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Mathemaitca be Embedded in CDIO Proposal

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    What is CDIO

       CDIO (Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate) is an
        engineering education initiative that was formally founded
        by MIT and became an international collaboration, with top
        universities around the world now.

       CDIO is an innovative educational framework for producing
        the next generation of engineering leaders.

       CDIO is resolving the conflict in engineering education —
        bringing engineering education in line with real-world
        engineering needs.

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    How CDIO Works

       It provides students in the context of Conceiving —
        Designing — Implementing — Operating real-world systems
        and products

       It was developed with input from academics, industry,
        engineers and students.

       Blended the wishes from industry and educators and created
        the syllabus to guideline and test CDIO activities.

       MIT, UNESCO, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Jiaotong
        University become leaders of CDIO Initiative in World.

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    What we need

       No limited Mathematica license to the students and teachers
        in MIT, Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University.

       No limited Grid Mathematica license to each department of
        the above three Universities.

       Free Mathematica education palettes to the students and
        teachers in the above three Universities.

       Free Wolfram Media published relative books to each
        department of the above three Universities.

       Free consulting twice a year, at least one week per time, to
        above three universities.

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    When CDIO binding with Mathematica

    CDIO become what

       Deep working knowledge and conceptual understanding of
        technical fundamentals.

       Make students create the world that never was by themselves.

       Let students know the product or system lifecycle as the context,
        and specialize their products development.

       Able students to lead in the creation and operation of new
        products, processes, and systems.

       Complex value-added engineering products, processes, and

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    When CDIO binding with Mathematica

    Mathematica can get what

       Cultivate the future engineers used to using Mathematica
        form their college life.

       Broaden the Education and Industry market at the same time.

       Get some new features and make Mathematica be used in
        the Engineering Industry directly.

       Promote Wolfram engineers’ skills and attitudes to design
        and implement new applications.

       Create enormous social value through assistant the

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    Our Future

       Encourage more schools to meet real world needs and
        rethink their educational strategies not only in the
        Engineering Industry.

       Make Wolfram more open and become a diversified
        company, not only become one of top company in the
        software but also the leader is other domains.

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