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How to Start Your Overseas Real Estate Portfolio

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If you would like to learn more about building a passive income for life from investing in overseas real
estate here are the main five considerations to bear in mind to maximize profit, reduce risk, increase yields
and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves.

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Real estate is a tried and tested asset class and the majority of people agree that as a long term investment
commodity there is nothing really to beat it for consistently returning strong growth and increasing
yields…however, when a country's housing market goes temporarily cold as real estate prices move outside
of the affordability gap, real estate investors often look overseas for the development of their property based

Currently the real estate markets in countries such as the UK and US are slow and the ability to profit from
property locally is reduced - therefore more people than ever are thinking about moving their focus abroad
and starting an overseas real estate portfolio to enable them to build a passive income for life.

If you would like to learn more about building a passive income for life from investing in overseas real
estate here are the main five considerations to bear in mind to maximize profit, reduce risk, increase yields
and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves – but before we begin it is always prudent to
mention that the value of any investment can always go down as well as up, and that investment decisions
should be taken carefully and be made with the assistance of qualified and experienced advisors.

Tip One - Real estate markets around the world emerge, boom, go bust and re-emerge all over again, but
they do so at very different points in time as each market is heavily dependent on the current state of the
economy in the given country. As we all know economies ebb and flow like the tide and there is no such
thing as a guaranteed market where property prices will keep rising. However, there are countries in the
world going through major economic change where the real estate market is emerging and where the long
term forecast is for a period of prolonged growth. An investor who is not risk averse and who is planning an
overseas real estate portfolio should try and identify which countries have a strengthening economy and an
emerging real estate market.

Tip Two - Having found an emerging market an investor needs to determine the key factor that makes an
investment into real estate in the given country a good decision. I.e., if a country's property market is simply
booming because of hype and an investor can see nothing to support the long term success of the market
then they should walk away. If an investor can see massive room for growth but an interfering government
who may attempt to restrict property investors from taking their profits then an investor has to decide
whether or not they can still make enough profit from real estate to make any investment worthwhile.

Tip Three - Having determined that there is potential within a given market an investor needs to learn how
to harness the power of other people's money! As real estate is an expensive and slow to liquidise
commodity it is unwise to pay cash from personal funds for an investment property, rather it's wise to raise
finance at a low interest rate from a secure financial institution. An investor should look into whether an
international mortgage or a local mortgage is possible and affordable when buying overseas real estate.

Tip Four - As previously stated, over the long term real estate is considered by many to be one of the most
consistently returning asset classes – the key to this consistent success is however the 'long term' bit! I.e.,
when buying real estate abroad for capital growth and rental yield it pays to be able to keep that real estate
for ten years or more to ensure the greatest reward is derived from the investment.

Tip Five - And finally, having determined that the key factors exist to suggest that a property market has
legs to run and that any hype surrounding its progress is based on fundamentally accurate facts as detailed in
Tip Two, an investor need to ensure they buy real estate that will suit the market demand that is making the
real estate market successful! Therefore if the baby boomers are driving a given market consider buying
single level properties in secure communities, if on the other hand the young professionals are driving the
market think about purchasing well located, designed and facilitated apartments.

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