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					My philosophy on staying healthy is to keep everything in balance.
       Have a slice of pizza, don't eat the whole pie.

       Have a brownie; just don't eat the whole pan.             You have
to enjoy life and enjoy food.                If you start making certain
food or food groups 'off limits' you may deprive yourself of essential
nutrients. And you will almost surely crave what you cannot have which
can lead to overeating.       After retiring from elite competition, I
quickly gained a good amount of weight on my 5"1' frame. I felt sluggish
and was embarrassed by all the extra weight. I felt like I had let people
down. I did not look like an Olympic champion. Nor did I feel like one. I
was sluggish, lost confidence in myself and quickly realized I was shying
away from doing the things I once loved.       One morning when I couldn't
fit into my favorite pair of 'relaxed fit' jeans, I sat down in my closet
and wondered how I had not seen this coming. What had I done and how
could I turn things around? In gymnastics, if I wanted to learn a skill I
would map out all the things I had to do in order to make it happen. And
now I had to put those skills to use again.       Over the next few years,
with much trial and error, I sculpted a healthy lifestyle plan for
myself. At first I tried almost every diet I read about. Not one of them
worked and they certainly weren't something I could stick with for the
long haul. I was too focused on getting thin, not healthy.          Hitting
an all-time low in my self-esteem, I chose a new strategy.         I would
not deprive myself of my favorite foods. Rather, I would cut down on
portion size, eat a more balanced diet, and workout 4-5 times per week
for 30-45 minutes.        All of this seemed doable and I resigned myself
to try it for at least 12 weeks.         I didn't lose the weight
overnight but I was seeing results. Not only was I looking more toned, I
was also enjoying food! And the best part is that it was a lifestyle I
could maintain.         Bottom line... don't hesitate to reach for
dessert. Remember portion size and don't forget about the fitness portion
of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.         TIP: And if you are looking
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Miller Walk-Fit program.                              This is an easy way
to walk off those pounds and get in shape for the new year.
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12/1/2011        The mission of Shannon Miller Lifestyle is to inform,
educate & inspire women to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Shannon
focuses on opening the lines of communication and reminding women that it
is okay to ask questions, demand answers, support each other and have fun
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