; CMS Quarterly WP Report contribution from GridPP
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CMS Quarterly WP Report contribution from GridPP


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									      Quarterly WP Report contribution from GridPP
For Section 1: “Technical achievement ”

Please summarise below all work done by “GridPP” staff during this quarter. Also
describe any “ issues” which have arisen.

T. Barrass (Bristol, 50% CMS WP8)
   Continued to play a critical role in CMS production: after successfully coordinating the
    development and use of a backbone scheduled data transfer scheme for CMS during
   I s now working on the development of version 2, which will be in use by production by
    the end of the summer to meet their goal of delivering 5 million events per month to PRS.
   Based on this work Barrass is the principal author on one and named author on several
    other CHEP 2004 papers this year.

B. MacEvoy (Imperial College, 50% CMS WP8)

Barry MacEvoy has been working the GROSS analysis framework which
has now been released and is being tested by the Italians, the Americans
and the Taiwanese. This project is documented at


Barry has also started to look at the web services architecture employed
by the American Grid Analysis Environment (GAE) which is going to provide
a significant contribution to the CMS/ARDA. He is determining how this can
be integrated with GROSS.

Barry has also maintained the LCG nodes (for CMS use) and maintains the
Imperial e-Science web pages.

O. Maroney (Bristol, 50% CMS WP8)
Owen left Bristol at the end of March 2004 to take up a new position at Imperial College
London (London T2 Technical Manager)

J. J. Nebrensky (Brunel, 50% CMS WP8 + 30% HEFCE contribution)
NOTE: Dr Nebrensky’s time is allocated at an average of 80% to GRIDPP. However
this reporting quarter coincides with his heaviest teaching and marking load so that
his actual contribution of time to GRIDPP was approximately 50% of an FTE.

   Work on generating user requirements for Task 3.4.9
   Made corrections and significant additions to the IEEE paper as requested by the referees
   Is working on getting our LCG2 test cluster operational so that we can continue to
    evaluate the performance of RGMA and BOSS with real production jobs.
   Attended the WILGA symposium in Poland (CMS, Grid computing and Optics).

H. Tallini (Imperial College, 100% CMS WP8)
   Tallini has been working the GROSS analysis framework which has now been released
    and is being tested by the Italians, the Americans and the Taiwanese.
   Hugh Tallini left Imperial College for a job outside of HEP at the end of May 2004.
     For Section 2: “Status of deliverables and milestones”

If there are any deliverables for which GridPP post(s) is responsible, then describe
the status at a level of detail appropriate to closeness of delivery date. Also provide
the schedule information in the format below (as appears in the template).

          Deliverable name                      Actual              Plan         On time   Target        Actual
                                             deliverable                        (YES/NO)
Production of CMS Monte Carlo                Fully                              Completed 30/09/02       30/09/02
on testbed (3.4.1)                           processed
                                             MC data
Prototype Regional Data-Centre                                                  Completed 30/11/02       30/9/03
Initial Monitoring (3.4.3)                   Demo +                             Completed 30/11/02       30/11/02
CMS Monte Carlo Analysis                     Job                  30/6/03       Completed     30/6/03    30/6/03
(3.4.4)                                      submission
UK CMS Web Portal (3.4.5)                    GUIDO                30/9/03       Completed     30/9/03    30/9/03
Integration of Object Persistency            POOL                31/12/03       Completed 31/12/03       31/12/03
into UK production system (3.4.6)
CMS Grid Status                              Document     30/6/2004               Yes     30/6/04
Toolkit to obtain Internal                   Optimised     31/12/03             Completed 31/12/03       31/12/03
Monitoring data from CMS                     RGMA
Applications (3.4.8)                         installation
Monitoring analysis tools                    Interface to  31/12/04                     Yes   31/12/04
CMS Grid                                     CMS Grid      31/12/04                     Yes   31/12/04
                                             deployed in
                                             on and final
Plan= delivery date, Target=current target delivery date, actual=actual delivery date

Describe any changes in the deliverables
For Section 3: “Achievements”

Describe any tangible which falls under the following headings:

Conferences/workshops organised

Conference talks

“Scalability Tests of R-GMA Based Grid Job Monitoring System for CMS Monte
Carlo Data Production” D Bonacorsi et al, IEEE Trans.Nuc.Sci, 2004 (in press)

Release of Software Package/Tool
GROSS          (http://www.hep.ph.ic.ac.uk/e-science/projects/downloads.html)

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