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					                                                                               Kia Peterson
                                                                                  English 9
                                                                           October 18, 2011

                                         The Hunted Mansion

   “BOOM” went the door; I could not believe what I had just saw. I was dared to stay

in the hunted mansion for the whole weekend. My friends said that the hunted mansion

was full of ghost and all kinds of other scary things. I could not believe that I was crazy

enough to stay in a very scary place all by myself. Lights were swinging back and fourth.

The doors and windows kept opening and closing. I felt like I was about to die. It was

midnight and it was halloween night. I could hear all of the kids laughter, and happiness.

I could hear them running and their candy shaking around in their candy buckets. None of

the kids was coming to the mansion, all of them had heard all of the rumors about the

mansion. People said that the man that used to live in the mansion killed his wife because

she disobeyed him. The man moved far away and nobody has seen them sense. On

halloween kids didn’t even want to walk past the house, when they had to pass the house

they would run past it.

                   I started getting hungry so I decided to go into the kitchen and fix

some corn beef hash that I had brought with me. When I was in the kitchen fixing my

food I heard the front door fling open. I ran to see who it was, I thought that maybe it was

one of my friends goofing off trying to scare me. I walked towards the front door but

nobody was there. I yelled “Hello” but nobody responded. I walked back into the kitchen

and finished cooking my corn beef hash. When I got done eating my dinner. I decided
that I would lie down on the couch and try to fall asleep. Their was no television in the

house and I got tired of playing my PSP so I had nothing else to do.

                        Minutes later I was sound asleep. As I began to wake up and I

heard a strange noise upstairs. When I waked up there I didn’t see anything. I thought that

sense I was upstairs I would just go ahead and take a shower. While I was in the shower I

felt something touch me. I quickly turned around and nothing wasn’t there. I promised

myself that I would never take this dare ever again. I just wanted to go home. I tried to

call somebody to come and stay with me or pick me up but I didn’t have any bars on my

cell phone. There was a house phone in the mansion but the cords were cut. I dint know

what to think. I couldn’t believe that I had no way of calling nobody. The only way I

could get to somebody was to walk out the back door, which lead to the grave yard. The

front door was glued shut. I wanted to get out of that house, and quick. I prepared myself

to run out the back door.

                 As I was running through the grave yard something grabbed my leg. I

was almost to the road. I didn’t see no kids trick or treating anymore. I tried to cry for

help but no one could hear me. When I tried to pull away from what ever was holding my

leg, it started holding on tighter. I was scared to look behind me and see what it was, but I

had to do it. As I turned around I saw a hand. Someone has rose up from the dead. I

didn’t know what to think or what to do. Suddenly I heard a voice. The hand let go of me.

I ran to see who it could be. As the person go closer I noticed his face, it was my dad. He

took me home and I knew that was where I wanted to be. I tried to explain to my mom

and dad what had happened but they wouldn’t believe me. They both said that I ate too
much candy and it was all going to my head. I didn’t care that they didn’t believe me. I

was just happy to be home!

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