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									                                           CLIPS / FASTENERS

                     Windscreen Clips
Below is a selection of BTB's most popular clips by demand from our customers. If the clip you are after is not listed
please let us know and we can source it. All Windscreen Clips are in packets of 50 unless marked otherwise.

CW4 HOLDEN                    CW13 WINDSCREEN                  CW19 VOLVO                     Windscreen Moulding Tools
HQ to WB                      CLIP MOULDING RIVET              240/260 78-90
                                                                                              AP6150 MOULDING
                                                                                              RELEASE TOOL

CW9 FORD                      CW14 MAZDA 929                   CW31 TOYOTA                    MCR633 HONDA
FALCON XD to XF               88-91 / LASER                    CAMRY 87-88                    CLIPFORK™ CLIP


CW10 FORD                     CW15 LATE LASER                  CW32 BMW                       Windscreen Stops
FALCON XA to XC               / COURIER & 323                  7 SERIES 88-93
                                                                                              LK1261 UNIVERSAL
                                                                                              WINDSCREEN STOP – Pkt 10
                                                                                              This plastic locator glass-stop is long
                                                                                              enough to work when the mounting
                                                                                              area is below the windscreen.
                                                                                              Recommended for use
                                                                                              only where original
                                                                                              stops have been
                                                                                              used during
CW11 MAZDA 626/               CW17 MITSUBISHI                    CW35 BMW                     factory
TELSTAR 79-82                 MAGNA TM to TP                     5 SERIES 89-93               fitting.

CW12 MAZDA                    CW17A MITSUBISHI                   CW128 JACKAROO /            TJ1432 SPEED STOPS – Pkt 10
626/TELSTAR 83-87             MAGNA TR/TS                        RODEO                        Speed stops are a self-tapping
/ LASER                                                                                       19mm long screw with a
                                                                                              Nylon spacer and can be
                                                                                              use as a temporary or
                                                                                              permanent mount.
                                                                                              Check inside vehicle
                                                                                              before fitting screws.

                                     EXTENSIVE RANGE OF CLIPS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

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