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									THE FILLER SHOW                                                        4/16/09
 -Intro Clips/Music
 I stopped buying gifts for people on small holidays
      -Where has RJ been?
       -AFA lauds Hudson River hero pilot Sullenberger
 Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, lauded for landing a commercial airliner in
 the Hudson River in January, got a hero's welcome Wednesday at the Air
 Force Academy, where he learned to fly gliders more than 30 years ago.
 His training at the academy — he graduated in 1973 — helped him to
 remain cool after a flock of geese flew into his plane's engines on US
 Airways Flight 1549, academy. "He had a massive Airbus 320 that
 became a glider," Van Winkle said. Sullenberger, 58, received the 2009
 Col. James Jabara Award for Airmanship and reviewed a parade of 4,000
 cadets on Wednesday. First came a two-book deal, now TLC has bought
 biographic documentary on Sullenberger. "Brace for Impact" will air late
 this year and delve into what Sullenberger was thinking and doing when
 the plane hit a flock of birds, rendering its engines useless, and how he
 glided the aircraft to safety.
 -Image in some freak chance he is on a plane as a passenger that has the
 exact problem he had, with geese in the engine and must land in water,
 they have little time, he rushes the cockpit “IM SULLY IM SULLY” they let
 him in and he fails, fails miserably.
 -Who the hell will watch a two part documentary about someone landing
 a plane in a body of water? WHY TWO books? What is so important that
 you will leave out of the first? The first one ends “We are about to hit the
 wa… Continue to Book 2.”
     -Kid Jumps From Roof of 13th Floor
 (Audio/Kid jumps from building – 1 min 25 secs)
 -Why is it necessary to bring a wrestling game into the factor? Did he Yell
 “SWAN TON BOMB” as he dove off the roof? If so I wanna hear that audio
 must be hilarious.
      -Man pees on casino worker (Bit/ Casino Peeing - 32 secs)
Police said a New Hampshire man was arrested early Monday after
allegedly urinating on an employee at the MGM Grand Casino at
Foxwoods. Police said the man, 39, began urinating inside a concourse
trash can and then on a casino employee. Police charged the man with
breach of peace. They said he was intoxicated and was arrested without
-Whats funnier urinating on the leg of a casino worker or shaking dice off
on his leg?
     -Cross Bow Shot at Neighbor (Arrow Sound Effect)
LINCOLN, Neb. -- A 49-year-old man was sentenced to two -to four years
in prison for firing a crossbow after a dispute about the breed of a
neighbor's dog last June. The neighbor said it was a pit bull; Carlos
Lupercio said a labrador. Lupercio went home, returned with a crossbow
pistol and fired at his neighbor, just missing. Police said alcohol fueled
the incident. Lupercio had pleaded no contest to terroristic threats and
animal neglect. The judge credited him for 282 days of jail time.
-2 to 4 years really necessary for hicks? There life already sucks.
-How do you confuse a pitbull and a Labrador?
-Who the hell owns a crossbow?
-Would you have guess alcohol was involved when you have two hicks
arguing about a pitbull or lab and one had a cross bow?
-Where did the animal neglect come from? If it happened shouldn’t that
be somewhat important in the article?
      - Kid finds 18 Grand, gives it away (Bit/ Dad beats Son – 37
A generous 16-year-old stumbled upon abandoned drug money along a
bike trail and was giving away hundred-dollar bills when a sheriff's deputy
caught up with him. It's believed to have been $18,000 in drug loot that
a 16-year-old found along a bicycle trail in Farmington this week, and
then took home for the night, at least. The teen gave away fistfuls of
hundred-dollar bills, which soon showed up in four south metro schools
Tuesday. By day's end, Witt and three fellow school resource officers had
snapped up about $11,000 the boy gave away. Investigators ended up
recovering $18,000, nearly all the cash the boy found and either kept or
gave away, Witt said. "By morning, he shared his fortune with
everybody," or so it seemed, said County sheriff's deputy. It's
understandable why the boy missed the pot, he said. "It's a weedy area.
This kid goes down, opens up the bag and sees a large quantity of cash,"
Bellows said. "I don't think he's looking for anything else." A bus aide
reported that the teen had asked her early Tuesday whether she could
accept gifts. She told him no, but after he exited the bus, she found
$1,200 in her bag, Witt said. The aide told Witt that the teen apparently
also gave cash to a classmate on the bus.
-If he is your kid do you get angry at him for giving the money away or
let him know it was a kind hearted thing to do. Then point out it was
dumb because no one gets any money now and his family hates him.
-Do you tell them or bug someone to tell you one if they hint at
something by mistake?
-Are they childish? or are some legit things that shouldn't be told?
-Do you get annoyed when someone has a secret, but wont spill the
-Do you have any big secrets that you trusted someone with?
     -My Laziness
Just doing things like walking or lifting a spoon gets me tired. If I step up
on a curb and its higher than normal, I’m winded.
      -Visiting XM
-Travel Scares
-Studio Experience
-Talent treats audience
-HOT TOPIC (find the most hot debate that is going on in current
events.[1 semi serious news issue])
       -Weeping suspect accused of girl's rape, murder
Softly crying, with her hands and feet shackled, Melissa Huckaby shuffled
into a courtroom to be arraigned on charges that she kidnapped, raped
and murdered 8-year-old Sandra Cantu of Tracy - charges that could send
her to the death chamber. She began to cry softly, lower lip quivering
when she stopped and stood to await the reading of charges against her
by Superior Court Judge Richard Vlavianos. Huckaby quickly regained
composure - but then, as Vlavianos reached the key charge, she broke
down again. The judge read that Huckaby "did willfully and unlawfully
and intentionally and with malice aforethought murder Sandra Cantu, a
human being" - and as the words left his lips, Huckaby wept and closed
her eyes. She cried again as the judge read off the charge of "rape by
instrument." The formal charges facing Huckaby are kidnapping and
murder, with three special circumstances added to the murder charge
that make her eligible for execution. Those allege that the killing was
committed during a kidnapping, involved a lewd or lascivious act on a
child, and involved rape with a foreign object. Huckaby is accused of
killing Sandra after the girl came over to her house to play with Huckaby's
5-year-old daughter March 27. Sandra was dead before her parents knew
she was missing, investigators say. The little girl's disappearance
triggered a huge search throughout Northern California. Her body was
found in the suitcase 2 miles away on April 6 by farmworkers draining an
irrigation pond.
-Is there anyway to prove that this was the killer?
-How could someone be so sick and twisted to do something like this to
an innocent child?
-Would execution be enough of a punishment for someone who commits a
crime of this sort? Is there something worse we can do to them?
      -Blagojevich Pleads Not Guilty
Former Governor Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois arrived at the U.S. District
Courthouse for his arraignment on corruption charges. Blagojevich, the
ousted governor who had for months told anyone who would listen that
he has done nothing corrupt, finally got to say as much to a judge. Mr.
Blagojevich pleaded not guilty to 16 federal criminal counts, including
racketeering conspiracy, a broad scheme that prosecutors say included
efforts by Mr. Blagojevich to receive money in exchange for an
appointment to President Obama’s former Senate seat. Mr. Blagojevich,
who was in his second term as governor when federal agents arrested
him at his home last December, is accused of transforming nearly every
element of his official work into a way to make money for himself, his
family and his friends. Federal prosecutors say Mr. Blagojevich, who
came to power portraying himself as a reformer, agreed with his allies to
use his office for financial gain even before he became governor in 2003,
and had an understanding that the money would be divided among them
once he left office.
Who Does he think he is fooling with that hair piece?
Why do a lot of government officials feel they can get away with
Is there another way to punish people who scam for money, other than
      - Shawn Johnson gets Poked
Mark Ballas inappropriately excited after dancing with his 17 YEAR-OLD
partner, Shawn Johnson, on Dancing With the Stars.
 She an good looking girl, she is 9 months from being a legal 18 year old,
she looks like she will then in 9 months. Why is it ok to get the (Boing
SFX) for her then but not now, it doesn’t mean he would violate her…now.
     - Mel Gibson's wife files for divorce
Citing the dreaded ''irreconcilable differences,'' Mel Gibson's wife Robyn
has filed for divorce from the Hollywood heavyweight after 28 years of
Robyn is seeking jewelry and some other property, and has suggested
joint custody for their son, Tom, who turns 10 on Tuesday. The couple's
six other children are all adults. reports that there is no
prenuptial agreement -- they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson
amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the
laws of California, community property -- which includes earnings -- is
divided 50-50.
The couple grew increasingly apart over the past few years, especially
since Mel's drunk driving arrest in 2006.
Unlike the lady who wanted $42 Million from her CEO husband, I think
Robyn has earned and deserves $450-500 Million. She stuck around for
all his BS he put the family through. She birthed 7 of his children. Lastly
she only said she wants her jewelry and some other property, not money.
Although she may not be mentioning the money cause she knows she will
get a huge sum anyway.
-Iraqi soccer player shot (Bit/ Iraqi Soccer Broadcast – 44 secs)
Police say a striker from the Buhairat amateur team was facing only the
goalie during a Sunday match when a supporter of the rival Sinjar club
shot him in the head in the final minute of play. Sinjar was leading 1-0
when the shooting occurred. A spectator was arrested. More Iraqis are
turning out for sports events now that security is improving. Major
matches in Baghdad are heavily guarded but security in amateur games
in smaller cities is often lax.
-Does it seem the announcer is a little too excited when someone was
just murdered in front of a large crowd?
-How do you smuggle a Sniper Riffle into anywhere?
   -$1200 worth of lip gloss missing(Bit/ My Lip Gloss Remix– 44
Here's some lip gloss that's really hot. Police want to know who made off
with 78 tubes of "Beauty Rush" - worth about $1,200 - from a suburban
New York Victoria's Secret store. Clarkstown police believe the cosmetics
went missing from a bin sometime Saturday. The store, in the Nanuet
Mall, reported the theft on Sunday. Police are reviewing surveillance
footage for clues. They said tens of thousands of dollars worth of lingerie
has previously been lifted at that outlet, the Palisades Center in West
Nyack, and in Westchester County. Sgt. Harry Baumann said some of the
items may eventually be sold on the Internet.
-At $15.38 a pop is it worth trying to steal such a dumb item? Who can
you sell it to all your girlfriends?
-Can Victoria Secret figure out its an inside job if they have had such a
large amount of things stolen in the past? (tens of thousands of dollars of
-I HATE YOU (Audio/Hate You Theme – 15 secs)
      -Woman charged after 20 cat skeletons found in home
A woman was charged with animal abuse after a landlord found about 20
cat skeletons in a home she rented. The eight charges filed Friday against
41-year-old Lorie A. Kuehl include five felony counts of mistreating
animals. Prosecutors said the landlord entered the home in January after
she abandoned it. The landlord found piles of animal feces and cat
skeletal remains, some in a plastic garbage bag.
Police said Kuehl told them she took in stray cats, and about three litters
were born while she lived in the home. She also told them she abandoned
the home in September when the male cats became aggressive, and
returned occasionally to feed them until stopping the visits.
-RJ’s ‘I Hate You’
-When should a girl get her first..
-Make up set
-Why do mothers try to teach there daughters to be like adults so young?
      -Men its different, they don’t dress up with less and less clothes as
they get older or wear make up (usually). Men and boys are the same,
How they act and dress.
     - Intro and explain the segment
     -Bay Area and New York MLB talk -Mets –Yankees -A’s -Giants
   -Web sites
   -(Audio/ Outro Music – 43 secs)

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