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					                                                                          Hayley Peterson
                                                                       4 Hour College Prep

        “I am Biff Loman, the son of Willy Loman. My father passed away due to the act
of suicide. My father and I had a very complex relationship and it was more complicated
than anyone else ever knew. You could say that our relationship was similar to that of a
rollercoaster. We had our ups and downs throughout my life; it started on an up and was
on the hill going up when he too his own life. It all started as on the top of the hill when I
was in high school. I was the star of the football team, I was getting letters from multiple
colleges, and I was a ladies man! My dad was always so proud of me. He came to watch
my games and supported me throughout; however, our father-son bond went down hill
the day I caught him cheating on my wonderful mother Linda. My father supported me so
much that the day I failed math class, he was the first person I ran to for help. In order to
receive the scholarships to college I needed to graduate and with an F in math, I wouldn’t
graduate. I went to the hotel where he was staying because I needed him to talk to my
math teacher in order to get my grade brought up; in turn I would graduate. But when I
heard a woman’s voice I knew something was up. The lady finally came out and I lost all
hope. My father was a lying fake. He was cheating on my mother and lying to my
brother, Happy, and myself. I couldn’t trust him ever again. I gave up on going to college
mostly because I had failed math and there was no way I was letting this liar help me! I
left. For a long period of time after that, until very recently, our relationship was never
mended. I went from job to job, spent time in jail, and did everything possible to not
come home and see that awful man. You know, I still wonder if I should have told my
mom what I saw that day in the hotel room. She never understood why my father and I
had such a rough relationship but I could never bring myself to break her heart. She was a
great lady and she loved my father. When I came home this last time before my father’s
death, I knew something was going to be different this time. I was looking for a job and
doing things I thought would make Willy Loman a happy man again. When my father got
fired, he was determined to find another way to make money for his family. My mother
loved him so much and always had his back. The last night before his death, when he
came home from dinner without Happy and myself, my mother was irate. She said we
knew that was dangerous and should never have left him alone so we could hang out with
some girls. But we did anyways because we were selfish. And that night when I was
apologizing to my dad, we finally were trucking back to the good relationship we had
when I was younger. I could tell he was proud of me and I showed him my true emotions.
I loved him and never stopped loving him.”

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