The Role Of A Life Insurance Broker

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					The Role Of A Life Insurance Broker

Mendham, NJ, 24-FEBRUARY-2012 - Life Insurance 123 is pleased to announce
and informative and interesting website that helps South Africans explore
the role of a life insurance broker versus a life insurance agent. The
information is important to understand since it can affect the cost of
the coverage as well as the benefits paid.

Briefly stated, a life insurance agent works for one company typically.
The products that he or she offers are those made available by the
specific insurance carrier. The policies may or may not be the best
choice for a particular client.

A life insurance broker, on the other hand, is independent. He or she
serves as a liaison between the insurance carrier and the client or buyer
of the policy. The broker is free to offer coverage to the client that
will best fit the cover needs and the budget within which he must work.

Since the premium cost of the policy includes the services of the broker,
purchasing the best possible cover at the best price doesn't cost more to
the consumer. Purchasing the same coverage directly from the company
would not change the price of the cover.

Learn more about the services, benefits and costs of using a life
insurance broker by visiting the web pages at or
does-it-cost-to-have-a-life-insurance-broker/ today. Members of the press
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