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									Find your marketable skills

Your resume will highlight your most
marketable skills in such a way that
employers are more likely to call you. What
are your most marketable skills? Answer
these two questions:
1.- What do you do well?

   What do you most enjoy doing? Is it
    the job you’re doing now? Your
    course work in school? If not, what
    do you do well? Is it a hobby?
    Volunteer work? Other?
2.- What do you enjoy doing?

   What skills do you most enjoy using on
    the job or in school right now? What skills
    would you use even if you weren’t paid?
    Write out your answers. If you enjoy
    doing something that you’ve already
    written down in answer to the first
    question, underline it this time.
Now, list your 2-3 most marketable

   From your list of underlined skills, choose the 2 or
    3 you think will be most attractive to the person
    reading your resume.
    These are your most marketable skills. You’ll use
    them later to write your resume.

   This is the most important step in the process of
    writing your resume. Why? Because if you know
    what your most marketable skills are, you can
    highlight your most relevant experience, which
    will help you find the job that’s best for you.
Prove your case with achievements

   Now, what achievements prove the
    2-3 most marketable skills you
    listed above? Write at least three
    things you did that you’re proud of
    and their results.
    Time to brainstorm…

   Education/Training
   Work Experience (paid and volunteer)
   Honors and Awards
   Strengths (3 adjectives that describe
    you and why)
   Three References


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