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									                            COM Faculty Council Minutes

                              Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Members Present: Ballard, Curry, Davis, Fahy, Geddes, Griffith, Jackson, Jones, Joyce,
Martin (ex-officio), Peterson (chair)

Members Absent: Ambati, Schoenberg

Guests: Carol Elam, Alan Daugherty, Jay Ko and Doris Baker

January FC Minutes           Were approved as circulated.

Admissions Committee oversight Dr. Elam circulated a brochure they have recently
put together for students who are interested in applying to medical school. She then
presented an overview of the admissions process and answered questions. A need she
identified is for more faculty involvement in interviewing students. The requested
commitment is to do a minimum of 4 interviews over the year. Any help FC can give to
her in this regard would be appreciated.

Research Committee Dr. Daugherty presented the details of a proposed Research
Committee for the COM to discuss and advise the Dean on research issues as they
relate to the COM. This committee has been meeting for a while and they want to
formalize their Rules of Procedure. Dr. Peterson found reference to a Dean’s
Committee on Research and Graduate Education in the current COM Rules and
Procedures document. They were compared and found to have extensive overlap in
goals, but were different in their composition. Dr. Daugherty was going to take these
documents back to the committee and keep Faculty Council informed as to how this
group plans to proceed with their rules document.

Center of Excellence in Reproductive Sciences Dr. Curry presented the proposal to
form this center and answered questions. FC discussed the proposal and endorsed it in
principle, but requested that Dr. Peterson follow-up with Dr. Curry about some concerns
that were raised and inform FC of any proposal changes by email for final approval.

COM Strategic Plan Dr. Peterson reminded FC to read this to prepare to discuss at the
next meeting. This document was generated after input from all departments – Drs.
Jennings and Wilson gathered input by attending faculty meetings.

Committee Updates We did not receive committee reports, but no pressing issues
were raised.
       Curriculum (Griffith)
       Student Progress and Promotions (Davis)
       Council of Chairs (Peterson)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30.

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