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And the Winners Are …


									And the Winners Are …
    The winners of the sixth annual CSP Retailer Choice
    Best New Products contest prove that economic duress
    doesn’t mean a halt in innovation. Featuring new flavors
    and advanced technology, the winners represent what’s
    new and unique in 35 different categories.
       The contest included products released between July
    1, 2009, and June 30, 2010, with the candidates narrowed
    to a list of three in each category and chosen over the
    course of two weeks in online voting. Thanks to all the
    retailers who voted for their favorites; the contest would
    not have been possible without your participation.
    Congratulations to all the winners!

                                                     October 2010   CSP   47
» Tobacco


“Rich Flavor. Blended Mellow.” That’s how Philip Morris USA
describes Marlboro Special Blend, launched for adult smokers seeking a
new take on traditional Marlboro Flavor. The premium nonmenthol
cigarettes from Marlboro are made with a new special blend of fine
tobaccos. They are available in Marlboro red or gold, 20 class A cigarettes
to a box, and are now offered in kings and 100’s sizes.
                                                                                 Marlboro Special Blend
                                                                                 Altria Sales & Distribution/Philip Morris USA


National Tobacco describes its ZIG-ZAG Cigarillos as having
“Explosive Flavor-Smooth Smoke.” They are available in four “explosive”
styles: grape, peach, mango and straight up (natural tobacco flavor). They
are sold two cigars per resealable foil pouch, which guarantees freshness
at retail. These cigars are produced by combining select Honduran,
Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos with a unique flavoring system
that produces a smooth, aromatic experience.
                                                                                 ZIG-ZAG Cigarillos
                                                                                 National Tobacco Co. L.P.


Consumers have made it clear, according to the American Snuff
Co.: They want tradition. And Grizzly 1900 Long Cut reportedly delivers
it. Grizzly 1900 offers classic snuff taste that is more than a century in the
making in an easy-handling long-cut form. Blended with dark fire-cured
tobacco in a time-honored tradition, Grizzly 1900 Long Cut’s premium
tobacco is sure to satisfy, according to the company.
                                                                                 Grizzly 1900 Long Cut
                                                                                 American Snuff Co. LLC

                                                                                            October 2010            CSP          49
» Packaged Beverages


 The Classic Margarita by mike’s Raspberry combines real
 lime juice and agave nectar with the distinctively refreshing taste of
 fresh-picked raspberry. The new flavor joins mike’s traditional lime
 and peach margarita flavors, all developed using mike’s patented malt
 base. It is sold in six-packs of 11.2-ounce ready-to-pour bottles, and is
 5.5% alcohol by volume.                                                        The Classic Margarita
                                                                                by mike’s Raspberry
                                                                                Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.


 As the wheat-beer category continues to grow and beer drinkers
 search for more flavorful light beer options, Bud Light Golden Wheat
 delivers both, according to Anheuser-Busch. It is an unfiltered wheat beer
 brewed with citrus and a hint of coriander to create a more flavorful light
 beer. Bud Light Golden Wheat has 118 calories and 8.3 grams of carbs
 per 12-ounce serving and is 4.7% alcohol by volume.
                                                                                Bud Light Golden Wheat


 Crush Cherry is the first pure cherry-flavored soda that has entered
 the market in the past four years, according to Dr Pepper Snapple Group.
 It joins Crush’s lineup of orange, diet orange, strawberry, grape, pineapple
 and peach flavors, to ensure that Crush has a flavor for everyone in the
 family. Crush Cherry is caffeine-free, and the company describes it as a
 “blast of intense fruit flavor.”
                                                                                Crush Cherry
                                                                                Dr Pepper Snapple Group

                                                                                         October 2010      CSP   51
» Packaged Beverages

                                                 ENERGY DRINKS

                                                 Minute Maid Enhanced—Natural Energy is ideal for on-
                                                 the-go young adults seeking an energy boost. The drink combines an
                                                 extract from yerba mate—a plant native to South America that contains
                                                 natural caffeine—with real fruit juice to provide a delicious and natural
                                                 energy boost. The drinks are packaged in eye-catching 12-ounce PET
     Minute Maid Enhanced—                       bottles and have a six-month shelf life. Available flavors include strawberry
     Natural Energy
                                                 kiwi, pomegranate berry and mango tropical.
     The Coca-Cola Co./Coca-Cola North America

                                                 FUNCTIONAL/NUTRITIONAL BEVERAGES

                                                 Celsius introduced 10.5-ounce cans specifically for the convenience
                                                 consumer, including the company’s Peach Mango Green Tea flavor.
                                                 Multiple studies show Celsius burns up to 100 calories and more per can,
                                                 according to the company. It reportedly provides lasting energy and,
                                                 when enjoyed prior to moderate exercise, reduces fat and builds lean
                                                 muscle. The noncarbonated green tea has no sugar, artificial preservatives,
     Peach Mango Green Tea                       high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors.
     Celsius Holdings Inc.

                                                 JUICE DRINKS

                                                 Simply Lemonade with Raspberry is made with only natural
                                                 ingredients, combining the taste of Simply Lemonade with raspberries,
                                                 pure filtered water and natural sugar. It is available in a multiserve
                                                 59-ounce clear carafe and a single-serve 13.5-ounce carafe, to be enjoyed
                                                 both at home and on the go. The new flavor joins the fresh-squeezed
                                                 taste experience of Simply Lemonade and Simply Limeade, which were
     Simply Lemonade with Raspberry              introduced in 2006.
     The Coca-Cola Co./Coca-Cola North America

52        CSP         October 2010
» Packaged Beverages

                                                 RTD TEAS

                                                 This “Celebrity Apprentice”–inspired Snapple tea was
                                                 handcrafted by finalist Holly Robinson Peete. Inspired by the mission of
                                                 the HollyRod Foundation, Peete combined the flavors of passion fruit
                                                 and strawberry with healthy green teas and tasty black teas.
                                                 Compassionberry Tea comes in a 16-ounce bottle and is available for a
                                                 limited time. It is fat-free and has 90 calories per 8-ounce serving.
     Snapple Compassionberry Tea
     Dr Pepper Snapple Group

                                                 SPORTS DRINKS

                                                 Powerade Zero, a zero-calorie sports drink, now features the ION4
                                                 advanced electrolyte system to replenish four electrolytes lost through
                                                 sweat. The unique formulation contains sodium, potassium, calcium
                                                 and magnesium. It’s formulated with a 6% carbohydrate solution to help
                                                 provide energy to working muscles, and vitamins B3, B6 and B12 to help
                                                 support energy metabolism. Powerade Zero is available in five flavors:
     Powerade Zero with ION4                     lemon-lime, orange, mixed berry, strawberry and grape.
     The Coca-Cola Co./Coca-Cola North America


                                                 AriZona Rescue Water is a line of enhanced waters filled
                                                 with a proprietary blend of TwinLab vitamins and antioxidants. There
                                                 are four different flavors, each of which corresponds to a different function:
                                                 Berry Blend helps the body to relax, Lemon-Lime assists in supplying
                                                 energy, Orange Citrus helps to support liver function so the body can
                                                 detox, and Pomegranate Punch aids the body in building immunity. The
     AriZona Rescue Water                        entire line contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors.
     AriZona Beverage Co.

54        CSP        October 2010
» Foodservice


                                       The newest concept in coffee creaming from WhiteWave
                                       Foods gives the convenience-store coffee consumer an authentic
                                       coffeehouse experience, according to the company. The new line comes
                                       in three flavors: Caramel Macchiato features bold caramel flavor with
                                       notes of sweet cream; White Chocolate Mocha contains rich white
     Coffee House                      chocolate in a creamy blend; and Vanilla Latte has an infusion of sweet
     Inspirations Coffee Creamer
                                       vanilla flavor. The creamers are packaged in convenient, consumer-
     WhiteWave Foods Inc.              preferred portions.

                                       DISPENSED BEVERAGES

                                       Sebastiano’s 5+1 Iced Coffee are shelf-stable at ambient
                                       temperatures for nine months. The aseptic packaging allows the iced
                                       coffees to ship on nonrefrigerated trucks, providing freight and fuel
                                       savings, longer shelf life, less product waste and convenience in use and
                                       nonrefrigerated storage. They are packaged in convenient one-gallon
     Sebastiano’s French               bag-in-box two-pack master cases and are available in French Vanilla and
     Vanilla & Mocha 5+1 Iced Coffee   Mocha Latte. Each one-gallon bag in box provides 768 finished ounces.
     FSI Beverage Systems LLC


                                       The fully cooked Boneless Buffalo Wings from Tyson are
                                       marinated in the company’s own special Buffalo wing sauce, and then
                                       coated with flour breading. They can be added to the menu as an appetizer
                                       or used for cost-effective entrée applications. They have a guaranteed
                                       price count range and consistent sizing, allowing for a more accurate
                                       calculation of food costs. They are individually frozen and marinated for
     Boneless Buffalo Wings            enhanced flavor and longer holding.
     Tyson Foods

56        CSP        October 2010
» Foodservice


                                      Quiznos has introduced a morning twist on its signature
                                      flatbread sandwiches. The breakfast “Sammie” option is now available
                                      in select convenience stores around the country. Quiznos Sausage, Egg
                                      and Cheddar Breakfast Sammie is made on the company’s soft, toasty
                                      flatbread with eggs, fresh-sliced cheddar cheese and mild, savory sausage,
     Quiznos Sausage, Egg             toasted together the Quiznos way.
     and Cheddar Breakfast Sammie

                                      ROLLER GRILL

                                      Cooking bratwurst in beer has become a popular consumer
                                      behavior. And the Hillshire Farm Miller High Life Beer Brats have brought
                                      together the popular Hillshire Farm-cooked bratwurst links and Miller
                                      High Life beer for a co-branded sausage product designed for c-store
                                      roller-grill applications. Both brands have similar consumer demographics
     Hillshire Farm                   and strong brand interaction. Each 16-ounce package contains six brats,
     Miller High Life Beer Brat       and they are packaged 12 to a case.
     Sara Lee Foodservice


                                      Rollerbites are made with 100% USDA-inspected meat and
                                      blended with special spices and real cheeses. The breakfast sausage,
                                      scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese link is battered in a maple-flavored
                                      pancake batter that’s fried to a golden brown. The new breakfast
                                      scrambler joins the rest of the Rollerbites line, which the company says
                                      can help c-store operators drive growth in the handheld-snack and
     Breakfast Scrambler Rollerbite   meal-solutions categories.
     Home Market Foods

58        CSP        October 2010
» Foodservice

                                     FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT (COLD)

                                     The Smooth Operator combines ice-shaving technology,
                                     automation and high-speed blending to produce frozen novelties, one
                                     cup at a time, in less than a minute. It is a plug-and-play system that
                                     requires only a filtered water line hook-up and a drain line. Installation
                                     hassles, product brixing and defrost cycles are eliminated because
     The Smooth Operator Smoothie,   Smooth Operator is a self-contained unit and is available with a manual
     Shake and Slushie Dispenser
                                     or automatic ice-bin fill. The machine cleans and sanitizes itself after
     DSI                             every drink.

                                     FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT (HOT)

                                     The Sota rapid-cook oven’s styling allows it to meet the
                                     requirements of being highly visible to customers, and its compact design
                                     fits easily on countertops with limited space. According to the company,
                                     the technology allows it to cook up to 12 times faster than conventional
                                     cooking equipment without compromising food quality. The Sota can
                                     also be installed and operated without costly Type I or Type 2 ventilation.
     Sota Rapid-cook Oven
     TurboChef Technologies

60         CSP       October 2010
» Candy


                                        M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candies are a fun new way to
                                        combine sweet and salty in every bite-size piece. Each piece features a
                                        crunchy, salted pretzel center covered in M&M’s brand milk chocolate
                                        and coated in a colorful candy shell. The candy also addresses a growing
                                        trend. According to the National Confectioners Association’s 2009 candy
                                        trend forecast, consumers are seeking sweet and savory combinations.
     M&M’s Pretzel Chocolate Candies
     Mars Chocolate North America


                                        New 5 React gum is available in two flavors, React Mint and
                                        React Fruit, which are designed to “stimulate your senses” because each
                                        chewer experiences the gum differently. Each stick of React is black and
                                        wrapped in premium black foil to complement the brand’s signature
                                        envelope. The gum is available nationwide for a suggested retail price of
                                        $1.49 and in multipacks with three 15-stick packs for the suggested retail
     5 React Gum                        price of $3.49.
     Wrigley Sales Co.


                                        RedRageous! is a new collection of Mike and Ike reds exploding
                                        with chewy fruit flavors, including cherry, watermelon, raspberry,
                                        strawberry and fruit punch. It is packaged in a 6-ounce theater box, and
                                        it draws on flavors from longtime popular varieties such as Original Fruits
                                        and Berry Blast and newcomers such as the Italian Ice variety. Mike and
                                        Ike candies are kosher and gluten-free, and each chewy candy has only
     Mike and Ike RedRageous!           6 calories and zero grams of fat.
     Just Born Inc.

62        CSP            October 2010
» Snacks

                                          MEAT SNACKS

                                          Attention all steak lovers: Jack Link’s new Steakhouse Recipe
                                          Beef Jerky blends grilled steak and seasonings in a convenient, grab-
                                          and-go package. This popular flavor profile combines the savory taste
                                          of grilled steak and a special blend of seasonings, sautéed mushrooms
                                          and caramelized onions, with slow-cooked, tender slices of 100% beef.
                                          Conveniently packaged in 3.25-ounce resealable pouches, it is available
     Jack Link’s Steakhouse               in a variety of display options including open stock cases, clip strips
     Recipe Beef Jerky                    and floor shippers.
     Jack Link’s Beef Jerky


                                          Cheez-It Duoz Smoked Cheddar/Monterey Jack Baked Snack
                                          Crackers are two flavors of real-cheese Cheez-It Snack Crackers in the
                                          same pouch. They are packed as six 4.75-ounce pouches per case, and
                                          provide dual merchandising opportunities with peg-holed pouches
                                          and two-color, perforated cases for easy on-shelf merchandising. The
                                          baked snack crackers offer consumers the “tasty crunch and bold flavor
     Cheez-It Duoz Smoked Cheddar/        combinations they want, and the convenient portability they need,”
     Monterey Jack Baked Snack Crackers   according to the company.
     Kellogg’s Food Away From Home

                                          NUTRITION BARS

                                          General Mills brings the iconic Wheaties cereal brand to the
                                          bar category with the introduction of Wheaties Fuel energy bars, available
                                          in double chocolate and also chocolate peanut butter varieties. The new
                                          2.26-ounce bars were co-created with five champion athletes and a leading
                                          sports nutritionist to deliver 15 grams of protein and 100% of the daily
                                          value of five B vitamins per bar. Wheaties Fuel expands General Mills’
     Wheaties Fuel Energy                 portfolio of bars brands, which includes Nature Valley and Fiber One.
     Double Chocolate Bar
     General Mills

64        CSP          October 2010
» Snacks

                                      BREAKFAST BARS

                                      General Mills has introduced Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut
                                      Big Bar so convenience-store retailers can offer customers a snack
                                      combining a top-selling brand of bars with 50% more of its Sweet &
                                      Salty Peanut bar. Each bar contains all-natural ingredients, is bursting
                                      with nuts and is dipped in a creamy peanut-butter coating. The bars
     Nature Valley                    also are high in protein and free of trans fat and cholesterol, according
     Sweet & Salty Nut Big Bar
                                      to the company.
     General Mills


                                      The popular Oreo cookie now can be enjoyed as a 3-ounce
                                      brownie. The Oreo Brownie features a rich chocolate base with real Oreo
                                      cookie pieces baked in. Each brownie is wrapped in a single-serve package,
                                      making it convenient for an afternoon pick-up, a dessert to go with a
                                      meal or on-the-go snacking. Oreo Brownies are packaged six to a case.

     Oreo Brownie
     Kraft Foods

     » HBC

                                      MISC. FUNCTIONAL SHOTS

                                      The Blissful Berry Relaxation Shot from iChill helps you
                                      relax, reduce your stress and sleep better, according to the company. It
                                      can help you unwind without any sugar, carbs or calories. iChill’s Blissful
                                      Berry flavor is a mixture of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
                                      in a 2-ounce shot. It is a proprietary blend of melatonin, valerian root,
                                      rose hips and B vitamins to help customers relax.
     Blissful Berry Relaxation Shot
     iChill Beverages LLC

66        CSP         October 2010

                                        ENERGY SHOTS

                                        New 5-hour Energy Pomegranate is widely considered the
                                        tastiest of all 5-Hour Energy flavors, according to the company. It is
                                        available in the popular 5-Hour Energy 9-box rack and in several other
                                        configurations, including singles and four-packs. Each 2-ounce shot
                                        contains only 4 calories. And because they are sugar-free, they reportedly
                                        can mean “hours of energy now—no crash later.”
     5-hour Energy Pomegranate
     Living Essentials

                                        PERSONAL CARE

                                        New Scope Breath Mist can help instantly freshen breath
                                        when on the go, providing the confidence to get closer. Consumers
                                        simply turn the cap to the on position and prime the pump by pressing
                                        down on the trigger. Pump multiple mists directly into the mouth for
                                        instant fresh breath. At 0.24 fluid ounces, it is an approved size for airline
                                        travel. In addition to Original Mint, the Scope Breath Mist is available
     Scope Original Mint Breath Mist    in Cool Peppermint.
     Health-Tech Inc.

 » General Merchandise

                                        Fans of rock bands Aerosmith, KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue
                                        and Ozzy Osbourne will enjoy the BIC Special Edition Rock Bands Series,
                                        which features 12 designs from the legendary artists. This series is popular
                                        with consumers who experienced these bands in the 1970s, 1980s and
                                        1990s, as well as young adults who enjoy listening to classic and hard
     BIC Special Edition                rock. The Special Edition Rock Bands Series has a suggested retail price
     Rock Bands Series
                                        of $1.69 per lighter.
     BIC USA Inc.

68        CSP            October 2010
» Technology


                                       Optimizing the “convenience” factor while also improving
                                       efficiencies for business are the primary drivers for self-service in c-stores.
                                       NCR SelfServ Checkout allows customers to scan and pay for items on
                                       their own, while an associate monitors the transactions to help ensure a
                                       positive experience. It can provide the ability to handle more customers
                                       during peak periods and increase shopper satisfaction by reducing wait
     NCR SelfServ Checkout
                                       times, according to the company.
     NCR Corp.


                                       Reach your customers anytime, wherever they may be.
                                       OpenStore is a new media marketing solution and reporting system that
                                       uses social media and mobile devices to bring more customers to your
                                       store. OpenStore delivers a turnkey solution that provides easily
                                       manageable individual store websites, dedicated mobile applications,
                                       single-use coupons and a customer feedback management system, as
     OpenStore by GasBuddy             well as powerful e-mail and text messaging systems.

 » General Equipment

                                       The XLERATOR XL-SI high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer
                                       dries hands three times faster (in 10 to 15 seconds) than traditional hand
                                       dryers, and reduces hand drying’s carbon footprint by up to 70%
                                       compared to paper towels or traditional hand dryers. It also reduces cost,
                                       maintenance and waste, according to the company. The dryer offers
     XLERATOR XL-SI Custom Digital     exclusive digital imaging technology that incorporates company logos,
     Image Cover Hand Dryers           mascots or a green message that communicates an organization’s
     Excel Dryer Inc.                  commitment to environmental sustainability.

70        CSP           October 2010

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