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					                          The Midnight Brewer
                              Official publication of the Midnight Homebrewers’ League
                                                                                                                 Year 2004
                                                 Carroll County, Maryland                                       Issue No. 2

                     Beer, brewing and your low-carb diet
By Steve Kranz                                                  lead to taking up some other hobby in its place. Golf? Not
                                                                interested. Stamp collecting? Right. Model airplanes? I
I was standing in Gary Cress’ garage during Big Brew            don’t think my high blood pressure has the capacity to
2004, listening to Gary and Paul earnestly discuss their        absorb the shock of crashing a $1,000 toy. Since it
recipes. Not beer recipes, mind you, but fish, chicken, and     immediately became clear that there is no hobby in the
salad dressing recipes. Here were these two guys, each of       world that can replace homebrewing, I set out to find a way
whom has lost many pounds, chattering like housewives           to save my favorite hobby from my new diet.
over how to prepare a better salad dressing. “Yikes”, I
says to myself. Long-dismissive of anything that would          About 30 seconds on the Internet, and I found my
deprive me of my two favorite food groups — beer and            salvation! Just this past April, Anheuser-Busch took on
pizza — I turned to Lydia Cress and Lin Hitchcock who           Dr. Agatston’s (South Beach Diet author) condemnation of
were standing nearby and announced my immediate need            beer, with news conferences and a newspaper ad campaign
for a beer and a slice of pizza.                                in some 31 newspapers. To his credit (and my vast relief!),
                                                                Dr. Agatston has issued a partial retraction on beer’s evils.
But, the joke was on me. The next day, I agreed with the
Spousal Unit’s plan to start the South Beach Diet.              "Lots of people are on the diet, and they're being told they
                                                                can't have beer," said Francine Katz, an Anheuser-Busch
For anyone unfamiliar with the nuances of the madly-            vice president. "You can't just sit idly by when there's such
popular South Beach Diet, for the purposes of this article      gross misinformation. The information in the South Beach
all you need to know is that beer is Public Enemy #1. Not       Diet book is 100 percent wrong when it comes to beer,"
only is beer generally fattening, but it is particularly bad,   Katz said. Maltose, which comes from barley malt, is
according to the diet’s author, because it contains maltose     found in beer only in its early brewing stages, Katz said.
(malt sugar) which probably is the worst of all sugars.         Maltose is eliminated when yeast converts it to alcohol and
“Maltose, the sugar in beer, has a higher glycemic index        carbon dioxide during fermentation, she said.
than white bread. The insulin response to it leads to the
fat storage in the abdomen that we                                                  That's confirmed by Russ Klisch, of
call, quite accurately, the beer belly.”                                            Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery Inc.
                                                                                    "It should be all fermented out," Klisch
Since I started the diet, Paul and I have                                           said. If the beer has too much sugar
discussed whether having an                                                         during fermentation, the yeast will
occasional beer is really as bad as all                                             continue to convert it to carbon dioxide
that, Paul’s argument (or                                                           after bottling. For home brewing
rationalization?) being that beer has                                               hobbyists, that can lead to the
almost no sugar because it all gets                                                 occasional exploding beer bottle as the
fermented out. Being the good new                                                   pressure builds from excess
South Beach Nazi that I was, I clung to                                             carbonation.
the diet’s line that I wasn’t going to
touch alcohol for the first two weeks,                                         As for carbs, AB’s Katz says, “Beer is
and after that I was going to have to                                          actually very low in carbs, and people
think hard about what I planned to do                                          counting carbs don't have to feel guilty
about drinking beer. I mean, I can suffer almost any        about enjoying a beer."
deprivation for a measly two weeks, but long-term BD
(Beer Deprivation) would have been unacceptable, no         Based on interim federal guidelines (see item on page 6),
matter how successful the diet program. And if I couldn’t   which define low-carb as having less than 7 grams per
drink beer, I’d probably stop brewing, which would only Page 1                                          (Continued on page 8)
                                             Club Hoppenings
Homebrewers descend upon                                              for his first club function in about, what, two
Union Bridge
                                                                      Paul and Steve hit their target OG. right on the
     Mark Kaidy hosted a well-attended tasting at his                 nose, much to the credit of Steve’s wort chiller
     apartment building in Union Bridge on April 16.                  which did NOT explode this year. Thom did
     I recommend a return’s a great                   confess that, right after reading Steve’s article
     old building and a terrific place for a party, and               from last year about his wort chiller that split
     who cares if we make too much noise...the                        from frozen water in the coils, he discovered that
     neighbors are all Mark’s tenants! Anyway, there                  his chiller, a counter-flow job with the coils
     was a mighty fine spread of delicious food, and                  inside a hose, had suffered the same fate. Let
     the beers were outstanding. Melinda Byrd’s                       these stories be fair warning: if you keep your
     Chimay Clone from a few years ago was the                        chiller outside over the winter, and haven’t used
     highlight as far as I’m concerned. I will say,                   it yet to brew this season, check it for structural
     however, that I was also very impressed with the                 integrity before brewing with it.
     berry wine Mark presented...much better than
     Rocket Fuel. Extra thanks also go to Mark for
     donating a portion of the tasting fees to the club!        June 19 is next tasting event
                                                                      Larry and Lin Hitchcock will host our next
Big Brew 2004                                                         tasting event on Saturday, June 19. The time is
                                                                      7:00 PM to Midnight. Please mark your calendar
     Gary and Lydia Cress were last-minute substitute                 a week in advance to make sure you RSVP to
     hosts for this year’s Big Brew, and as usual their               Larry and Lin at 410-833-4409 or
     hospitality (combined with perfect weather)            
     made for an excellent brewing day. Only three
     batches of beer were born, with Gary brewing
     solo, Paul and Steve sharing ten gallons of an             Date Change for Brew-Ha-Ha!
     English Bitter, and Larry and Lin Hitchcock
     putting out an extract batch of Brown Ale. The                   Traditionally set to coincide with the July 4th
     Spousal Unit came by for a mid-afternoon visit,                  holiday, the Brew-Ha-Ha was moved back a
     as did Thom Leib, who ventured south from PA                     week, to Saturday, July 10. Mark your calendar!

                 Benefits of Membership                                            Midnight Homebrewers’ League
                                                                                           c/o Steve Kranz
                                                                                         741 Windsor Drive
Members of the Midnight Homebrewers’ League get                                       Westminster, MD 21158
these benefits in addition to this newsletter:                  

                                                                    President:      Neil Mezebish                    410-875-2325
•   Priority registration for tastings and other events
•   Nifty color membership card, good for discounts at                    
    local homebrew supply shops                                     Vice President: Melinda Byrd                     410-549-4889
•   Purchase club-logo T-Shirts                                           
•   Membership Directory - get help from other members              Secretary:      Steve Kranz                      410-840-9244
•   Library of “Classic Beer Style Series” brewing books                  
    to borrow                                                       Treasurer:      Larry Hitchcock                  410-833-4409
•   Buy, sell, trade anything “beer” in free member ads                   
                                                                    Events          Greg/Karen Lambrecht             410-840-2952

                                                           Page 2
         Brewers, start your burners and brew your seasonal beers now!
By Steve Kranz                            more comfortably fermented at                 All malt should derive from the finest
                                          warmer spring and summer                      quality two-row barley. Continental
I frequently get requests from club       temperatures.                                 hops, especially noble varieties, are most
members to send out reminders about                                                     authentic. Somewhat alkaline water (up
                                                                                        to 300 PPM), with significant carbonate
the time to brew seasonal beers. It       Here are the style guidelines for
                                                                                        content is welcome.
usually goes something like, "Geez,       Oktoberfest and Barleywines,
it's September and I wish I had thought   followed by some extract and all-             OG: 1.050-1.064
of brewing an Oktoberfest beer months     grain sample recipes of each style.           FG: 1.012-1.016
ago, because now it's too late." So,                                                    IBUs: 20-30
while Summer hasn't even officially                  Oktoberfest                        SRM: 7-14
begun, now is the time to think about                                                   ABV: 4.8-6.5%
the fall drinking season (FDS), and        Aroma: German (Vienna or Munich)
having the right seasonal beers bottled                                                 Commercial Examples: Spaten Ur-
                                           malt aroma. A light toasted malt
                                                                                        Maerzen, Ayinger Oktoberfest-Maerzen,
or kegged and ready to drink. With         aroma may be present. No fruitiness,
                                                                                        Wuerzburger Oktoberfest, Hacker-
that in mind, may I suggest that you       diacetyl, or hop aroma.
                                                                                        Pschorr Oktoberfest.
take the very next available day to
brew this year's Oktoberfest and           Appearance: Dark gold to reddish
                                           amber color. Bright clarity, with solid                    RECIPES
Barleywine style beers.
                                           foam stand.
                                                                                       Ayinger Oktober Fest (Extract)
Traditionally, Oktoberfest beers were      Flavor: Distinctive and complex
brewed in the spring to close out the      maltiness may include a toasted aspect.     Ingredients:
brewing season, and stored in cold         Hop bitterness is moderate, and hop         • .5 lbs Cara-Munich Malt (STEEP)
caves or cellars during the summer to      flavor is low to none. Balance is           • .5 lbs Munich Light Malt (STEEP)
be served during autumn celebrations.      toward malt, though the finish is not       • .25 lbs Crystal 40L (STEEP)
                                                                                       • 6.6 lbs Light Bierkeller Malt
But why brew a barleywine now? For                                                        Syrup
a couple of reasons. First, barleywine     Mouthfeel: Medium body, with a
                                           creamy texture and medium                   • .33 lbs Light Dry Malt Extract
is often viewed as a seasonal, cold                                                       6 oz Malto-Dextrine Powder
weather beer — a "winter warmer" —                                                     • 1.4 oz Tettnanger 5% 60 min
because of its high alcohol level. (Me,    Overall Impression: Smooth and              • 0.25 oz Hallertauer 3% 10 min
I enjoy barleywine year-round,             rather rich, with a depth of malt           • 1 tsp Irish Moss
invoking the mantra, "It's winter          character. This is one of the classic       • 1 pkg Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager
somewhere". But I digress...) For that     malty styles, with a maltiness that is
reason, many commercial breweries          often described as soft, complex, and       Steep crushed grains in one gallon of
release their annual barleywines and       elegant but never cloying.
                                                                                       150° water for 20 minutes. Sparge
other high-alcohol brews in the fall.                                                  (rinse) grains slowly with .5 gallon of
Second, barleywine is very suitable as     History: Origin is credited to Gabriel
                                           Sedlmyer, based on an adaptation of         additional water at 150°. Add water as
a base for a holiday beer. Just dose it    the Vienna style developed by Anton         necessary to have at least 1.5 gallons
up with fall/wintery spices (clove,        Dreher around 1840, shortly after           volume in kettle. Bring to a boil,
cinnamon, allspice, coriander, etc) and    lager yeast was first isolated. Typically   remove from heat and add extracts and
appropriate fruits/vegetables to your      brewed in the spring, signaling the end     boiling hops. Return to heat, boil for
liking (e.g. pumpkin, peppers, etc.).      of the traditional brewing season and       50 minutes. Add flavoring hops and
Thirdly, and most importantly for          stored in cold caves or cellars during      Irish moss, and boil an additional 10
brewing purposes, if you don't get a       the warm summer months. Served in
                                                                                       minutes. Chill to 80° or below, strain
barleywine started now, it probably        autumn amidst traditional
                                           celebrations.                               into your fermenter and add cold
won't be ready in time for fall or                                                     sanitized water as necessary for five
winter consumption. Barleywines take                                                   gallons total volume. Pitch yeast, and
                                           Ingredients: German Vienna malt
longer to ferment completely, and          (slightly lighter than Munich malt)         ferment at 47-52° for a week. Rack,
require longer conditioning time than      should be the backbone (if not entirety)    and ferment an additional 2 weeks at
other beers to reach their peak of         of the grain bill, with some Munich         55°. Prime and bottle.
flavor. Lastly, since barleywine is        malt and possibly some crystal malt.
fermented with ale yeast, it can be                                                                            (Continued on page 7)

                                                           Page 3
  Treasurer’s Report                                    Sam Adams Utopias — Wow!
By Larry Hitchcock                      By Steve Kranz                             You are about to experience the
                                                                                   strongest beer ever brewed. With
                                        MHL officers held a rare business          an alcohol content of 25% by
04/19/04                                meeting in May hosted by Greg and          volume, we've broken our own
                                        Karen Lambrecht at their lovely new        record set by Sam Adams Utopias
Little or no activity in our Treasury   home. The meeting was rare in              MMII in 2002. Beer enthusiasts
sure makes my job easier! The           several respects. Rare in that we          have never enjoyed a beer like Sam
cash received came from Mark            cannot often clear our calendars all       Adams Utopias. When served at
Kaidy, who donated half of the          on the same day. But more rare in          room temperature in a two-ounce
tasting fee from the gathering at his   that we shared a bottle of Samuel          serving, Sam Adams Utopias is an
place on April 16th. Thanks Mark!       Adams Utopias that Greg had scored         ideal after-dinner drink. Pour it
                                        from a liquor store in south Carroll.      into a wine glass or brandy snifter.
                                                                                   Note the aroma. Take a sip and
Previous Balance                        I had heard of Utopias, but didn't pay     enjoy the ideal beer. People have
                                        it much attention...until that night!      asked what inspired me to brew
              $ 990.53
                                        Greg had tried unsuccessfully to get       such a unique beer? Drinkers have
                                        a bottle through Cranberry Liquors         long been familiar with light beers.
Cash Received               35.00       (Cranberry told Greg they don't sell       I wanted to show them the opposite
                                        enough Sam Adams beer to have              end of the beer spectrum. A beer
Cash Disbursed               0.00       qualified to get one of the only 8,000     that is strong, rich and dark. Some
                                        bottles of Utopias distributed             would say, the ultimate beer. A
New Balance          $1,025.53          throughout the United States).             beer without carbonation, one to be
                                                                                   savored slowly. We started by using
                                        Utopias is a beautiful crystal-clear       the world's finest ingredients,
Please contact me if you have any       amber color, and reminiscent of a          including all four types of Noble
questions or concerns about our         nice cognac in both aroma and              hops, which give the beer its
                                        flavor. I couldn’t perceive any            earthy, herbal taste. The hops also
Club’s funds.
                                        distinct hop presence, but I suppose       add a spicy note. Carmel, Vienna,
                                        it’s there somewhere, melded into the      Moravian and Bavarian smoked
                                        overall high-alcohol character of the      malts add a rich amber color. A
                                        “beer.” It is also non-carbonated.         variety of yeast were used during
                                        The only thing that gives Utopias          fermentation, including the same
                                        away as a “beer” is the hint of malt       yeast used in champagne. As a
                                        as it slides down your throat. It is a     result of this unique brewing
                                        delightful and delicious sipping           process, this flavorful, slightly
                                        beverage, intended to be taken at          fruity brew has a sweet, malty
                                        room temperature.                          flavor that resembles the deep, rich
                                                                                   grape taste of a vintage Port, fine
                                        Since tasting Utopias, I called Wells      Cognac or old Sherry. This limited
                                        Liquors on York Road, where I was          edition ale has been aged in
                                        told that their distributor was only       Scotch, Cognac and Port barrels.
                                        able to get 40 bottles of the stuff, and   Your bottle of Sam Adams Utopias
                                        Wells had landed twelve of those 40.       has been packaged in a unique,
                                        They are long $125 a pop!        collectible copper-finished brew
                                        I was advised that the next batch of       kettle decanter reminiscent of the
                                        the brew (or something similar) will       brew kettles used by brewmasters
                                        probably come out in the fall.             for hundreds of years. We have
                                                                                   produced only 8,000 bottles of Sam
                                        Here is the Samuel Adams spin on           Adams Utopias in 2003 to be
                                        Utopias, for those whose palates are       enjoyed by a select audience of
                                        drooling for this year’s batch:            better beer drinkers.

                                                        Page 4
      Maryland Homebrew Club Guild to host                                       Product Review: The
      2005 National Homebrew Conference!                                         Mix-Stir Aerator
Thank you to all who attended the        be done that day. Cash prizes are       By Steve Kranz
Big Brew event at Maryland Home          1st: $50, 2nd: $25, 3rd: $10. See the
Brew on May 1. CRABS and CSI             Guild website for more                  I am easily amused, and this funky-
did a supurb job organizing this day     information, bottle labels and          looking gizmo sure did make me laugh
                                                                                 when I first used it. I laughed because
of activities. 5 homebrew clubs          entry forms.
                                                                                 it worked so well, and because I had
participated and collectively                                                    discovered another good use of electric
brewed 96 gallons of beer. Now           Upcoming Beer Events:                   power to replace human “oomph”.
that's a lot of malt and hops!
                                         May 29th, 3-7pm: Brew at the            The Mix-Stir Aerator consists of a
Although there won't be large scale      Zoo                                     long plastic rod with a steel insert at
press releases until after this year's                                           the top to fit an electric or cordless
conference, I wanted to let              June 17-19: 2004 AHA National           drill, and two hinged paddles on the
everyone know that the Guild has         Homebrew Conference in Las              bottom. You attach it to a drill, stick it
been officially selected to host the     Vegas                                   down into your wort at pitching time,
2005 AHA National Homebrew                                                       pull the trigger, and stand back, as it
                                                                                 instantly creates a vigorous whirlpool
Conference in Baltimore. The              June 19th, Noon - ??: CSI 4th          within your fermenter.
event will be held at the Holiday        Annual Pub Crawl. Begins at
Inn, Inner Harbor from June 16-          Ryleigh's, Cost: $35 includes beer      The design is simple but ingenious.
18. The conference committee is          at every stop. Details on CSI           The two paddles hang loose and swing
still in need of volunteers - even       website:           freely down at the bottom. But when
for key coordinator positions.                                                   it spins, the two paddles rise up
Check the website for details and        June 25-27: Dominion Fest,              horizontally from the centrifugal force.
volunteer forms (         Ashburn, VA                             When this happens inside your
fhg).                                                                            fermenter under the power of a drill,
                                         July 10th, Noon-Dusk: Guild             the two paddles whip the wort into a
The annual Guild picnic is                                                       frenzy, incorporating vital oxygen into
                                         Picnic and wheat beer
                                                                                 the wort for a robust fermentation.
scheduled for Saturday, July 10th at     competition
the same place - Patapsco State                                                  The Mix-Stir Aerator is simple,
Park Hollofield Area, Shelter 300        Information on all these and more       inexpensive ($16 at Four Corners or
from Noon to dusk. The Guild will        events can be found at http://          Annapolis Homebrew), easy to use,
provide charcoal and plenty of ice.                            and makes a dandy back-scratcher
Bring your homebrew, some food                                                   (please sanitize after scratching). And
to share and your lawn chairs.           Thanks,                                 for brewers who brew in carboys, it is
Don't forget the family - there's lots                                           narrow enough to fit inside the neck of
for the kids to do around the park!      Les White                               a carboy to do its work.
Like last year, we'll be having a        Guild President
wheat beer competition. Details are
similar to last year - you must bring
your entry to the picnic, entry fee is
$3 and limited to 1 entry per
brewer. Most wheat styles are
acceptable (except lambics). One
change this year: beer MUST be
bottled because depending on the
number of entries, judging may not

                                                        Page 5
         Beer & brewing news from around the world
                                             "Our people like Taedonggang Beer        50 percent, expressed shock and said
What's “low carb”?                           a lot," Ri Hae Nam, assistant chief      the move would amount to "abusive
Government will say                          engineer at Taedonggang Brewery,         tax avoidance".
                                             told an APTN (Aboriginal Peoples
                                             Television Network) journalist during    Interbrew is among many other
A division of the U.S. Treasury
                                             a recent visit.                          companies that will be considering
Department plans to set advertising
                                                                                      whether to stay in Belgium over the
and labeling standards for low-carb
                                             "All the managers and workers of this    next few months. Tax rates in Belgium
alcoholic beverages. The Alcohol and
                                             brewery are trying to improve quality    are amongst the highest in the EU.
Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau set
                                             to international standards, upholding
interim standards for the use of terms
                                             the instructions of Gen. Kim Jong-il
such as "low carbohydrate." A beer
                                             to achieve the highest quality."
                                                                                      German football fans
must have less than 7 grams of
carbohydrates to be labeled or                                                        choke on beer and food
                                             Watering holes in the capital city now
advertised as such. It said a product
                                             have Taedonggang (not to be              deal
may be labeled as containing
                                             confused with Taepodong, the
"reduced" or "lower" carbohydrates if it
                                             Korean intercontinental ballistic        German politicians, sports fans and
includes more than 7 grams of
                                             missile) on tap, and Kim Jong-il even    beer drinkers are fuming after learning
carbohydrates but less than the
                                             visited the brewery to give it his       that the International Football
regular version of the product.
                                             personal stamp of approval.              Federation has made an exclusive
These rules won't be a problem for
beers such as Michelob Ultra, Aspen                                                   deal with Anheuser-Busch and
Edge from Coors or Miller Lite (which        Belgian Brew-Ha-Ha                       McDonald's for beer and food sales
                                                                                      during the 2006 World Cup (soccer)
has begun to advertise its low-carb
status). Michelob Ultra contains 2.6                                                  tournament. The deals mean that local
                                             Belgium is a small country that is       German breweries and sausage
grams in a 12-ounce bottle, as does          often ignored by its bigger European
Aspen Edge. Miller Lite has 3.2. In                                                   makers would not sell their products in
                                             brothers on economic and business        and around the football stadiums.
fact, Bud Light has 6.5 and Coors            issues — and on just about
Light 5.0.                                   everything else, for that matter. Yet    The Bavarian Culture Ministry says it
                                             this nation is a center of excellence    is hoping to work out a compromise
N. Koreans Starving,                         in certain fields such as technology
                                             and, perhaps more notably, brewing.
                                                                                      with FIFA to allow German products to
                                                                                      be sold at games. Both Munich and
Kim Brewing Beer                                                                      Nuremberg plan to set up special "fan
                                             So it came as a body-blow to the         villages" outside the restricted areas
Although many North Koreans are              national psyche when word came           so fans can enjoy German-made
without basic necessities such as food,      that Interbrew, a beer company with      products while going to the games.
water or even electricity, the citizens of   a more than 600 year history in
the capital at least have their own          Belgium, was considering leaving the     Local leaders are urging Bavarian
beer, thanks to dictator Kim Jong-il.        country for more tax-friendly shores.    governor Edmund Stoiber to take up
                                             One possible new headquarters for        the issue. "When the world comes to
In the year 2000, the communist              the company is neighboring               Bavaria in 2006, our guests should be
leader bought an entire brewery from         Luxembourg. First, the company           able to rely on learning about our
the British Ushers company and               would pay significantly less corporate   unique cultural goods," local Greens
brought it, vat by vat, back to North        tax in Luxembourg. And second,           Party leader Sepp Duerr said. "We are
Korea to be reassembled. It was              Luxembourg has more flexible             asking the state government to explain
outfitted with the latest German-made        takeover laws. (Interbrew recently       how they intend to safeguard that,"
computer-controlled brewing                  announced a merger with AmBev, a         Duerr said.
technology and started production in         Brazilian brewing conglomerate.)
                                             The proposed move by Interbrew,
Now North Koreans can somewhat               which traces it Belgian roots back to
afford the new Taedonggang Beer,             1386, immediately caused an uproar
named after the Taedong river flowing        on the national political scene. Prime
through capital. Its taste rivals popular    Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who once
lagers from Japan and Europe, which          allowed that it would be nice if
are too costly for most consumers.           Belgium could get its tax rates below

                                                             Page 6
(Continued from page 3)                           often vintage-dated. Normally aged           hops for 2 minutes. Chill to 80° or
                                                  significantly prior to release. Often        below, strain into fermenter and add
Ayinger Oktober Fest (All-Grain)                  associated with the winter or holiday        cool/cold sanitized water to make 5
                                                  season. The American version of the          gallons. Pitch ale yeast and aerate
                                                  Barleywine tends to have a greater
Ingredients:                                                                                   wort vigorously. Ferment one week,
                                                  emphasis on hop bitterness, flavor and
• 8.5 lbs Pilsner 2-row (MASH)                    aroma than the English Barleywine,           rack and ferment one more week.
• .5 lbs Cara-Munich Malt (MASH)                  featuring American hop varieties.            Rack again, and pitch champagne
• 1.5 lbs Munich Light Malt                                                                    yeast. Prime and bottle in 2-3 weeks.
   (MASH)                                         Ingredients: Well-modified pale malt
• .25 lbs Crystal 40L (MASH)                      should form the backbone of the grist,       Big Brew '98 Barleywine (All-grain)
• .25 lbs Cara-Vienne Malt (MASH)                 with judicious amounts of caramel
• 9 oz Cara-Pils Dextrine (MASH)                  malts. Dark malts should be used with        Ingredients:
• 1.5 oz Tettnanger 4.9% 90 min                   great restraint, if at all, as most of the   • 17 lbs Pale Malt (Amer. 2-row)
                                                  color arises from a lengthy boil.
• .25 oz Hallertauer 5% 15 min                                                                 • 3 lbs Crystal 40L
                                                  American hops such as Cascades and
• 1 tsp Irish Moss                                Centennial.                                  • 1.5 oz Galena 11.2% 60 min.
• 1 pkg Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager                                                               • 2 oz Cascade (Pellet) 5.5% 60
                                                  OG: 1.080-1.120+                                min.
Boil Time: 90 minutes                             FG: 1.020-1.030+                             • 2 oz Willamette 4.7% FINISHING
                                                  IBUs: 50-100                                    2 minutes
Mashing Procedure:                                SRM: 10-22                                   • 2 tsp Irish Moss
Add 2.89 gallons of water at 172 F to             ABV: 8-12+%                                  • 1 pkg Champagne Yeast
heat mash to 150 F. Sparge with 5.17                                                           • Wyeast 1056 or your favorite dry
gallons of water to yield 5.00 gallons            Commercial Examples: Sierra Nevada              ale yeast
                                                  Bigfoot, Rogue Old Crustacean,
to primary.                                                                                    •
                                                  Victory Old Horizontal.
                                                                                               Boil Time: 60 minutes
               Barleywine                                        Recipes
                                                                                               Add 3.75 gallons of water at 183 F
  Aroma: Moderate to intense fruitiness;      Big Brew ‘98 Barleywine (Extract)                to heat mash to 155 F. Sparge with
  presence of hops (typical American          (I know I have published these                   4.85 gallons of water to yield 5.00
  varieties) may range from moderate to       recipes before, but I must say that of           gallons to primary. Pitch ale yeast and
  dominant. A caramel-like aroma is often                                                      aerate wort vigorously. Ferment one
                                              all the barleywines I have brewed,
                                              this one came out the best of all. So,           week, rack and ferment one more
                                              here they are again.)                            week. Rack again, and pitch
  Appearance: Color may range from rich                                                        champagne yeast. Prime and bottle in
  gold to very dark amber or even brown.
                                              Ingredients:                                     2-3 weeks.
  Often has ruby highlights. May have low
  head retention.                             •  10 lbs Light Malt Extract Syrup
                                              •  4 lbs Amber Malt Extract Syrup                Notes:
  Flavor: Fruity, with a great intensity of   •  2 lbs Crystal 40L (STEEP)
  malt. Hop bitterness may range from just    •  2 oz Galena 11.7% 60 minutes                  Original gravity came up short, don't
  enough for balance to a firm, resiny
                                              •  2 oz Cascade (Pellet) 5% 60 min.              know why. Racked after one week
  dominance; balance therefore ranges                                                          and added champagne yeast. Gravity
  from slightly malty to intensely bitter.    •  2 oz Willamette 4.5% Steep 2
                                                 min.                                          came down nicely, tasted very clean at
  Some oxidative flavors maybe present,                                                        second racking, also maybe a bit thin.
  and alcohol should be evident.              • 2 tsp Irish Moss
                                              • Wyeast 1056 or your favorite dry
  Mouthfeel: Full-bodied, with a slick,          ale yeast                                     Delicious, malty and no off-flavors. It
  viscous texture. Gentle smooth warmth       • 1 pkg Champagne Yeast
                                                                                               was improved after six months in
  from alcohol should be present.                                                              bottles.
                                              Steep crushed grains in 1 gallon of
  Overall Impression: A well-hopped
                                              150° water for 30 minutes, rinse
  American interpretation of the richest
  and strongest of the English ales.
                                              grains with additional hot water.
                                              Bring to boil, remove from heat and
  History/Comments: Usually the               dissolve extracts. Return to boil, add
  strongest ale offered by a brewery, and     boiling hops, boil for 60 minutes.
                                              Remove from heat, steep finishing
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                             Events Calendar                                                                  June 2004
For all tastings, $5 per member ($7 for guests) covers the host’s costs. RSVP directly
to the host, or as indicated. If you wish to schedule an event, contact any club officer.       SUN           MON           TUE           WED        THU           FRI            SAT

                                                                                                                        1             2          3             4              5

June                                          TBA Tasting hosted by Gary &
19 Summer Solstice tasting hosted                  Lydia Cress. RSVP 410-876-               6             7             8             9          10            11             12
     by Larry & Lin Hitchcock.                     6605
     RSVP 410-833-4409 or                     October             TBA (Second or third weekend in               13            14            15            16         17            18             19

July                                               October) BrewCamp ‘04.
10 BrewHaHa hosted by Neil                         Tentative plans are to return to         20            21            22            23         24            25             26
     Mezebish. RSVP 410-875-                       Cunningham Falls State Park
     2325                                          this year.
10 Guild summer picnic @                      TBA Tasting/party hosted by Greg &            27            28            29            30

     Patapsco State Park                           Karen Lambrecht

(Continued from page 1)
serving, most "light" beers are low-
                                               diet, whose fans include former
                                               President Bill Clinton (“gag!...                                    July 2004
carb. Bud Light, for example, has 6.6          ptooey!...spit! — Ed.), does allow for
grams per serving, compared with               an occasional light or low-carb beer.                SUN           MON           TUE       WED            THU           FRI            SAT

regular Bud's 10.6 grams. Michelob             Agatston is researching the maltose                                                               1                 2              3

Ultra has 2.6 grams.                           issue and said if he's wrong, he'll
                                               make a change in the book's next                 4             5             6         7          8                 9              10
When questioned about low-carb                 edition. “I'm anxious to correct
beers, Agatston replied: "Alcoholic            anything we said that is wrong. But I
beverages, in moderation, appear to            don't want to give the wrong                     11            12            13        14         15                16             17

have favorable effects on heart disease        impression and tell people to go
and diabetes prevention. Consuming             ahead and drink a lot of beer.”                  18            19            20        21         22                23             24
alcohol with a meal is preferable to
consuming alcohol on an empty                  That’s all the opening I need...some
stomach. We also prefer low-carb               beer, some of the time.                          25            26            27        28         29                30             31

beers, such as Michelob Ultra, to high-
carb beers." Agatston said that his            Whew...saved from myself again!

                                                                                                      August 2004
                                                                                                SUN           MON               TUE        WED           THU            FRI            SAT

                                                                                            1             2             3             4              5             6               7

                                                                                            8             9             10            11             12            13              14

                                                                                            15            16            17            18             19            20              21

                                                                                            22            23            24            25             26            27              28

Scenes from Big Brew 2004. Gary’s portable folding “bakers scaffold” is just
the thing for mashing. Lightweight and easy to set up, it folds flat for storage            29            30            31

and is ideal for transporting to any remote brewing location. It is wide enough
to accommodate at least two, and probably three, all-grain setups.
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