H234                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        February 12, 2002
     a sham. Young people, 13-, 14-, 15-year-                 Bacardi Silver. And Seagram’s rum brand,               all 12- to 20-year olds report using alcohol
     olds, will be watching the Olympics                      Captain Morgan, will take to the slopes to             within the past month. Of those youth, near-
     and see the ads for products such as                     tout its sponsorship of the U.S. Ski Team.             ly 20 percent binge drink.
                                                                Just weeks after Olympics broadcaster                   We are hardly alone in our concern. NBC’s
     Bacardi Silver. Does anyone respon-                      NBC eased restrictions on spirits adver-               decision to begin accepting hard liquor ads
     sible think there will not be any asso-                  tising, the debate over alcoholic beverage             flies squarely in the face of public opinion. A
     ciation?                                                 marketing during the Games is heating up.              survey conducted by Penn, Schoen & Berland
       We are just now making progress                          ‘‘The Olympics are a youth-oriented                  Associates, Inc., in mid-December, 2001 found
     with regard to dealing with drunk driv-                  event,’’ says Kimberly Miller of the Center            that 68 percent of respondents opposed NBC’s
     ing by young people.                                     for Science in the Public Interest. ‘‘For the          action with half (48 percent) registering
       The Center on Alcohol Advertising                      Olympic committee to make the connection               strong opposition to it. More than 7 of 10 (72
                                                              between drinking and sports is irrespon-               percent) surveyed supported network tele-
     conducted a pilot study that dem-
                                                              sible.’’                                               vision policies that voluntarily keep liquor
     onstrates beer commercials and attend-                                                                          ads off TV, and 70 percent of Americans
                                                                But executives from both A–B and Captain
     ant brands were recognizable by chil-                    Morgan defend their right to be at the Salt            agreed that it is dangerous to have liquor
     dren as young as 9 to 11. That is the                    Lake Games.                                            ads on TV because they will introduce under-
     exact type of advertisements we are                        ‘‘It’s a wonderful opportunity for us,’’ says        age youth to liquor. Subsequently public
     talking about for the Olympics.                          Bob Lachky, vice president of brand manage-            opinion surveys by TV Guide and by Initia-
       What will the consequences of this                     ment at Anheuser-Busch. ‘‘We’ll have a na-             tive Media North America similarly found
     policy be? In short, more young people                   tional and international audience.’’                   that large majorities of Americans oppose
                                                                A–B will air more than 130 commercials for           NBC’s acceptance of liquor ads.
     drinking will result in increases in                                                                               We would like to meet with you at your
     drunk driving, teen deaths and alco-                     its Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob and Ba-
                                                              cardi Silver brands. A–B is the exclusive              earliest convenience, preferably in Wash-
     holism. Alcohol is a factor in the four                  malt-beverage sponsor and advertiser of the            ington, DC., in the hope of reaching a satis-
     leading causes of death among persons                    2002 Games and has a seven-year deal with              factory resolution of this issue. We believe
     age 10 through 24: motor vehicle crash-                  the U.S. Olympic Committee to serve as offi-           that NBC can truly show leadership in pro-
     es, unintentional injuries, homicide                     cial beer sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team.            tecting young people and serving the public
                                                                                                                     interest. We will follow up with your office
     and suicide. Alcohol-related car crash-                    The new Bacardi spots from Momentum in
                                                              St. Louis are music-driven and heavily fea-            in the near future to inquire about arranging
     es are the leading cause of death                                                                               a meeting. To reach us, please contact Mr.
     among teenagers 15 to 24. Young people                   ture the sleek new silver bottle. The theme:
                                                              ‘‘Your night just got more interesting.’’              George Hacker, at (202) 332–9110, x343.
     who begin drinking before age 15 are                                                                               Thank you for your consideration. We hope
                                                                But A–B will air most of the Bacardi Silver
     four times more likely to develop alco-                                                                         to hear from you soon.
                                                              commercials during the evening to avoid tar-
     hol dependence than those who begin                                                                                    Sincerely,
                                                              geting younger consumers. Still, A–B has
     drinking at age 21.                                                                                                               GEORGE A. HACKER,
                                                              paid millions for its Olympics sponsorships,
       NBC is being irresponsible. NBC will                                                                                                           Director,
                                                              and Lachky says the company won’t avoid
                                                                                                                                           Alcohol Policies Project.
     cause the hurt and pain and suffering                    big events to mollify critics.                            On behalf of the following: Lori Dorfman,
     in the families of many, many people                       ‘‘There’s always going to be critics of our
                                                                                                                     Ph.D., Director, Berkeley Media Studies
     in this United States. The public has                    industry. But we will do things in a respect-          Group; Arthur T. Dean, Chairman, and CEO,
                                                              ful fashion. We’re not worried about it,’’ He
     spoken out on this issue, and NBC does                                                                          Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of Amer-
                                                              says.                                                  ica; Joan Kiley, Executive Director, Commu-
     not care. The National Center for                          Captain Morgan is a team sponsor—not a
     Science in the Public Interest con-                                                                             nity Recovery Services; Art Jaeger, Asso-
                                                              sponsor of the Games themselves. So it’s               ciate Director, Consumer Federation of
     ducted a poll that shows 73 percent of                   walking an even finer line than Anheuser-              America; Connie Mackey, Vice President of
     the public believes hard liquor adver-                   Busch, critics say                                     Government Affairs, Family Research Coun-
     tising will increase youth drinking.                       ‘‘It’s a dangerous marketing tactic,’’ says
                                                                                                                     cil; Tom Minnery, Vice President of Public
     NBC does not care.                                       Bob Prazmark, president of Olympic sales               Policy, Focus on the Family; Jim Winkler,
       We are submitting a letter from 25                     and marketing for sports marketing group               General Secretary, General Board of church
                                                              IMG. ‘‘What they are doing is trying to share
     groups asking NBC to go back to the                                                                             and Society of the United Methodist Church;
                                                              in some of the glory.’’                                David Rosenblum, Executive Director, Join
     policy that it had for 52 years. I also                    Captain Morgan officials insist they’re
     want to close with an article from the                                                                          Together; Patricia Harmon, Executive Direc-
                                                              doing no such thing. Team athletes Evan                tor, Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth; Judy
     Washington Post that illustrates the                     Dybvig and Shannon Bahrke are restricted               Cushing, President and CEO, Oregon Part-
     real consequences of drunk driving bet-                  from competing or making Olympics appear-              nership; Rev. Jesse W. Brown, Jr., Executive
     ter than any set of statistics. Just this                ances while sporting any Captain Morgan-               Director, National Association of African
     weekend in my congressional district                     branded gear or apparel.                               Americans for Positive Imagery.
     in Sterling, Virginia, a drunk driver                      ‘‘We can do things tastefully and stay in               Bill Burnett, President, National Associa-
                                                              the guidelines,’’ says Captain Morgan’s Scott          tion of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors;
     killed a boy and his grandfather. Mr.                    Geisler. ‘‘Do we stand a risk of raising a lit-
     Speaker, imagine receiving that call                                                                            Julie Novak, DNSc, RN, CPNP, President,
                                                              tle controversy? Perhaps.’’                            National Association of Pediatric Nurse
     from the State police if you were the                                       COALITION FOR THE                   Practitioners; Rev. Richard Cizik, Vice-
     boy’s mother. NBC’s hard liquor adver-                        PREVENTION OF ALCOHOL PROBLEMS,                   President for Governmental Affairs, Na-
     tising will lead to more drunk driving                                Washington, DC, February 6, 2002.         tional Association of Evangelicals; Vincent
     and more of those phone calls.                           Mr. ROBERT C. WRIGHT,                                  Hayden, Chairman, National Black Alco-
       I urge Members to speak out on this                    Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, General           holism and Addictions Council; Stacia Mur-
     issue and let NBC know that it ought                          Electric, Chairman and CEO, NBC, New              phy, President, National Council on Alco-
                                                                   York, NY.                                         holism and Drug Dependence; Sue Rusche,
     to do what the American people think
                                                                DEAR MR. WRIGHT: As leaders of organiza-             Executive Director, National Families in Ac-
     appropriate. It ought to go back to its                  tions concerned with public health and the             tion; Peggy Sapp, President, National Fam-
     voluntary guidelines that it had for 50                  well being of young people and families, we            ily Partnership; David A. Walsh, Ph.D.,
     years and do not advertise hard liquor                   are dismayed by your decision to begin air-            President, National Institute on Media and
     to young people of the country and                       ing hard liquor ads on NBC, ending five dec-           the Family; Jeanette Noltenius, Executive
     bring about pain and suffering for fami-                 ades of responsible voluntary refusal of such          Director, National Latino Council on alcohol
     lies.                                                    ads.                                                   and Tobacco Prevention; Shirley Igo, Presi-
       The material previously referred to is                   We strongly urge you to reconsider NBC’s             dent, National Parent Teachers Association.
                                                              policy and we respectfully request a meeting              John Hutcheson, Executive Director, Peo-
     as follows:
                                                              with you to discuss our concerns, including a          ple Advancing Christian Education; William
            [From USA Today, Feb. 5, 2002]                    number of gross deficiencies in NBC’s guide-           J. Murray, chairman, Religious Freedom Co-
        MARKETING BY SPIRITS MAKERS GETS ICY                  lines governing the airing of liquor ads.              alition; Richard D. Land, President, South-
                       RECEPTION                                Too many influences already promote ex-              ern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty
      (By Michael McCarthy and Theresa Howard)                cessive and underage drinking and hard-liq-            Commission; Andrew McGuire, Executive Di-
       Figure skating won’t be the only closely               uor ads on NBC can only make that problem              rector, Trauma Foundation; William T.
     watched competition at the Salt Lake                     worse. Alcohol is by far America’s number-             Devlin, President, Urban Family; The Most
     Games. Major marketing pushes by some big                one youth drug problem. It kills six times             Rever and Joseph A. Galante, Chairman,
     beer and spirits makers also may be dancing              more kids than all illicit drugs combined and          Committee on Communications, United
     on thin ice.                                             underage drinking costs our country an esti-           States Conference of Catholic Bishops; and
       Anheuser-Busch will use the Olympics to                mated $52 billion per year. According to the           Maureen Sedonaen, Executive Director,
     roll out a $60 million campaign to launch its            latest government data, nearly one-third of            Youth Leadership Institute.

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