THE LONDON GAZETTE_ 3 SEPTEMBER_ 1918. 10427 by jianghongl


									              THE LONDON GAZETTE, 3 SEPTEMBER, 1918.                                     10427
 Adelphi Insurance Company, Limited.              Citizens, Limited.
 Aerauto Sign Company, Limited.                   Clarke's Patents, Limited.
 Alexandria Building Company, Limited.            Coasters, Limited.
 Algernon Press, Limited.                         Colchester New Public Hall 'Company, Limited.
 Alliance Stock Exchange, Limited.                Colonial Rail & Tramway Syndicate, Limited.
 Allister & Mayor, Limited.                       Colwyn Bay Land and Building Company,
 Anglo-Foreign Investments Agency, Limited.          Limited.
 Anglo - French      Development     Syndicate,   Continental Glass Machine Syndicate, Limited.
   Limited.                                       Contractors' Financial Corporation, Limited.
 Anglo-Japanese Trading Company, Limited.         Cornbrook Company, Limited.
 Anglo-Trinidad Petroleum Syndicate, Limited.     Cosmopolitan Finance Syndicate, Limited.
 Anglo-Welsh Electric Theatres, Limited.          County of Stafford Loan and Discount ^Com-
 Anona. 'Mining and Mahogany Company,                pany, Limited.
   Limited.                                       Cowey Automobile Suspension Company,
 Argentine Electrolytic Syndicate, Limited.          Limited.
 Armour Plate (Cowper-Coles Patents), Limited.    Coweys,- Limited.
 Atacama Company, Limited.                        *Crown Hotel (Preston), Limited (Registered
 Atlas Music Publishing Company, Limited.            24th Mav, 1909).
 Automatic Pin Ticketing Machine Company,         Crowther & Co.'sElectrical Industries, Limited.
   Limited.                                       Croydon Central Motor Company, Limited.
 Autopoint, Limited.                              *Cumberland Granite 'Company, Limited
 Avreboo Rubber Estates, Limited.                    (Registered 10th December, 1908).
 B.C. Minerals, Limited {Registered 12th          Darby & Weber, Limited.
   December, 1900).                               Davis Electrical Company, Limited.
 Babbs and Briggs, Limited.                       Day Dawn 8 and 9 Gold Mining Company,
 Bachelet Levitated Railway, Limited.                Limited.
 Balliol House, Limited.                          Dazzleine Company, Limited.
 Barrett & Browning, Limited.                     Deayton's Stores, Limited.
 Bedford Court Company, Limited.                  Dewsburv Motor Garage, Limited.
 Bell Motor Agency, Limited.                      Diamond Pottery Company, Limited.
 Bens Gas, Limited.                               JViamond Sign Company, Limited.
 Bioptics, Limited.                               Dorset Cement Company, Limited.
 Blaenllechau Working Men's Radical Club and      E.G. Catering Company, Limited.
   Institute Company, Limited.                    East Cheshire Mining Company, Limited.
 Booth & Co. (Birmingham), Limited.               Eclipse Fireworks Company, Limited.
'Bosshardt Casting Process, Limited.              Edwin J. Brett (1907), Limited.
 Bradford Real Estate Company, Limited.           Electric Laundry, Dyeing and Cleaning Works,
 Bradford Skating Rink Company, Limited              Limited.
    (Registered 18th July, 1908).                 Electromobile Company, Limited.
 Bridgwater Construction Company, Limited.        Empire Electro Plate Company, Limited.
 Brighton Court Theatre, Limited.                 Emulsit, Limited.
 Bristol Coliseum, Limited.                       English & Foreign Syndicate, Limited (Regis-
 Britannia Laundry, Limited.                         tered 16th December,'1907).
 British and African Incorporated Association,    English Exploration Company, Limited (Re-
    otherwise known as The African Training          gistered 2nd April, 1907).
    Institute.                                    Equitable Trust, Limited.
 British and Irish Cattle Corporation, Limited.   Ernest Brown (Birmingham), Limited.
 British Compressed Cane Trunk Co., Limited.       Excelsior Home Supply, Limited.
 British Cork Asphalt, Limited.                   Exhibition Amusement Devices, Limited.
 British Deperdussin Aeroplane Syndicate,         F. B. Costa and Co., Limited.
    Limited.                                       F. Inglebon and Company, Limited.
 British Enterprise Insurance Society, Limited.    F. T. Skidmore &. Co., Limited.          •' -
 British General Investment Corporation,           Falcon Iron Works, Limited.
   . Limited.                                      Farnham Fruit Preserving and Packing Com-
  British Submarine Boat Company, Limited.            pany, Limited.
 Brixton Skating Rink, Limited.                    Farrington & Co., Limited.
  Brock, Kirstein and Company, Limited.            Fine Art Securities Corporation, Limited.
  Brown and Parsons, Limited.                      Foreign Radial Axle Cars, Limited.
  Burmah Prospecting Syndicate, Limited.           French Bobs Mines, Limited.
  Burnard's, Limited.                              G.R.Q. Syndicate, Limited.
  Bushey Heath Brick and Tile Company,             General Finance and Credit Company,
     Limited.                                         Limited.
  Buvo (1910), Limited.                            General United Slate Company, LimiteH.
  Caementium (Parent) Company, Limited.            George Dore, Limited.
  Cambrian Theatres, Limited.                      German South West Africa Diamond Explora-
  Camello & Company, Limited.                         tion Company, Limited.
  Canadian Rubber Tanned Leather 'Syndicate,       Gilbert Little Company, Limited.
     Limited.                                      Grand Roller Skating Rink Company,
  Carboy Hamper Company, Limited (Registered          Limited.
     21st August, 1895).                           Granville Advertising Agency, Limited.
  Caribbean Marine Salvage Compa:ny, Limited.      Gt. Winchester Exploration            Syndicate
  Carr Road Skating Rink Co., Limited.                Limited.
  Castle Cine Syndicate, Limited.                  Guarico Gold Mining Company, Limited.
  Casualty Insurance Company, Limited.             H. C. Harvey, Limited.
  Challen & Son, Limited.                          H. Franklin & Company, Limited.
  Charles Phillimore & Co., Limited.               H. Toulson & Company, Limited.
  Chas. W. Dopson, Limited.                        Hadjetian, Limited.

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