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How Do I Invest For A New Business?

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Let’s be honest, many of us dream have that one day starting up and successfully running a new business
and leaving our miserable jobs behind to become our own bosses.

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Let’s be honest, many of us dream have that one day starting up and successfully running a new business
and leaving our miserable jobs behind to become our own bosses.

And whilst many do just that and at least make a go at running a new business there are even more who
never quite stop dreaming about it and find the courage to actually do so.

One of the reasons people give for not starting up a new business is a lack of finance. Well firstly that is a
very poor excuse, if you believe in yourself and your own abilities to make a success of your venture then
that alone is the biggest investment you can make in running a new business. Yes, you are the most valuable
asset a new business can have, you and your specialist knowledge, your pride in getting a job done properly
and having an absolute belief in your own abilities to make a success of running your new business.

Let’s say it again, ultimately you are the only thing worth investing in for running a new business and you
don’t cost a penny, dime or cent. So what are you waiting for?? Running a new business is absolutely free,
you don’t actually need to invest in it to get it off the ground because all the investment should come from
within you and not from a bank or money-lender.

So once you’ve decided to invest in yourself, first in order to get your new business off the ground you are
at some point going to have to think some sort of financial investment. See, eventually money does come
into it but it is useless if your business plan is useless or you don’t have the personal wherewithal to actually
make a good idea happen and the best place to seek such investment will be your bank.

All banks will have a new business advisory department and they will be more than happy to talk with you
of your business plans, so make sure your plan is a good and sustainable one and if it is: they’ll certainly
listen and if they like it, they will definitely lend you the money. It should be said that banks exist for you to
borrow for things such as investing in a new business, they like people who are prepared to give it a go and
if you demonstrate this and a fierce determination they’ll lend you the money to kick-start your new

When investing in starting up and running a new business it is vital that you don’t waste your initial
investment on fancy cars, flash offices and a menagerie of staff. Basically, don’t walk before you crawl, all
these trappings of success will come in time but to start off creating an image of success ultimately will
mean you will fail because the best investment you can make at this stage of running a new business is
dedication and hard work, that’s how you achieve lasting fulfillment and success and the trappings that go
with it. If you just want the trappings without the hard work then don’t bother starting your own business
because hard work is a better investment than an unearned top-of-the-range motor.

Reaching to nature for the best metaphor to consider when investing for running a new business, it is a
whole lot better to invest in a bag of acorns and watch them grow, yield and flourish than it is to buy a lot of
old oaks and see them wither and die.

And finally, again, it should said the biggest and best investment for a new business is you, your idea and
your desire to succeed. With these, you can’t go wrong!!

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