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									 Vol. 18 No. 2                                                                         February 2001

                              British Car Club of Charleston
                                    the dedication and hard work of     tech session, and Darryl imparted
                                    our wonderful members, I feel       some technical know-how to us
                                    these goals are once again          amateurs.
                                                                        We welcomed 0 new members.
                                    We had such an interesting and
                                    eventful 2000 that I want to        March - Members participated in
                                    share the following with those of   the Annual Marchfest where Jim
                                    you who missed the January          Clees came away a winner.
                                                                        We enjoyed another one of Harry
                                                                        and Wanda Cramers delicious
                                    2000 at a glance ...                oyster roasts at their home.
                                    January - We welcomed not only
                                                                        The Annual Flowertown Festival
                                    a new year, but looked forward
                                                                        Car Show normally put on by the
                                    to seeing old members and
    THE PREZ SEZ                    welcomed 0 new ones, and we
                                                                        Volkswagen Club was canceled at
                                                                        the last minute, and Barry and
                                    geared up for an event filled
        by Jack Lambert                                                 Denise were able to get us a spot
                                                                        on the

  THE STATE OF THE                  February - Club members
                                    participated in the Annual Winter
   CLUB ADDRESS                     Warm-up at the Gaillard.
                                    Members lost (and some found)
Diane and I want to extend our      their way during the Winter Fun
sincere wishes for a happy and      Rally around James Island put
healthy 2001!                       together by Bobby and Jenelle
                                    Grooms and led us to the Tripps
Having once again been elected      house where we enjoyed their
your president, I feel honored      hospitality and another one of
and promise to continue to try to   the Tripps great Pig Roasts.
bring excitement, entertain-
ment, British car knowledge, and    Darryl and Julie Beech opened
camaraderie to the forefront        their shop to members who
during 2001. Thank you all. With    wanted to get a little one-on-one
 2 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

                             FOUNDED 1983
                             (unless otherwise specified)


Jack Lambert                             President                              (843) 849-9707
Bob Grooms                               Vice President                         (843) 795-6658
Barry Neal                               Treasurer                              (843) 832-8660
Wayne Wright                             Secretary                              (843) 767-3913
Wendy Tripp                              Membership Coordinator                 (843) 795-7071
Jenelle Grooms                           Regalia (shirts, hats, etc.)           (843) 795-6658
Barry Neal                               Regalia (name & car badges)            (843) 832-8660
Jim Clees                                Sgt. at Arms                           (843) 795-6636
Harry Cramer                             Sgt. at Arms                           (843) 795-5455
Mert Fox                                 Sgt. at Arms                           (843) 795-1578
Darryl Beech                             Mr. Wizard                             (843) 552-6555
Diane Lambert                  Editor                                    (843) 849-9707

                        Jim Clees                       (843) 795-6636
                        Barry Neal                      (843) 832-8660
                        Mary Stokes                     (803) 364-2439


                        Mike Carnell                           1984
                        Oscar Smalls                           1985
                        Don Brown                              1986
                        Tom McMurray                    1987
                        Dick Deibel                            1988
                        Alan Van doren                  1989
                        Mike Grosso                            1990 - 1995
                        Jack Lambert                           1996 - present


                                                                   greens at Pine Forest for an
PREZ SEZ (cont.)
 3 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

impromptu car show. The Neals           and partake of the beer that was         Anniversary Run to King George Inn
even donated the trophies. This          offered from one of the many             was enjoyed by you at the invitation
show was followed by a wonderful         wedding receptions held there.           of the Midlands Club.
barbecue at the Neals home.             (The group just begged us to help
                                         them finish the keg. How could we
Several members traveled to Amelia       refuse such gracious hospitality?)
Island to view the fabulous cars at
this very elite show.                    July - Quiet

We welcomed 7 new members.               August - Quiet

April - Several members participated     September - Judy Purches who was
in the Jaguar Concours held in           on the Scottish Highland Games
Columbia.                                Board kindly invited the BCCC to
                                         enjoy the festivities of the day, and
Members spent the week-end in            once again, we enjoyed a place of
Winston-Salem enjoying The               honor at the entrance to the manor.
Gathering.                               Denise Neal generously prepared an
                                         English Tea for all of us to enjoy!
Bob and Jackie Lane put together a
fun and informative trip to the
Bears Bluff Fish Hatchery then a        MGs on the Green at Davidson
leisurely tour of Wadmalaw Island        College - this has always been a very
and lastly, we all picnicked at the      nice event.
Lanes Wadmalaw Island retreat.
                                         SE Regional MG Fest in Dillard, GA is
Three new members joined the             another of my favorite areas to visit.
BCCC in April.                            I guess it must just be the change of
                                         pace from the City. Getting up into
May - Several of us caravanned to        the mountains, enjoying the fresh
partici- pate in the Pine Island, Lake   air, the wind on my face, etc.
Murray show at the invitation of the
Midlands Club. We had some               October - Several members enjoyed
excitement along the way with            the Lowcountry Jaguar Concours at
Barry and Denises E-Type, but           Brittlebank park.
otherwise, it was the typical
enjoyable time on Lake Murray.           As always, EURO was a great
                                         success as described by those of you
Chateau Elan - I dont remember          who went.
who went, but its a beautiful place
to visit and a great show!               16th Annual British Car Day
                                         sponsored by the Great British Car
June - Tanglewood - Jim Clees,           Club of Charleston!!! I guess almost
always game for a good road trip         enough was said in the last
decided to drive his MG TD to            Windscreen about what a fabulous
Tanglewood while Jack and Diane          event this was! Im psyched and
Lambert drove their British Cadillac     looking forward to doing it again
(their Brit cars are at Kennys).        this year on the 26th - 28th!
Needless to say, Jim was more than
happy to reach the beautiful B & B       November - The MG 76th
                                                                                  Our Annual Chili Meeting was held at
PREZ SEZ (cont.)
 4 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

Jim and Dora Ann Reaves house             and enjoy the feeling for a bit.          the table for whoever happened to
which is underconstruc- tion. As                                                     be around at dinner time.
usual, the chili and side dishes were      Our events calendar is filling in
enjoyed by all. Nominations for            nicely, and Im looking forward to        As for the music, cassettes had just
officers were made at this meeting,        this year for a number of reasons.        come out so I bought a small
and as a result, here we are again!        One is that I will finally have a         recorder and used head phones.
                                           garage. Its not as large as I would      Thus, the walk-man was born ...
December - Martha Wright and staff         have liked it, but its a good place to   many years ago, but mine was
once again arranged for a terrific         hang your hat. Ive seen many of          carried in a military backpack.
holiday party at the River Club on         your garages and was envious.
the Ashley. The decora-tions were                                                    Now that Ive told you one of my
beauti-ful, and the bundle of toys for     For those of us who have a work           lifes little true stories, how
Toys for Tots was grand.                   area, I know we all practice shop         about sharing your past experiences
                                           safety. We use good jacks and             with cars, tinkering and safety tips
Jack and Wendy Tripp hosted the            stands, and we dont jack our cars        and, well, you get the picture.
Folly Beach pre-Parade car decora-         up so high as to be able to walk          Dont you have a story to share? In
ting party at their home where             under them. Ive been guilty of this,     our age group, I know only a handful
participants enjoyed Jacks famous         but it was many years ago, in the         of folks whose first car was new.
grits among other tasty dishes. The        carefree teen years. It went like this    The rest of us bought someone
Folly parade and the after-parade          ... I had bought a TR-4 and decided       elses problems, or should I say,
get together at Sunset Cay Marina is       to change all of the brake and fuel       classics. My father used to call them
always a ball. Jack Tripp has a            lines. Using lots of large,               ... let me see, how can I say this so
special potion to ensure that you          dimensional lumber of my dads, I         that Diane will print it? He use to call
stay toasty warm, but youll have to       had the car jacked up high enough         them _____ boxes.
ask him about that as I dont want         to sit up comfortably under the car.
to give away any of his secrets.           When my parents came home that            I know youve got a great story to
If you think last year looks good, I       afternoon, my father came around          tell, so put pen to paper and tell us
just know that this year is going to       the corner of the house and spotted       about it.
be a great one too.                        my elevated death trap (as he called                Your Humble Servant
                                           it) and turned my music up loud
Communica-tions for British Car Day        enough (with four speakers stacked                          ... Jack
have begun. Lots to do this year,          on the roof) so if the car fell, any
and membership is coming together          neighbor within listening distance
quite steadily.                            would never hear me say Can you
                                           please turn over the record and jack
Bobby and Jenelle Grooms have              this car off me ... pleeeaaassse?
joined the happy motor-ing group
again. Theyve got-ten into an MG,         At this point, my dad, having
and Bobby says that although its a        watched me work on many vehicles
nice car, he still wants another           in our yard, thought he better devise
TR-6. Jenelle, on the other hand,          a safer plan of action for me. He and
says she likes the smoother ride of        I cleared a spot behind the garage,
the B. I guess Id have to side          and we began the process of
with Jenelle in this matter.               building a drive-on ramp system. My
                                           dad always oversized all of his
Talking about the Grooms B,             building materials so needless to
makes me think that my GT should           say, it was quite safe and very
be ready as soon. As Im told shes        comfortable. Every kid in the
about 3/4 completed ...I cant wait        neighborhood learned about this so
... I may just sit in it (when I get it)   my Mom set a permanent place at
                                                                                               by Wayne Wright
 5 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

                                         Jack conveyed birthday wishes for
The January 10th meeting was held        all members with birthdays in            Jenelle Grooms, Regalia Chair-
at the Marina Variety Restaurant in      January.                                 person, is taking orders for denim
Charleston with 38 members and                                                    Club shirts at $30.00 per shirt.
guests attending. The meeting was        Jack reviewed all Club events held
called to order by Jack Lambert,         last year from a list compiled by        For sale items included a 77 MGB,
President. Jack asked for sugges-        Diane Lambert.                           58 Austin Healey 100-6, 85 Jaguar
tions for meeting places that mem-                                                XJ6 - Darryl Beech. An 84 Porsche
bers would like to try and advised       Jack reported that the Winter            from Jack Tripp, and a 79 VW
that noise (or lack of it) should be a   Warm-up car show at the Gaillard         Beetle from Jim Clees.
determining factor. He stated that it    will be held February 3rd, and that
was published in the January             an award is presented for Best Club      Bill Dutour is looking for a Triumph
Windscreen that the meetings             Participation which we have won          Spitfire.
would be held at the Marina Variety      the past two years. Diane also
Restaurant and Perkins on Rivers         noted that there will be a British       Jim Clees submitted an article about
Avenue if there were no objections.      class this year as the company she       our recent British Car Day to British
No objections were raised at the         works for was sponsoring two             Car Magazine. Look for this in a
meeting so the meeting schedule          trophy classes for same.                 future issue. Jim also reported that
will be set up and included in the                                                the scheduled date for a George-
next Windscreen.                         Brad Cole reported that the Chateau      town trip is April 21st.
                                         Elan car show will be held May 12th,
Wendy Tripp, Membership                  and that approximately 500 cars are      Club officers assembled for a group
Coordinator, requested completed         expected to partici-pate. Brad has       picture. Meeting was adjourned.
applications with each renewal.          been in touch with the show
                                         promoters, and they have requested
Jack presented a brief history of the    500 flyers for this years British Car    FROM THE EDITOR
BCCC which started in Don Browns        Day to distribute for us.
foreign car repair shop. Our goal for                                                       by Diane Lambert
membership is 100 members and            Wendy Tripp reported that the
Jack suggested that use of our Club      Valentine Pig Roast to be held at
calling cards would help to achieve      Jack and Wendys home will be
                                                                                      16TH ANNUAL
this goal.                               February 10th. Please RSVP no later
                                         than February 3rd. Fee is $5.00 per
                                                                                     BRITISH CAR DAY
Jack reported that the Christmas         person with guests bringing their            CHARLESTON
party was a smash and also             own beverage.
plugged the magazine practical                                                              by Diane Lambert
Classics which contains reproduc-        Harry Cramer reported that he will
tions of old car ads.                    host his Annual Oyster Roast on          Hopefully, I covered thanking all of
                                         March 3rd.                               you who so kindly helped to make
A sign-up sheet was circulated by                                                 our recent British Car Day the great
Diane for members to volunteer to        Calling cards and windscreen decals      success that it was. Im concerned
coordinate events for the year 2001.     can be purchased from Diane.             that I may have missed someone
                                                                                  who volunteered. If I did this, please
Jack reported that Bob Parfitt, Club     Charlie King reported that there was     accept my apology and know just
member from Prosperity, SC had           one Club jacket left which was           how much your ideas and help were
                                         auctioned off for $30.00 to Mike         appreciated.
been hospitalized with a respiratory     West.
problem. Members signed a get            Barry Neal presented the Treasur-
well card for Bob for Diane to mail.     ers report noting a current balance
                                         of $2,393.00.
                                                                                  glow of yet another good deed,
BRIT CAR DAY (cont.)                     While I was still basking in the warm    helping My Sisters House, I over-
 6 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

looked one of the donations. This         want to bring up is that events,
was because it took just a little long-   especially Club sponsored events;         Michael Carnell by E-mail:
er, red tape no doubt, to receive         i.e., oyster roasts, pig roasts,
these funds, but Walmart donated          parades, picnics, rallies, etc. should
$1,000 to our event. So in addi-tion      NEVER go unreported, and I dont          web site:
to the previously reported $4,000 in      mean by the member(s) implement-
cash and goods, you can give              ing the event. If you go, have the
yourselves a pat on the back for          courtesy to report something about        Thank you for maintaining these
raising almost $5,000 for My Sisters     it. After all, our hosts and hostess-es   sites for us. We appreciate you
House. GREAT JOB!!                        make it look easy, but a lot of           taking you time to keep us informed
                                          preparation and work go into even         and as up-to-date as possible with
Not being satisfied to just know that     the most casual affairs. This is our      whats going on.
we had many clubs represented at          way to let them know just how
this years show, I went back             much we appreciate their efforts          You can now e-mail me at:
through the registrations and             and to let others know what they
gathered this info. I am pleased to       missed in the hopes that theyll
say that we had representation from       attend subsequent events.                 (I know, I know ... as my son has
well over 25 different clubs! I was                                                 already told me, welcome to the
very impressed by this fact. Some of      Many thanks to Barry Neal, Wendy          80s) ...
you may think this is mere trivia, but    Tripp, Wayne Wright, and of course,
believe me, when youre put-ting on       Jack Lambert for their contributions      or fax to 577-2061 attn: Diane no
a show, these types of facts help         to this months Windscreen. I enjoy       later than the 20th of the month
immensely in planning the next            reading and publishing all of your        or mail articles of any type through-
event. And since this newsletter is       anecdotes and personal stories and        out the month to:
shared with about a dozen other           always look forward to hearing from
clubs, I want to take this opportuni-     you.                                           1175 Mathis Ferry Road - H8
ty to thank all of them for their                                                          Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
participation in our event. Lets         For those of you who have asked,
face it, without the friends we make      you can view the pics from BCD on
in other clubs, events would not          the geocities site listed below.
                                                                                    MEMBERSHIP NEWS
come together as well as our did.         When you open this site, click on the
                                          words: British Car Day 200 Winners.                  by Wendy Tripp
Starting another year, I want to          This will open the pics.
remind everyone that submittals to        You can also view the most current        Please dont forget that
the Windscreen are expected. I            Windscreen on this site.                  membership dues are due for the
know its easy to leave it up to                                                    2001 year. For $20.00 a year you can
someone else, but guess what? That        Im happy to announce that you can        receive the Windscreen and keep
someone else thinks the same way,         address questions/comments to:            up with all of the club functions,
and then we have no submt-tals!                                                     parties, and meeting dates. If you
We have loyal contributors who            Chris/Lisa Westerberg by E-mail:          have already completed a new
MAKE the time to send some-thing,                             member-ship application and
and then we have many, more who                                                     returned it with your money, I thank
never contribute. If you dont feel       web site:                                 you.
youre a writer, so what?       

Find an article of interest in the
many publications out there or on         Michael has lots of photos on his site
the internet and send it to me.           for events from the past year. You
                                          will also find the latest meeting
One of the most important items I         schedule.
                                                                                    On behalf of the Club, I wish to
 7 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

extend a very warm welcome to the       wish to the following who share
following new members. You might        February birthdays:                           MARCH
recognize some of the names from                                            ANNUAL CRAMER OYSTER ROAST
the past, but for whatever reasons,
                                                                                     March 3rd (Sat.)
they left us for a while, but theyre          FEBRUARY                            7:00 p.m. (see flyer)
back now. I guess we must be doing
something right ...                            BIRTHDAYS
                                                                             2ND ANNUAL EUROPEAN SWAP
         Major Broaddus
                                                                                  MEET & CAR SALE
     66 Vanden Plas Princess
                                                  Jim Clees 2/09                      COLUMBIA, SC
          Bob Brockhouse                        Cathy Farmer 2/?                    March 10th (Sat.)
             58 MG A                            Mark Halm 2/10
                                                                                      10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
             77 MG B                           Paul Headley 2/05
                                               Ginger Headley 2/12                (803) 783-6164 Lonnie
           Bradford Cole                         Barry Neal 2/24                e-mail: MGT1724@CS.COM
   61 Rolls Royce Silver cloud II
    85 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas                                                    * See flyer at meeting
                                             CALENDAR OF
         Eric & Jan Harrod
          76 Austin MGB                       EVENTS                          AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS
                                                                                   Sunday - March 10th
     Paul & Ginger Headley, Jr.                 FEBRUARY
     78 Triumph Spitfire 1500
                                                     ANNUAL                 * More info as it becomes available
           Kevin Hensley                     VALENTINES PIG ROAST
      67 Austin Healey MK III                                                  BCCC MONTHLY MEETING
                                                 AT THE TRIPPS
   Darryl & Cheyenne McLendon                   February 10th (Sat.)            Marina Variety Restaurant
             72 MG B                     5 pm until..Jack/Wendy 795-7071         Downtown Charleston
             80 MG B                                                               March 14th (Wed.)
          96 Jaguar XJS                                                        7:00 p.m. dinner meeting
            Peter Payne                      BCCC MONTHLY MEETING
   63 Austin Healey 3000 MK II                Perkins Restaurant
                                           Rivers Ave./Ashley Phosphate        BCCC COMMITTEE MEETING
       Thom & Billie Phillips                                                Sunfire Grill on Sam Rittenberg
                                               February 14th (Wed.)
    85 Jaguar XJ-6 Vanden Plas
                                             7:00 p.m. dinner meeting               March 21st (Wed.)
          85 Jaguar XJ-6
                                         REMEMBER YOUR SWEETHEART                    7:00 p.m. dinner
            Elmer Stone                       ITS VALENTINES DAY
       86 Jaguar XJS Coupe                                                            MARCHFEST

      Tom & Maureen Taylor                 BCCC COMMITTEE MEETING            EXCHANGE PARK FAIRGROUNDS
           74 MG B                             Athens Restaurant
                                                    Folly Road              * More info as it becomes available
      Chris & Lisa Westerberg
      68 Austin Healey Sprite                 February 21st (Wed.)
Lets extend a very hearty Birthday          7:00 p.m. dinner meeting
                                         FLOWERTOWN FESTIVAL BRITISH                         &
             APRIL                               CAR SHOW                               BARBECUE
8 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

        SUMMERVILLE, SC                                                      position was that the die belonged
          April 7th (Sat.)                 BRITISH MOTOR CAR DAY             to the Club, and that they were
                                                                             responsible for it since they had
   (843) 832-8660 Barry/Denise                  CHATEAU ELAN                 purchased Leavens business. They
                                                BRASELTON, GA                took the position that they only
       * See enclosed flyer                     May 12th (Sat.)              purchased Leavens dies at auction
                                                                             and had no responsibility (even
                                              (843) 768-1754 Brad            though the customer list must have
   GEORGETOWN-HOPSEWEE                                                       been included because they
 PLANTATION/KAMINSKI HOUSE                                                   contacted me). Their further
                                      * More info as it becomes available
       MUSEUM TOUR                                                           position was that if we wanted
          April 21st (Sat.)                                                  badges, we would have to buy a
       (843) 795-6636 Jim
                                                   JUNE                      new die at full price. I totally
                                                                             rejected this, and after a heated
                                                                             discussion, they said that even if
                                                  Tanglewood                 they found the die, or if I wanted to
      * See flyer at meeting
                                                Winston-Salem                buy a new one, they would refuse to
                                                                             do business with us!! Some way to
                                            June 9th/10th (Sat./Sun.)
                                                                             run a business!
                                      * More info as it becomes available
                                                                             Now to the reason for these com-
9TH ANNUAL BRITISH CLASSIC CAR                                               ments. First, if we have an attorney
    MEET AT THE BOULDERS                                                     in the Club, I would welcome their
                                       BCCC CAR BADGES                       help and advice on this matter.
         RICHMOND, VA                                                        Second, I believe we will get no
                                                 by Barry Neal
          May 6th (Sun.)                                                     satisfaction from Ocean State which
        (804) 527-1515 Ken                                                   leaves us with a dilemma.
                                      Since we sold the last of our Club
                                      radiator badges, I attempted to
                                                                             Assuming we can get similar pricing
                                      order new ones and ran into serious
                                                                             elsewhere, the Club must order 30+/-
     * Flyer avail. at meeting        difficulties. The original badges
                                                                             badges to cover the cost of a die
                                      were ordered from Leavens Awards
                                                                             and set-up and still sell for $35 per
                                      Co., Inc., and the cost included the
                                                                             badge. While we sold the first 30
     MARQUES AT THE MINT              purchase of a die for $345.00. The
                                                                             without too much difficulty, another
         CHARLOTTE, NC                die was to be re-used for any future
                                                                             30 may be very difficult to sell.
                                      badges we purchased.
          May 6th (Sun.)
                                                                             We will discuss this at the next two
                                      During the year 2000, I learned that
* More info as it becomes available                                          Club meetings. Please let us know
                                      Leavens Awards was now owned by
                                                                             how you feel, and if you are ready to
                                      Ocean State Corporate
                                                                             commit to the purchase of one or
                                                                             more badges.
 BRITISH CAR CLUB - MIDLANDS          Design. Therefore, I contacted
       PINE ISLAND SHOW               them for a quotation for new
                                      badges. After several contacts over
                                      several weeks, Ocean State told me
* More info as it becomes available   that they could not find our die. My

                                               Time for
9 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

                         Harry & Wanda Cramers
                           Annual Oyster Roast
     Why:           Just for the fun of it (Harry loves to see all those pretty Brit
                    beauties displayed in his yard).

     When:          7:00 p.m., Saturday, March 3rd

     Where:         Harry and Wanda Cramers house - rain or shine

     Cost: $9.00 per person for oyster eaters and $3.00 per person for non-oyster
                  eaters plus one side dish (please call Harry or Wanda to coordinate).
                  Soft drinks provided only. If alcohol is desired, you must bring your own!

     RSVP: No later than Saturday, February 24th - 795-5455

                     ITS EASY TO JOIN ...
            Just fill in and sign the application and send it along with $20.00 annual dues to:

                                     British Car Club of Charleston
                                      1175 Mathis Ferry Road - H8
                                         Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
10 THE WINDSCREEN February 2001

 We look forward to seeing you at all of our meetings and events! (Please print clearly)

 Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

 Telephone: _________________ Fax: _________________ E-mail: ___________________________________

 Street: ____________________________________City: __________________ State: ____ Zip Code: _______

 How did you learn of the club?


 Car(s):      Make _________________________ Model ________________________ Year __________

              Make _________________________ Model ________________________ Year __________

              Make _________________________ Model ________________________ Year __________

              Make _________________________ Model ________________________ Year __________

              Make _________________________ Model ________________________ Year __________

 As a member of the British Car Club of Charleston (BCCC), I agree to hold BCCC, its Board of Directors,
 officers, and organizers of events free from all liability for any accident or injury which occurs in connection with
 club events. Memberships expire on December 31st.

 Signature: ________________________________________________________________________

 Printed Name: ____________________________________________________________________

 Date: ______________________         New Member  Renewal
  I give my permission to list my telephone number in the membership directory to be
 accessible to members only.

 Birthday please: ____________________________ (name)___________(month)_____(day)

 Birthday please: ____________________________ (name)___________(month)_____(day)

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