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					                            Academic Advising Syllabus
                Georgia State University Student Advisement Center

Mission Statement
The mission of the Student Advisement Center is to facilitate the development of each
student’s intellectual and personal potential by assisting with the implementation of
meaningful educational plans consistent with the student’s long-term goals.

Statement of Purpose
The Student Advisement Center provides students with less than 42 credit hours the
opportunity to build relationships with their advisors for the purposes of completing the
core curriculum, planning an educational career, choosing a major, making use of campus
resources, and developing success strategies to overcome academic difficulties. At 42
credit hours, students are transferred to the Office of Academic Assistance in the college
of their majors.

Advisor Responsibilities – What to Expect
You can expect your advisor to:
    Understand and effectively communicate the core curriculum and University
      policies and procedures.
    Guide and support you in the development of semester course schedules.
    Provide you with information about and strategies for utilizing available campus
      resources and services.
    Monitor and accurately document your progress toward meeting your goals.
    Maintain confidentiality.
    Be accessible to you via office hours, email, and telephone.
    Assist you in gaining responsibility for your educational choices and

Advisee Responsibilities – What to Expect
As an advisee, you are ultimately responsible for your educational success:
    Schedule regular appointments or make regular contact with your advisor during
       each semester; cancel and/or reschedule in a timely manner.
    Be proactive in your approach to developing and implementing an educational
    Come prepared to each advisement meeting with questions and discussion points.
    Become knowledgeable about University policies and procedures.
    Accept responsibility for your decisions.
    Read your GSU email and other important communications on a regular basis.
    Make use of campus services and resources to enhance your personal and
       academic success.
Learning Outcomes from the Advisement Experience
    Students will demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions regarding their
      degree and career goals.
    Students will develop educational plans for achieving their goals.
    Students will effectively utilize GoSolar Student Records and the academic
    Students will select courses each semester to make progress toward completion of
      the core curriculum and entrance into a major.
    Students will select majors based on their personal and career goals.
    Students will have knowledge of University policies and procedures.
    Students will utilize campus services and resources to enhance personal and
      educational success.

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