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					Sexual Health Clinics are gradually increasing in numbers everywhere.
There was a time when speaking about sexual problems was a taboo as was
the topic of sex in its entirety. But now , with awareness being spread
about AIDS and marital problems, people have opened up to the ideas of
sexual health clinics and those who have already visited them are have
benefited immensely and are hugely relieved to have found a clinic of
this type. .       There are many questions in our mind pertaining to sex
and misinformation about them leads to more confusion and misguided
ideas. On the other hand, there have been cases where patients have
suffered in silence for years but have been unable to talk about the
sexual problems. But times have changed. And the promise of anonymity in
sexual health clinics have made the people more relaxed about visiting
them and talking about their ailments, not only AIDS and HIV, but
infertility, impotency, white discharge, menopause, vaginal infections

  And many such more problems are dealt with in these sexual health
clinics. But it is also important to determine beforehand that the clinic
is authorized and that the doctors are qualified. Otherwise, one can be
thrown into greater abyss of std tests london. There have been
innumerable cases where patients have come back infected with sexually
transmitted diseases or lost their organs because of a dishonest doctor.
Many bigger hospitals too have separate sexual health departments. They
are more reliable. Private clinics too practice with a great deal of good
faith and there are NGO's and government hospitals too who have this
facility. So open up about your intimate problems and lead a carefree

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