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									      Digital Switchover Programme
      Housing Expert Group
      Monday 11 January 2010 from 2.00 - 4.00p.m.
      Digital UK,The Met Building, 22 Percy Street, W1T 2BU

      Ross Fraser                  Chair of HEG, Chief Executive, HouseMark
      Jane Ostler                  Digital UK
      Frances Kneller              Digital UK
      Helen Bennett                Digital UK
      Claire Neillands             Digital UK
      Greta Baisch                 Digital UK
      Patrick Owen                 Communities and Local Government
      Robert Clarke                Voice of the Listener and Viewer
      David Wickersham             CityWest Homes
      Jonny Martin                 BERR/DCMS
      Peter Barnett                Mandercom/ DTG
      Chris Rutter                 BSkyB
      Catherine Grannum            Tenant Services Authority

      Ruth Myers                   Consumer Expert Group
      Laura Gilbert                Scottish Executive
      Bryn Shorey                  Southampton City Council
      Bob Smytherman               FPRA
      Graham Seward                Sanctuary Housing
      Keith Meredith               Southampton City Council
      Sarah Sparks                 Virgin Media
      John Mills                   ARMA

1.    Introductions/ Apologies

      The Chair welcomed the group.

 2.   Minutes and Actions arising from previous meeting

      Update of Action from previous meeting on London Boroughs – see note attached
      with these minutes.

 3.   DUK Communications strategy
      Claire Neillands updated the group on the forthcoming communications activity, see
      previously circulated presentation for full details.

      She advised the group that Digital UK have reviewed their contact strategy and post
      STV Central consumer communications will now start six months before switchover.
      Reducing the timescale will enable Digital UK to maintain an even level of consumer
      contact as switchover approaches.

 4.   Research update

      Greta Baisch advised the group that by the end of 2009, Digital UK had switched 4.8
      million households which is 18.2% of the UK.
     The group was updated on the highlights of the pre- and post-switchover research
     findings in the Granada region:

    With one week to go and main set conversion at 98%, eight out of ten Granada
     respondents knew that switchover would happen that month and more than half the
     exact date.
    Awareness of the need to re-tune was known by the majority of analogue only/ DTT
     viewers in the run up to switchover.
    Help Scheme awareness just before switchover was 82% amongst all eligible adults.

     The group was concerned that this wasn’t at 100% as every adult is written to 3
     times. They wanted to know more about the Help Scheme take up, what happens to
     more vulnerable members of society who don’t take up the scheme and whether they
     slip through the net. The group requested more information. Action: Digital UK to
     circulate a note to the group from the Help Scheme in response.

     Single Switch
     Greta thanked the group for their input and advised that the single switch
     consultation process is still underway. Action: DUK to keep the group informed of
     the outcome.

5.   Housing and Property workstream update

     Readiness of Public sector landlords in Wales, Granada and West
     FK reported on the readiness of public sector landlords:

              West – 98% of stock in the region is completed or have plans in place. 63
               organisations remain at the status of unknown, all 100 units or less. DUK
               will work towards contacting these in the next few weeks.
              STV North – 99% of stock in the region ready for switchover. 3 small
               organisations left to contact.
              Torosay (part of STV Central but switches in advance of the rest of the
               region so treated as a separate project)One organisation left to contact,
               the remainder are ready for switchover.
              Channel Islands – DUK is starting to engage with the 13 social housing
               organisations in the Channel Islands.

     Key Issues and Solutions
     FK walked the group through a key issues and solutions paper. Key issues are:
            Consultation – not always effective as it could be.
            Leaseholders –often feel that there are not adequately consulted or kept
              informed. Tensions and differences of opinions often arise in mixed tenure
            Channelised Systems – the need to re-tune at each stage of switchover.
            Analogue cable switch off – Virgin Media have a rolling programme to
              switch off all analogue cable.
     Action: Paper to be circulated with minutes.

     London Boroughs readiness
     See attached note.
6.    Update on Switchover and Other Events

      Jane Ostler reported that the Granada switchover went according to plan with no
      major issues in the housing workstream. She reported that one organisation had one
      block of flats that had a channelised system that needed to be re-tuned at DSO 1 but
      this was done shortly afterwards.

      The main driver of consumers to DUKs advice line was re-tuning and overlaps. After
      re-tuning at switchover, some viewers in the Granada TV region found that they
      receive Welsh TV services in place of expected services from their region. This
      happened where some Freeview TVs and boxes loaded both versions of channels.
      Viewers generally found their preferred service had been loaded automatically further
      down the channel list, usually in the 800’s. A manual re-tune of TVs or boxes
      restored the preferred services. This situation is not unique to Granada and will
      happen in other overlap regions where alternative regional services could appear.

      South Wales and West
      JO reported that the next three switchovers are Blaenplywf and Wenvoe in Wales
      followed by Mendip in the West region. Both the Wenvoe and Mendip switchover will
      see overlaps.

      Sheffield Freeview Re-tune
      JO informed the group that there will be a technical event at Sheffield where viewers
      of this transmitter will need to re-tune their Freeview TVs or boxes. This is to clear
      frequencies to allow for the rollout of Freeview HD in Yorkshire. (PMN –the date is 17
      March 2010).Digital UK will write to the 25 housing organisations to advise them of
      the re-tune requirements.

 7.   Government Update

      Government Departments
      Jonny Martin updated the group on the readiness of the Government departments:

      Department of Health – Have made the necessary changes, patient bedhead
      televisions have been digital for a while.
      Police – Ready for switchover.
      MOD – Programme in place, taking all the steps to get ready for DSO.
      Education – Communications with schools underway
      Prisons – advance programme for switchover.

      Other Issues
      Patrick Owen reported on the OJEU tender process and whether installation of a
      communal aerial system is seen as works or services. He asked the group to quantify
      if this is still a live issue. Action: Chris Rutter, Peter Barnett and Frances Kneller to
      meet with Patrick and provide case studies of organisations that have had issues
      with this.

      9. Date of next meeting- Monday 5 July 2010

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