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SPRING 2012 Waist Band Integral Soft by linxiaoqin


									             Waist Band
    Integral Soft Touch Waist Band
    designed to keep the article up
          without cinching.

                                                                                                      SPRING 2012
                                                                                                  Technical Hiking Legwear
          Wicking Fabric                                                                                       Full Hiker
      Built-in mid-weight, wicking,                                                       Men’s Style: YMT008-031 Charcoal  Size: S, M, L, XL
                                                                                          Men’s Style: YMT008-503 Brown
       stretchable, breathable and                                                        Women’s Style:YWT010-031 Charcoal      Size S,M,L
     warm fabric in the leg replaces                                                      Women’s Style:YWT010-503 Brown
      the need for a separate layer
               of clothing.
                                                                                            32% Thermo°Cool® Polyester
                                                                                            25% Wool
            Elastic Band                                                                    25% Acrylic
                                                                                            16% Nylon
    Soft band is engineered to keep                                                         2% Elastane
    the sock up and in place without                                                                 Made in Italy
          constricting the leg.

    The Lower leg is full terry from toe
    to cu providing warmth, cushion                                                                  Thermo°Cool®
    and support. Hi Tech combination                                                           ADVANSA Thermo°Cool® is a
     of stretchable, resilient, wicking                                                      multi-functional ber designed
     bers are intimately blended with
                                                                                              to optimize the body’s natural
     natural wool to provide volume,
                                                                                              thermoregulating capabilities
           warmth and softness.
                                                                                                through smart ber cross-
                                                                                              sections: Provides evaporative
                                                                                               cooling or thermo-bu ering
                                                                                             according to the wearer’s needs.
                                                                                                             keeps you dry
             Ventilation                                                                                     and comfortable.
       Vertical Channels to increase
      stretch and assist in ventilation

         Achilles Support
   Anatomically shaped ankle support
                                                                                                        Flex Hinge
    stabilizes the ankle and acts as a                                                         Ventilation Channels allows for
             shock absorber.                                                                          better movement.

           Flat toe seam                                                                              Arch Support
      Non-irritating at toe seam for                                                          Firm arch support keeps the sock
     comfort and better t properties.                                                        from slipping inside of your boot.

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