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					                                   COM Faculty Council Minutes

                                   Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Members Present: Peterson (chair), Jones, Ballard, Geddes, Jackson, Joyce
Members Absent: Curry, Fahy, Davis, Schoenberg, Griffith, Ambati, Martin (ex-officio)
Visitors: Perman, Pfeifle, Jennings

July FC Minutes (Attachment A) Minutes were approved as circulated.

Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education, Research and Practice at UK(Attachment B)
Dr. Pfeifle presented the history and purpose of the proposed center and answered questions. Dr.
Geddes suggested shortening the name of the center and Dr. Pfeifle agreed to bring this
suggestion to the current working group. Faculty Council voted unanimously to endorse the center
and Dr. Peterson will supply a letter of support to include with the Center documentation.

COM Educational Program Objectives (Attachment D)
Dr. Peterson presented the history of this document with input from Dr. Jennings and Dr. Perman.
According to the LCME website, these educational objectives must be “formally adopted by the
Faculty as a whole and through its recognized governance process”. Faculty Council unanimously
approved the objectives and they will be presented to the full COM faculty at our next general
faculty meeting for a vote (following the appropriate voting process). The next General Faculty
Meeting will be Tuesday, October 20 at 12pm in HG611.

Revised Mission and Vision Statement (Attachment C)
Dr. Peterson presented the history of the proposed changes. FC agreed that it was appropriate
to update the COM Mission and Vision, but felt we needed more time and information to do so.
Dr. Peterson will compile and circulate to FC the suggested changes she has received, for
discussion at a future meeting.

COM Rules of the Faculty(Attachment E)
Dr. Peterson and Dr. Jones presented proposed changes to the Rules of the Faculty. The major
proposed changes are in response to the Provost’s request to update college rules and to the
LCME task force’s requests to clarify issues related to the Dean’s and FC oversight of the
Curriculum Committee activities. FC requested a few clarifications, but gave provisional approval
to the changes. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Jones will prepare a document explaining the changes and a
“clean” version of the Rules of the Faculty that will be presented to the full COM faculty at the
next general faculty meeting for a vote.

Fall Faculty Survey/Dean’s Survey (Attachment F)
Dr. Peterson presented what she knew of the history of the survey (done in fall 2003 and 2006).
John Wilson shared the data analysis he had done with the 2006 survey data with her. Dr.
Peterson will circulate this to FC. FC decided not to do this survey now, due to the recent Press-
Ganey survey and the upcoming Dean’s evaluation in the spring.

Chair Elect for October Mtg - According to the Rules, FC will elect, by secret ballot, the Chair-elect
for the following year in October. Next year’s chair must come from a clinical department; clinical
faculty eligible to chair next year are Ambati, Ballard, Curry, Fahy, and Joyce. Dr. Peterson will
contact these individuals to gauge their interest in this position.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

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