knowledge should not be managed neither by the fear
of poverty nor by the fear of a future that does not exist yet. We must eliminate fear.

2) All rote memorization is unnecessary to understanding. A man is neither a machine
nor a computer.

3) The best way to understand is to read several times, to know the definition of words,
and to watch and experiment.

4) Examinations that are based on memorization are useless and harmful and must be

5) Rigid and systematic examinations that do not take into consideration the conditions
of students are harmful and must be eliminated. Students are not a herd.
6) The best examination is demonstration through the practice: either you know this
knowledge, or you don’t know. Only the mastery of knowledge, not the possession of a
diploma, should permit a person to examine the others.

7) A diploma is useless. The only diploma is the knowledge and the understanding that
everyone can demonstrate through various practical methods: writing, work and other

8) The best method to learn a profession in theory and practice is through direct
apprenticeship under a master whose only diploma is his own practice. A carpenter can
teach you his profession in a more effective way than a professor of sociology,
chemistry or law can.

9) Courses are, for most of the time, a demonstration of sophistry and eloquence and a
complication of the subject of knowledge. As such, they are useless.

10) You acquire knowledge by yourself, because nobody can introduce by himself a
complete knowledge in the brains of others. Courses cannot introduce a complete
knowledge in your brains.

11) Any person, whose knowledge is superior to the knowledge of others, can act as a
guide to others in their quest for knowledge. But, having a degree is not a sign of
superior knowledge. The current academic system prevents those who have superior
knowledge from acting as guides to students because of the lack of a diploma.

12) In this age where knowledge is easily accessible through the internet, it is easier to
acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. Through the internet, it suffices to study
theoretical texts found there, to watch the practice that is shown there, to practice the
matter by yourself, and to take advices from those who know more.

13) The current academic system is not necessary for the existence of laboratories and
workshops. Laboratories and workshops can exist outside the academic system.

14) The hierarchies of diplomas are useless. The only difference between an
undergraduate paper and a PhD dissertation is a difference in volume and not a
difference in quality. Hierarchies of diplomas and of professors are another indicator
that this system is a new feudal system.

15) The requirements for admission to the academic system are unnecessary and
harmful. Anyone who wants to learn will learn. Anyone who does not want to learn
will never learn. Admission requirements do not change anything. In this age, all
knowledge is found on the internet, so all those who want to learn will be able to learn
freely. Therefore, these requirements are unnecessary.

This manifesto is not a sacred scripture. This manifesto is nothing but a guide to a new
more efficient way of spreading and acquiring sciences. This manifesto is the result of
experiences that date to years. Anyone who finds more effective ways can add them.
Yet, it is you, students, who will establish this new way from now on and follow it for
your own interest after the abolition of the current academic system. It is time for you to
seize the acquisition of science into your hands.

So, students, here's the reality of the current academic system. This system is not
necessary for your life. You can learn outside this system more efficiently.

Now, it is the time to act. Start by removing from your hearts the fear of poverty and
the fear of a future that does not exist yet. Remove this weapon by which the system is
enslaving you. Then, move together and rise against the system. Perturb the academic
year. Occupy universities and direct the acquisition of knowledge according to your
best interests. Put the foundations of this new way of propagating and acquiring
knowledge starting with now.

Students! For this new academic aristocracy, there remains only the GUILLOTINE!

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