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					Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Life insurance is extremely important for everyone. It is one of the most overlooked but nevertheless
vital part of a good financial plan. Just like getting car insurance under 25 when you are young,
getting this kind of coverage will give you peace of mind. People may not give much thought about it,
opting instead to buy a big house, designer clothes and several flashy cars.
However, one should plan ahead and think ahead. This coverage provides financial resource to a
spouse and children should the unthinkable happen. Today's economy is full of ups and downs; it is
very uncertain and unpredictable. Finding the best coverage is clearly a must. There are many kinds
of coverages, including joint term life insurance and no physical life insurance.
It is true that as the person gets older, it becomes more difficult to get the proper coverage. This is
because old people are very vulnerable health-wise and most already have sickness or disabilities.
This is where guaranteed coverage comes in. This kind of insurance coverage offers protection for
individuals who are considered high-risk. People aged between 50-85 are guaranteed acceptance for
this life insurance. There are no health questions to answer and physical exams or medical tests to
take. Furthermore, the insurance cannot be canceled as the individuals grow older and the premium
does not also increase.
Disadvantages of Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is often thought of as the answer to the needs of most elderly
and sick people. However, there is also a downside to it. Insurers are taking bigger risks when they
offer this type of insurance so what they do is to limit the benefits that an individual gets. Most
companies do not offer more than $20,000. If this does not fit the needs, there is an option to
purchase from multiple insurance companies. The bulk of guaranteed life insurance policies are
priced in terms of "units". A unit is equal to $1,000 of life insurance coverage. It is essential to know
this so that evaluation of different policies from various companies will become easier and more
efficient. Make it a point to request for information through mail. The Internet is notorious for
disappearing policies of polices which change at later dates. The benefits for guaranteed acceptance
life insurance may also be limited for the first few years of the policy.
Most companies increase the amount of the total benefit if the policy stays active for longer than the
period indicated by the company.
How to get Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
1. Determine the type of guaranteed acceptance life insurance you need. Once needs are
determined, search for more information online. There are numerous companies that specialize in this
type of policy, including ones that specialize in over 70 life insurance.
2. Compare rates. Do not make the mistake of signing up with the first company you see or hear.
Shop around. Compare premiums. There might be other companies out there that are offering lower
premium rates. Each company uses different internal accounting procedures and profit methodology,
the cost for the same insurance coverage may vary from one company to another. Know each
company's rates and always take note of differences with premiums.
3. Ask for more information. If there is something that is unclear about the policy, do not be afraid to
ask for someone to explain it to you. Before signing up with any company, it is a must to understand
everything so that decisions are made intelligibly. If a suitable policy is found, ask questions about it.
4. Make sure to sign up with a company that is financially solid. Insurance companies are also given a
rating by agencies. Make sure to choose one that has a high rating. It is particularly important that the
company you sign up with has financial strength. Companies with a rating of "A" are very good
choices. Keep in mind that there are certain insurance companies which are in financial trouble and
they will often offer their policies at discounted rated so that customers will be enticed. Be aware.
5. Only apply when you are sure that policy meets your needs. Rethink your decision before finally
signing up. Remember that insurance is crucial in life. Make sure that the policy meets your needs
and that the terms are suitable for you.
Examine the life insurance contract. After application has been processed and approved, a formal life
insurance policy will be sent. This policy is a legally binding contract between the individual and the
insurance company. Most states in America allow a 30-day period wherein clients can examine the
contents of the actual life insurance contract. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the policy, the
contract may be returned with no further explanation and a refund of the premium payment will be

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