Chapter 16 Section 3

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					Social Studies
 Chapter 16
    Section 3
The Crisis Deepens
Things Don’t Look Good, Folks
• Kansas Territory was in bad shape: pro
  and anti-slavery forces were battling
• Senator Stephen Douglas proposed
  creating 2 territories—Kansas &
  Nebraska—and letting those folks decide
• Douglas’ bill was known as the Kansas-
  Nebraska Act.
• Most people thought this was reasonable
            So, Whatz Up?
• President Franklin “Frankie” Pierce was in
  favor and the bill went through.
• But, whoa Nellie, not everyone was happy.
• The Yankees were upset.
• Why?
• Well, the Missouri Compromise had
  banned slavery in this territory and now it
  would be repealed.
     What’s The Story, Larry?
• Pro-slavery people had moved to KS
  earlier and now abolitionists were going
  there to fight for the free state side.
• Both sides were ready to rumble.
• Border Ruffians battled antislavery forces.
• These guys got pro-slavery candidates
• The abolitionists elected their own govt
          Bleeding Kansas
• Pro-slavery guys invaded Lawrence, KS,
  home of the KU Jayhawks and reeked
• John Brown, an abolitionist, struck back.
• He retaliated by killing 5 proslavery
• Then the other side struck back and then
  the other side struck back, then, well…
  you get the idea.
• Violence was everywhere even in the
        The Dred Scott Case
• Muy importante
• Know This…
• Dred Scott, a slave, petitioned the court for
  his freedom after his owner died. He filed
  a law suit, or a legal case brought to settle
  a dispute between people or groups
• The case reached the SC as Dred Scott v
           The SC Decision
• The court’s ruling shocked the country.
• First, the court ruled that since Scott was
  enslaved he could not file suit
• According to the court, Congress did not
  have the power to outlaw slavery in any
• This meant that the Missouri Compromise
  was unconstitutional.
        The Nation Reacts
• Southern plantation owners were happy
• Many in the North were unhappy

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