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Spring 2012 FRC Newsletter

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					               4800 Golf Road, Suite 450, Eau Claire, WI 54701 | phone 715.833.1735 | fax 715.833.1215 | email

March, April & May                                                                              Spring 2012| Volume 13 Issue 1

FRC Staff
                                            From the Executive Director
Brook Berg | Executive Director
                                            For over 12 years now, the FRC has been a stable place
Lisa Hood | Administrative Assistant        for families to turn to for support, education and                             resources. Because parenting is one of the toughest and
                                            most important jobs, we all must have a stake in ensuring
Melissa Lokken | Parent Educator
                                            that parents have access to the resources and support that                           they need to be successful. We are pleased to make an
Lita Prorok | MATCh Specialist              impact on so many lives each year.                             In 2011 we…
Amanda Shilts | Parent Educator                Served 3,432 total participants in our programs!                               92% of parents reported that the program increased their
                                                understanding of their child's growth and development
                                               99% of parents reported that our program helped them understand
                                                their role as a parent.
Board of Directors
                                               96% of parents reported that the program has increased their self-
                                                confidence in parenting skills
President Dave Swan | Retired, UW-
                                             Since our move, the number of participants in our programs has grown
Vice President Jeff Sauter | Dove
                                                significantly! Our drop in and play participants have increased by
Healthcare South
                                                  697%!! If you haven’t stopped by to see us, you’re missing out!
Secretary Brook Steele | Sacred
Heart Hospital
Treasurer Chrystal Mills | Eau Claire       A special thank you to all of you who continue to support us. Building on
Area Chamber of Commerce                    family strengths through prevention, education, support and
                                            collaboration-- we are all helping
Susan Rusboldt | Retired, Wisconsin
Department of Children & Families           to make a positive difference in our
Jeff Smith | Former State
Dr. Emily Smith-Nguyen | Smith &
Prissel Chiropractic
Dr. Jennifer Eddy | University of
Wisconsin Department of Family
Medicine                                    Stop in and visit the FRC
                                            playroom, sponsored by
Cindy Peterson | Weld, Riley, Prenn
& Ricci, S.C.

    Center Hours | Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00—2:00 pm, Thursday & Friday, 10:00—3:00 pm
Drop in and play hours | Tuesday & Wednesday, 11:45—2:00 pm, Thursday & Friday, 10:00—3:00 pm
                         DROP & SHOP hours | Saturday & Sunday, 12:00—5:00 pm
                            Center Closed | Memorial Day Monday, May 28
                 The Eau Claire County B.R.A.I.N. Team presents the Eighth Western Wisconsin

                                    Brain Conference
                                      Friday, March 30, 2012
       Sacred Heart Hospital Community Auditorium | Eau Claire, WI

To register, call (715) 833-1735 or email

                                                                    Young Athletes 2012
                                                              An innovative inclusive sports play program
                                                              for all children ages 2 to 7 and their families!

                                                            Activities will consist of foundational skills, walking
                                                            and running, balance & jumping, trapping & catch-
                                                                ing, throwing, striking, kicking and more!
                                                                               Register today !

                                                                          8, 15, 29
                                                                M arch 1,
                                                                          12, 19, 2
                                                                April 5,
                                                                             0 pm

                                                              Participant forms available at the YMCA, the Family
                                                                  Resource Center or by calling 715-852-3075
                                                                       Advance registration required.

Volunteers & Donors...We Couldn’t Do it Without You!

Thank you to our volunteers & donors!
Donors| Barbara Abraham, Marlene Arntson, Carolyn & John Barstad, Mike & Bonnie Berg,
James Breen, Sarah Symanski, Robin & Bob Burch, Monnie Mullen-Burkart, Charter Bank, Season
Dixon, Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club, Jennifer Eddy & Mark Gideonsen, Bryan & Beatrice
Farmer, Emily Gehling, Christine Gimber, Alice Hanson, Karla Hoefgen, Ralph & Peggy Hudson,
Rick & Ann Kaiser, Mary Kante, Kiwanis Club of EC Indianhead, Julia Kyle, Thomas Larson,
EC Seymour Lions Club, Laura Lokken, Amy Ludwikowski, Mayo Foundation, Lori Michal,
Brenda & Mike Moe, Donna Moore, Ann Neville, Northwestern Bank, Roxann Ostermann,
Francie Peardon, Peck Family, Peoples Bank of Wisconsin, Realtyworks, Sue Rowe,
Susan and Tom Rusboldt, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire Scheels All Sports, Aida Schunk,
Emily Smith-Nguyen, Sunrise Exchange Club of EC, TTM Technologies, United Way of Chippewa
Valley, Dave & Sue Vandeloo, Ben & Lori Whitis, and Xcel Energy

Volunteers | Natalie Ball, Geri Biszmaier, Carrie Dercks, Brian Doxie, Jennifer Eddy, Liz Glomski,
Courtney Gosney, Abbi Hanaman, Brittany Hattrem, Michelle Haynes, Hannah Hulke, Theresa
Jallas, Mollie Jochum, Zoe Kiper, Katie McQuinn, Katie Meerza, Choua Moua, Nathaniel, Kathy
Nelson-Smith, Jenn Newman, Andy Peterson, Cindy Peterson, Jacob Randolph, Beth Schwartz,
Emily Smith-Nguyen, Brook Steele, and Annie Youngblood

                                     Play n’ Learn Play Groups
  A fun, interactive time for you and your child! Experience creative learning activities, learn about your
                           child’s development and connect with other parents.

   Registration: You can now register for play groups online! The registration forms will be active starting at
   10:00 am on the day of pre-registration. Or you can call FRC to pre-register your child for Play ‘n Learn.
Please indicate your first and second choices when pre-registering. You will be notified of which group your
                            child is in two weeks prior to the start date of the group.

                      Session #1                                               Session #2
     Tuesday, February 21 – Wednesday, April 4                   Tuesday, April 17 – Wednesday, May 23
             (No class on March 20 and 21)
                                                                     Tuesdays 9-10:15 (18 mo-5yr)
          Tuesdays 9-10:15 (18 mo-5yr)
                                                                    Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 (6-24 mo)
         Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 (6-24 mo)
                                                                   Wednesdays 9-10:15 (18 mo-5yr)
        Wednesdays 9-10:15 (18 mo-5yr)
                                                                 Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 (18 mo-5yr)
      Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 (18 mo-5yr)
                                                            *Preregistration Date: Tuesday, March 27, 10:00 am

Upcoming FRC Events
Please call 715.833.1735 or visit our online registration page at Just click on “Sign Up for Classes!” and
complete the form.   Registration is required and free child care will be provided if requested. {All classes will
take place at the Family Resource Center in the Oakwood Mall unless otherwise noted.}

Wednesday, March 14                   The Parenting Class / Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
2:00-4:00 pm
FRC | Fee $10                    The Parenting Class will cover various general parenting topics such as: anger
                                   management, communication, raising responsible children, discipline and
                                  routines. This class is also available online. Call 715-833-1735 for details.
Saturday, March 17                                 Date with Dad: Fire Station/Library
10:00-11:30 am                                ECASD Early Learning, Western Dairyland, & FRC
Fire Station #2
                                  Dads or any significant male role model are invited to bring your pre-school
                                         age children to tour a Fire Station! A snack will be provided.
                                                           Please park in the meters.

Wednesday, March 21                    Indoor Sensory Fun / Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
10:00-11:30 am
FRC                              School is out for spring break… Come and get messy at the Family Resource
                                Center. Sensory fun for all ages; sand, water, clean mud and more! Wear play
                                              clothes and plan to get messy! (ages 18 mo & up)

Wednesday, March 21                     Emotion Management / Lita Prorok, MATCh Coordinator
5:30-6:30 pm
FRC                            Managing feelings is a learned behavior. Children need to learn how to manage
                               their emotions in healthy and appropriate ways in order to have a successful fu-
                                ture. Talking about one’s emotions is not an easy skill for children to learn. In
                                 addition, it can be difficult for parents to help their children learn alternative
                               skills. This class will teach a variety of emotional regulation techniques that are
                                                        appropriate for children of all ages.
Friday, March 23                                Recipe Exchange! / Susan Krahn, MS,RD,CD
10:00-11:30 am                                     Eau Claire City-County Health Department
                                Turn your family’s favorite recipes into healthier recipes! We will discuss ways
                               you can make the foods your family already enjoys healthier by using ingredient
                               swaps and different preparation techniques. Bring your favorite recipes and take
                                                             home new ones to try.

Wednesday, April 4                    Music and the Brain / Sandi Stanton and Laurie Zakrzewski
5:30-6:30 pm
FRC                              Play, dance, and move with your child while we explore ways music and fun
                                helps build brains and healthy relationships. Learn about the brain and experi-
                                ence things you can easily do at home and have fun while boosting the brain.

Tuesday, April 10                           Limit Setting / Amanda Shilts, FRC Parent Educator
6:00-7:30 pm
FRC                            Learn more about setting guidelines and limits for children of all ages, and why it
                                            is important for our children’s healthy development.

To sign up for classes or receive class updates, visit our website or our Facebook page or call 715.833.1735. {All classes will take place at the Family Resource Center in Oakwood
Mall unless otherwise noted.}

Monday, April 23                                    Date with Dad: Military Trucks
5:30-7:00 pm                                ECASD Early Learning, Western Dairyland, & FRC
National Guard Armory
                               Dads or any significant male role models are invited to bring their pre-school
                               aged children to the Armory for an evening of learning and exploring military
                                                      trucks! Dinner will be provided.

Tuesday, April 24                    Responsible & Respectful Discipline / Sharon Besterfeldt
6:00-7:30 pm                  Participants will receive a basic understanding of what it means to parent using
FRC                          Restitution. It is a form of discipline which, in part, helps a parent find an appro-
                               priate position of control while also helping the child fix a problem or problem
Friday, April 27               How to Grocery Shop Like a Dietitian / Susan Krahn, MS,RD,CD
10:00-11:30 am                               Eau Claire City-County Health Department

                                Learn what to look for on a food label and how to compare items to pick the
                                                      healthier choices for your family.

Wednesday, May 2                  Building Baby’s Brain / Sandi Stanton, EC County BRAIN Team
6:30-8:00 pm
FRC                             Learn how positive interactions with your baby enhance social and emotional
                               development, creativity, and even IQ. Activities for specific ages will be shared
Fee $10                       and demonstrated. Class content will be geared towards development from birth
                                                                  to age 3.

                                            Sponsored by the Eau Claire County Brain Team
Wednesday, May 9                     The Parenting Class / Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
2:00-4:00 pm
FRC | Fee $10                  The Parenting Class will cover various general parenting topics such as: anger
                                 management, communication, raising responsible children, discipline and
                                routines. This class is also available online. Call 715-833-1735 for details.

Friday, May 11                            K Readiness / Melissa Lokken, FRC Parent Educator
10:00-11:30 am
                              Join us to learn the signs of school readiness. Learn about simple activities you
                                     can do with your child to promote skills needed for Kindergarten.

Saturday, May 19                                          Date with Dad: T-Ball
12:00-1:30 pm                               ECASD Early Learning, Western Dairyland, & FRC
Boyd Park
                              Dads or any significant male role model are invited to bring your pre-school age
                                       children to play t-ball at Boyd Park! Lunch will be provided.

Additional FRC Programs

                                                                              Parents As Teachers
   Drop & Shop                                                          “I love FRC because I can make sure my babies are on
                                                                                 track and get ideas to do with them.”
   Check out our new, drop-in child
   care service! While you are shop-                                  “I love the home visiting girls; they are always there to help when
   ping at Oakwood Mall, your child                                                           I am feeling down.”
    can play in our playroom while
                  you shop, kid-free!                                 Parents As Teachers is designed to provide guid-
                                                                      ance and support to families of all configurations
          Children ages 1-10 | First come, first served
                                                                      and life circumstances. We provide timely infor-
          $10 flat fee for one child for up to 2 hours of care ($5   mation on child development, intellectual
           for additional children)                                   growth, social development, motor skills, and
          Cash only                                                  help parents understand and have appropriate
          Parents must remain in the Oakwood Mall and have an        expectations for each stage of their child's de-
           active cell phone with them
          OPEN:                                                      velopment. We offer practical ideas on ways to
           Saturdays 12:00-5:00 pm                                    encourage learning and to gain new insights
           Sundays 12:00-5:00 pm                                      and share their experiences, common concerns
                                                                      and successes.
            For more information, email or
                         call (715) 833-1735                          To give your child a
  FRC is looking for volunteer caregivers for our Drop & Shop
                                                                      head start, register today!
   program! If you have experience with children and are              (715) 833-1735 |
                 interested, please contact us!

          The Parenting Class Online*
  The Parenting Class will cover various general
  parenting topics such as; anger management,
  communication, responsible children, discipline
  and routines. (Approximately *3 hours to                            Divorce has been a topic of many questions
  complete.)                                                          recently. Every child handles the divorce of
  Take this self-paced class online and receive a                     their parents differently. Regardless, there
  certificate upon completion. Cost is $10.                           are a few important things to remember when
                                                                      a child is dealing with divorce. No matter
  For more information or to register call the Family
  Resource Center at 715-833-1735.                                    what terms the parents are on, the child needs to remain the
                                                                      number one priority. Parents will need to put their personal is-
  *Must have an email account to receive and submit                   sues aside and make sure the needs of the child are being met.
  assignments to instructor. Although class takes                     Make sure the children have a neutral support system to turn to.
  approximately 3 hours to complete, all assignments must be
                                                                      Let your children know that you still love them and will always be
  approved before new material is given.
  Class timeline works best in a 5-10 day                             there for them. Look at the option of counseling to help assist
  period at minimum but can be self                                   the children with the change. Finally, do not argue with your ex
  paced to fit individual’s needs.                                    or talk badly about them in front of the children. Contact the
                                                                      MATCh program at 715-552-1365 or

Partners in strengthening our community...

                            Thank you!

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                                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 1557

 4800 Golf Road, Suite 450
 Eau Claire, WI 54701

 Phone: 715-833-1735
 Fax: 715-833-1215

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                                    2012 Brain Conference
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    The mission of the Family Resource Center for Eau Claire County is to provide programs and
 services that build on family strengths through prevention, education, support, and collaboration
 with other resources in the community. The Family Resource Center is available to all families and
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