Mirza Mahmoud Khan Ehtesam-Ol-Molk was Mirza Ahmad�s fifth of by dMm2l3jw


									Mirza Mahmoud Khan Ehtesam-Ol-Molk was Mirza Ahmad’s fifth of ten sons from his first wife. She was
Mirza Ahmad Sheybani’s daughter.

        Two sons

        1 – Mirza Abdol Vahab Hakim Bashi who was educated in France.

                One son

                Hedayat Ollah Khan Mohtasham-Ol-Soltan who married Malak Khan Sabieh Assadollah
                Khan, the nephew to Haj Mohammad Hossein Soor Abadi.

                          Four children

                          1 - Gholam Reza Khan
                          2 – Hossein Ali Khan
                          3 – Assieh Khanoom who was married to Hossein Ali Khan, Eetebar Ol-
                          Mamalek’s son
                          4 – Gohar Khanoom married Colonel Aziz Olah Khan Ghaffari and later
                          married Yadolah Mirza Ghahremanpour

        2 – Hedayat Olah who married a European wife and have no Children.

        Mahmoud Khan Ehtesab Ol-Molk had three sons from his second wife

                1 – Abdol Hossein Khan Mobaserodolleh who married Zeenat Khanoom Davamol-
                Molk’s sister and had two sons and three daughters

                          1 – Rassoul Khan who was a Gendarmerie officer who married Safieh Khanoom
                          Abdol Ali Khan’s daughter who was his own cousin and had a daughter by the
                          name of Ghamar Khanoom.

                          2 – Colonel Majeed Khan Ghaffari from his first wife had two daughters Pooran
                          Khanoom who married Hassan Ali Kalani and Iran Khanoom who married
                          Colonel Dori, and from his second wife Jalal-Ol-Saltaneh had one daughter and
                          three sons

                                  1 – Malak Taj Khanoom who married General Hojabr Kiani and had
                                  one son, Mehrdad and two daughters Mehrnoosh khanoom and
                                  Meenosh khanoom.

                                  2 – Dr. Shorab Ghaffari Pediatrician who was the head of Egtesad
                                  Hospital married Rokhsare Khanoom, Zabeeh Behrooz and has two
                                  daughters Cheesta and Touria.

                                  3 – Khosrow Ghaffari Attorney at Law who married Farzaneh
                                  khanoom Jalinoosi and has three daughters Elaheh khanoom, Setareh
                                  khanoom and Bahareh khanoom

                                  4 – Hormooz Ghaffari petrochemical engineer married Margaret
                                  khanoom of Holland and has two daughters Helen and Samantha.

                          3 – MobaseroDoleh Gohar Khanom married Colonel Shaker Tabatabaie and had
                          no children.
                4 – Farokh Khanoom married colonel Nosratollah Ghaffari.

                5 – Molloud Khanoom married colonel Mohammad Ghaffari.

3 - Abdol Ali Khan who married Nooshabeh Khanoom daughter of Seyfollah khan who was Sani-
Ol-Molk the painter and had seven Children.

        1 – Colonel Mahmoud Khan Ghaffari who married Zahra khanoom daughter of Entezam-
        Ol-Saltaneh and had three children

                1 – AbdolAli Khan who married Farideh khanoom Jandiri daughter of Soleiman
                (Boris) Jandiri and Fakhri Khanoom Mirfendereski and has two children:

                         1 – Mahmoud Ghaffari who married Nassim khanoom Daryabegi
                         daughter of Dr. Jafar Daryabegi and Ehteramosadat Seyed Kargari and
                         has three sons, Ali Alexander, Cameron and Kevin.

                         2 – Mahkameh Khanoom who married Ali Khalilpour and has two
                         children Darian and Azita

                2- Abbas Ghaffari has three sons from his first marriage, Cameron, Jahanshah
                and Kevin and later married Avideh Khanoom daughter of Zabeeh Behrooz and
                Homa khanoom Ghaffari.

                3 – Fatemeh Khanoom who married Mohammad Yazdi and has two sons and a
                daughter: The one of significance, Fardad Married Niloofar Khanoom Akhavan
                and has a daughter. The other two are Farrokh who married Forough Azam
                Eslamiyeh and Golrokh who married Jamshid Ameri

        2 - Colonel Mohammad Khan married Molloud Khanoom daughter of Mobaser-O-Doleh
        and has three sons and one daughter.

                1 – Parviz Ghaffari married Mansoureh khanoom Nourian and has a son
                AbdolHossein who married Soudabeh khanoom ? and two daughters Ameneh
                khanoom and Halleh khanoom.

                2 – Siavash Ghaffari married Lili khanoom Peernazar and has two daughters
                Nadeemeh khnaoom who married Shahriar Behboudi who has a son Shaya and
                Tahmineh khanoom.

                3 – Siamak Ghaffari has a son named Mohammad and a daughter named

                4 – Zeenat Khanoom who married an American and has two sons,. Ryan Reza
                and unknown.

        3 – AbolHassan Ghaffari who married Fereshteh Khanoom daughter of Haj Moshir
        Houzour Zanjani and has two daughters Faranak khanoom who married Anthony Van
        Patten and has two sons Jonathan and Walter, and the second daughter is Feria khanoom.

        4 – Robabeh Khanoom married Hossein Gholi Varkani.

        5 - Maryam khanoom married Dr. Hossein Gholi Khan Kalani.

        6 – Safieh Khanoom married Rassoul Khan.
        7 – Zahra Khanoom married Seyed Assadolah Shamsa and has a son Massoud who
        married Sousan khanoom and has a son Ali and a daughter Sanam, and two daughters
        Shaheen khanoom and Noushabeh khanoom who married Bijan Shahrais and has two
        daughters Shideh who has a daughter Keyla Naz and Shadi who married Massoud Vaghei
        and has two children, Ashkan and Nousha.

4 – Nasser Khan Nasser Houzour married Fatemeh Khanoom Zarabi and has five children:

        1 – Colonel Nasrollah Khan Ghaffari from his first wife Farokh Khanoom daughter of
        Mobaser-O-Doleh had one son named Nasser and one daughter named Maheen, and from
        his second wife Mehri Khanoom has a son Mehrdad and a daughter Farimehr. Naser
        Khan has two daughters Mojgan and Ghesoo.

        2 – Davood Khan

        3 – Mansoreh Khanoom

        4 – Iran Khanoom

        5 – Fakhri Khanoom married Rahmatolah Salimi

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