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									HC Meeting 1/19/11

Members Present:

       Luke Ernstberger, Jeff McMurray, Lucas Buchler, Rachel Peterson, Mark Awad, and Matthew


   1. Prior Meeting with Adminstration
          a. Luke recounted the events of the meeting with IUSM officials, specifically discussing Dr.
              Gusic’s suggestion of a new direction for the Honor Council. Since there are already
              groups in place to deal with issues of academic misconduct, it was suggested the honor
              council become more of a student advocacy group with the honor code at its
              foundation. She also expressed her desire for the HC to help promote a culture based on
              the honor code tenants of honesty, integrity, and respect.
   2. New Direction for the HC
          a. The new direction discussed was one where the HC focused on becoming more of a
              student resource and advocacy body. It would be a group where any student with a
              problem could come and receive aide directly from the HC or be pointed to the correct
              organization. It would also focus on promoting a culture based on the key components
              of the Honor Code.
          b. It was agreed that we should focus on integrating the HC and the honor code into 1 st
              and 3rd year orientation. This would allow incoming 1st years and 3rd years to be
              introduced to the HC and its members.
          c. Rachel suggested the HC look into possible integration with the ethics committee
              headed by Meg Gaffney. Rachel is going to meet with her.
          d. Luke proposed the HC look at adopting a model based on MSU’s HC. If an issue arises we
              would consult our advisor and decide if it is an HC issue or something we should forward
              to another organization.
          e. With this new direction, the HC must educate our own members on the various
              organizations on campus so we know what groups handle the many different problems
              students might have. In addition, we should meet with some of the various groups such
              as the Student Promotion Committee and TLAC to get a better idea what it is they do.
          f. Finally, Luke suggested we consider changing the HC name to something more along the
              lines of a student advocacy group rather than an adjudicating body – Honor Code
              Advocacy Group
          g. With these many changes there will also have to be some Constitution and/or Bylaw
   3. Interviews for new members
          a. In the coming weeks we will have a callout meeting for students interested in becoming
              an HC member. Jeff volunteered to make an announcement to the first year class, and
Luke will send a formal email out with more information on the meeting. The HC is also
planning on having an Interview Day booth.

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