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									Scientific Names
Would you change your name?
• Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778)

• Carl Linnaeus, also known as Carl von
  Linné or Carolus Linnaeus, is often called
  the Father of Taxonomy. His system for
  naming, ranking, and classifying
  organisms is still in wide use today (with
  many changes). His ideas on classification
  have influenced generations of biologists
                  Common Name
• Common names often refer to an animal's size, shape, color, where
  it lives or even its behavior. Guess how these animals might have
  gotten their common names: blue shark, white whale, river dolphin
  or spinner dolphin. Since many animals are found in more than one
  place you can imagine how many different "common names" they
  might have in many different languages If there can be many
  common names for a plant or animal how would one scientist know
  she is talking about the same species as another scientist from
  another place or country? Simple, scientists from all over the world
  use the same name to identify each species of plant or animals. We
  call these names Scientific names. Each species is given a
  scientific name.
        Two Parts
• Every species has a
  scientific name.
• Every scientific name has
  two parts.
• Scientific names use Latin.
      What does it look like?
Dog         Canis lupus
      What does it look like?
• Tiger        Panthera tigris
         What does it look like?
• Lion         Panthera leo
     What does it look like?
• Human Homo sapiens
      What does it look like?
• Elephant   Loxodonta africana
How to write a scientific name?

• Genus name comes first
• Species name is second.
• Genus is capitalized
• Species is not
• The two words are underlined
        Binomial Nomenclature
•   Two-word naming system
•   You are generally known by two names
•   Your surname (last) name and
•   Your personal name
•   For scientific names the surname or genus
    comes first and the personal or species
    name comes second
         Some famous names
•   T rex
•   For Tyrannosaurus rex
•   E. coli
•   For Escherichia coli
      Fun with Scientific names
•   Ba humbugi- a snail found in Fig
•   Villa manillae-a type of fly
•   Leonardo davinicii- a type of moth
•   Polychisme- a family name of beetles
•   Ochisme and Peggichisme
   What can a scientific name tell
• Relationships-
• Acer rubrum
• Acer saccharum
• Both in the same genus so they are
  closely related.
• Acer is the genus for maple trees
    What can a scientific name tell
• The name might tell you
• Color
• Where it is found
• The name of the scientist who
  discovered it
• Acer rubrum--- red maple
• Loxodanta africana- found in Africa
                A game
• Scientific Name

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