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					              NEDT 2012 state information and week of state activities!

Monday March 12th 2012, 5:00-9pm- ish Thurston HS main gym
Thurston HS Eugene /Springfield State showcase, for those of you who can’t make it to
state this is an awesome way to see what everyone is up to! We will be dancing in full
costume! We are trying to reserve the activity bus so as of now meet at North at 5pm. We
should be done around 9pm-ish.

Wednesday March 14th 2012 6 pm team dinner celebration before state.
This is not only a great chance for dancers and parents to come together and praise the
dancers for a good year; it is also a fundraiser for the team. With the Papas Pizza coupon
we will receive partial profits from the sales that night! Be sure to bring in your flier
when we go into eat!

                                What to expect at STATE
A rollercoaster ride of fun
We will depart for state on Thursday March 15th at 3 pm after school Please bring your
packed bag with you to school that day.

The time is packed with rehearsals and meetings for both dancers and coaches. We do not
have time to meet up with family and friends during state and we are on a rigid schedule
of events. For some younger dancers this time apart can be hard. Try and talk about it
before it happens. The 3 days and 2 nights we will spend together are a lot of fun but can
be a rollercoaster of emotion. There are extreme highs of laughter, fun, and friends,
(maybe even shopping), and then challenges of not sleeping so well in a new
environment, sharing your space with new people, intense competition at the event, non-
stop schedule and feeling overwhelmed. Taking the time to breathe and acknowledge
these things will be very pro-active.

We love to eat and what about extra money?!
IT’S TRUE- we love to eat! We have a great buffet breakfast at the hotel every morning.
We will provide dinner for the team every night too. At lunch each dancer will be given
$7 for the food court to eat lunch. IF you want to eat more then a $7 meal pack a little bit
more money. We encourage dancers to eat healthy balanced meals and to shy away from
soda and too many sweets. IF you love to snack, pack some snacks with you too!

Do the girls need to bring money with them? Basically no, we have fundraised for their
food and hotel costs!!! IF we have time sometimes we allow a bit of time for shopping. IF
this is exciting for you please bring a bit of money to shop, however window shopping
and browsing is fun too. Also the OSAA Dance and drill event have cute hoodies, shirts
and photos that some dancers enjoy buying. Plan ahead for this merchandise if you think
you want to buy some.

Tickets at State!
Some have pre-ordered for groups seats. We have 1 block of 15 for Saturday night only.
Yay! For everyone else who wants to watch both Sat or Fri, please follow the DDCA’s
advice for tickets.
--Tickets will go on sale to the general public at 10:00 AM on Sunday, February 26, 2012.
Sales will be limited to 8 per person per round. Please advise your fans to demonstrate
good sportsmanship while waiting in line. Be sure to alert your fans to buy seating on the
correct side of the coliseum.

-- Tickets may be purchased at the Rose Quarter Box Office, participating Safeway and
Ticket West outlets, by phone at 877.789-7673 or online at starting
February 26. For more information, please visit Outlet, phone or
Internet orders will cost $15.00 per ticket. Phone and Internet orders will also have a $5.00
order charge.

-- Presale parking passes for the Coliseum will be sold only at the box office for $4.00. We
highly encourage passes to be purchased beforehand. Passes are not available on line or at
the outlets and they cannot be mailed.

--On-site parking fees are $4.00 for March 14/16 and $15.00 for March 15/17. Only the
West Garage is available on March 15/17. Note: We encourage guests to utilize the
off-site lots at 7th and Multnomah or public transportation on March 15/17.

-- FYI in the coliseum NEDT will dance East (facing the main entrance).

What to pack for state:
Black leggings                                              Remember pack lightly, you
Red dance team t-shirt                                      are responsible for carrying
Black dance team t-shirt                                    all of your belongings and
Black leotard                                               sitting with them on the bus.
Nude tights
Black lyrical sandals
Black jazz shoes
Red dance team jacket and pants
Pajamas                                                            NEDT

1 nice dinner outfit
1 casual outfit
1 pair of jeans
Toiletries (deodorant, shampoo…etc)
Walking shoes (no ugg boots, or anything that promotes shins splints!!!)
Leg warmers/ tall socks
    State contact info:

    Lisa Gilliam                                  541 510 3441
                                                  Blocked for privacy…
    Roshny Bhakta                                 541 912 3723 get
                                                   please email to
    Angie Bunday                                   these or see direct
                                                  503 799 1952
    Stephanie Overholt                              hand out that
                                                  541 912 0145 the
                                                    students received
    Kandy Huff (parent chaperon/ bus driver)      541 337 4680

    Silver Cloud Inn 503 242 2400
    2426 NW Vaughn Street Portland, OR 97210
                                             STATE 2012
                    Dancer behavior and etiquette contract, plus logistical information

No leaving hotel room after curfew
         If someone sneaks out and leaves the room after curfew they will not dance at state and their
parents/guardians will be contacted immediately. No exceptions will be made.

No talking trash/gossip about fellow dancers, coaches and or other teams.
        If someone is caught or overheard doing this they will have 1 strike, 3 strikes and you are not
dancing at state. Starting today at practice.

No cliquey, standoffish, sulky or rude behavior to fellow dancers, coaches and or other teams.
          If someone is caught or seen doing this they will have1 strike, 3 strikes and you are not dancing at
state. This starts today at practice.

3-person rule
         While at state and at the mall in Portland we will have a 3 person minimum rule (the super buddy
system). At times we might assign your buddies, stick to it, if not 3 strikes and you are not dancing at state.

Meeting times and spots
          While at state and in Portland if you are more then 5 minutes late to a reunion time, you get a
strike, 3 strikes and you are not dancing at state.

Any strike from any area of the rules above can accumulate to you not dancing at state. Please stay
courteous and wise. Remember we are at state to dance and come together as a team as fellow dancers and
athletes. Put your differences aside, leave your stress and your problems at home and just enjoy yourself.
We will give plenty of opportunity for laughs, smiles and good times. Also be happy with your room
assignments, we are trying to mix it up on purpose to give those a chance to get to know each other who
might not know each other very well right now. Room assignments will be announced in Portland.

Logistical information:
My daughter can stay at the Silver Cloud Inn in Portland O. My daughter will be under the supervision of
all 4 coaches and Kandy Huff. My daughter can ride with Kandy Huff in the NEHS bus and or with a coach
in her car. My daughter can ride the Portland public transportation MAX with the team.

I have read and understand and consent with the above rules and information given.

Dancers signature          ___________________________________ date_________________

Parent/ guardian signature ___________________________________ date_________________

Emergency contact phone #’s _____________________________ and ____________________________

Any valuable health information we should now ______________________________________________


Please pick one:

My daughter will be picked up by _________________________________ on Saturday March 17th, 2012
after the competition ends.


Yes _________, my daughter will ride home with Kandy on the activity bus back to Eugene that night.

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Description: This contract and packet information is for NEDT and their parents.