Staying Healthy Naturally Are you doing everything you can to stay healthy by anamaulida


									Are you doing everything you can to stay healthy and live the best
quality of life possible? Well, unfortunately most people are not
proactive about their own health these days. Most people are misinformed
about preventatives, proper diet and exercise and just go about their
lives doing as they please; eating unhealthy, not exercising and not
thinking about how this will impact their future! And so what do they do
when they have a problem? Well of course they turn to the doctors who
prescribe them expensive, unnatural pharmaceuticals.I am sure you have
heard the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"
Well, it's true! But, it's not just preventing! It's knowing what to
prevent and how to prevent it; and naturally if at all possible! (i.e. If
I continue to eat fast food every afternoon for the next 20 years, it
will probably impact my heart health at some point; so I think I'll eat
salads from now on instead!)We are a nation that is blasted and inundated
with messages that pharmaceuticals can fix anything and everything. The
truth is though, they don't really fix anything; for the most part they
simply treat the symptoms…forever! After all, that's where the money is
right? If a person only needed one pill to cure their depression, how
would the pharmaceutical companies make money? Or better yet, if doctors
were prescribing cardiovascular exercise to combat depression, still, how
would the big pharmaceutical companies make any money? So the current
approach for most Americans is to just go about their business; sit on
the couch every night, eat steak and potatoes every night, and when
something goes wrong, the docs will just write a script to "treat" the
condition. By the way, have you ever seen a commercial advertising the
benefits of cardiovascular exercise and mental health? No, me either!It
is very unfortunate that physicians do not focus on prevention and
lifestyle as much as they should; that they don't teach the benefits of
exercising, not just for your heart, but as a natural way of treating
depression and other conditions. And that is just one natural form of
prevention and treatment.There are many others! Personally I prefer
natural supplements and methods of preventing and treating sickness and
disease. How about just boosting your immune system for example; by now I
am sure you definitely know about vitamin C and how much it can help you
fight off illness. And what about saline rinse for your nose when you are
having allergies or fighting a cold? Omega-3? Ginger root? Milk thistle?
Water?Your health is your responsibility ultimately. You have to be your
best advocate, proactive and do your own research to find natural ways to
both prevent and treat illness.

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