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Dec2010 (PDF)


									                      Academic and Research
                      Libraries Section
                      N E W S L E T T E R     N U M B E R               N E W S L E T T E R      N U M B E R      4 5

                  We are planning lots for 2011
                  The Academic and Research        sustainable           libraries   perience. Ane Landoy would
                  Libraries Section is planning    (premises,          printing,     be happy to give you further
                  a number of activities for       equipment, legislation);          details.
                  2011 and for the congress in     digital document culture
                  San Juan, Puerto Rico, in        (b o ok s,  s er i a l s); an d   As you see our ARL Newslet-
                  particular.                      measuring impact and              ter has been relaunched and
                                                   efficiency. We hope once          revitalised under the editor-
                  We are organising a joint        again to attract over 250         ship of Vicki McDonald, Asso-
                  session with Management          participants. Please contact      ciate Director, Library Ser-
                  and Marketing in Puerto Rico     Jarmo Saarti for further          vices, Queensland University
                  on „ Vision 2020: innovative     details.                          of Technology, Australia.
                  policies, services and tools".                                     We plan also to use our web-
                  In other words, what might       Just before Puerto Rico, on       site to highlight member
                  libraries look like in 2020.     11-12th August 2011, we are       activities that support par-
                  Our session will focus on this   planning an exciting pre con-     ticular IFLA priorities in rela-
                  vision and in particular on      ference satellite meeting in      tion to advocacy and col-
                  the innovative policies and      Guatemala         City    on      laborative work.
                  tools involved. We will ex-      „Innovation, Inspiration and
                  plore the transformational       Information for all‟. This
                  changes needed to deliver        Spanish-speaking event will
                  the new vision. And we will      discuss library consortia,
                  touch on ways of demon-          virtual universities, digital
                  strating the value and im-       developments and libraries
                  pact of library services nec-    cooperating with archives
                  essary to ensure their devel-    and museums in Latin Amer-
                  opment and survival. We          ica. We hope to attract some
                  hope to attract some 350         130 participants from Cen-
                  delegates. Carol Hughes and      tral America, Mexico and
                  Janet Fletcher would be          other South American coun-
                  happy to give you further        tries. Our partners include
                  information.                     IFLA‟s Latin America and
                                                   Caribbean Sections and the
                  Our Hot Topics in Academic       American Library Association
                  and Research Libraries ses-      Section on Reference and
                  sion remains very popular        User Services. Please con-         Join us in San Juan and Gua-
                  with delegates. It is rather     tact Stephen Marvin for fur-      temala!
                  different from most IFLA         ther details.
                  sessions: we have four short
                  presentations from interna-      We are offering an essay                        Chair Academic &
                  tional experts followed by       competition again to support            Research Libraries Section
                  interactive group discussions    at least three first timers                  Director of Library &
                  amongst the participants.        attend IFLA 2011 from Oce-                       Learning Services
This Newsletter   Our theme for Puerto Rico        ania, Latin America and Af-              University of East London
  is published    will be „    Conquering the      rica regions. The essay topic                      United Kingdom
  bi-annually.    economic        downturn:        is „ how will attending the      
  Submissions     managing transformational        IFLA WLIC in Puerto Rico
   should be      change       in   academic       help you with your profes-        Contact Details
                  libraries’. We are thinking of   sional development and
 forwarded to
                  a few sub-themes including:      what do you hope to acquire       Carol Hughes
Vicki McDonald    staff (new skills, staff         from the opportunity?‟ The
                                                                                     Jarmo Saarti
                  education, baby boomers,         two winners for 2010 thor-
                  retirement); developing          oughly enjoyed the IFLA ex-       Ane Landoy
                                   PAGE   2

                                              IFLA 2010 Conference Experience

                                              An awesome opportunity           lenge because the content
                                              embraced me when I took          of all the presentations         The IFLA “Night Spots” as
                                              part in the Essay Contest        were very interesting. The       well as the “Dance Night”
                                              organized by IFLA Academic       “New Comers” session in          were all fun-filled and will
                                              and Research Libraries (ARL)     which first timers were in-      remain indelible in my mem-
                                              Section and emerged the          formed how best to have a        ory as they gave participants
                                              African region winner!           rewarding IFLA experience        ample opportunities to net-
                                                                               was as interesting as the        work with colleagues across
                                              This 76th IFLA General Con-      library visit we made to         the globe. At the closing
                                              ference and Assembly ex-         Chalmers University of Tech-     session, after speeches and
                                              perience at Gothenburg,          nology Library.                  presentations of various
                                              Sweden, was indeed, one of                                        awards and prizes were
                                              the most inspiring and pro-      I also visited the Exhibition    made, delegates were en-
                                              fessional     developmental      Booths which gave me the         tertained with a flashy video
                                              opportunities I have had,        opportunity of seeing new        presentation of the overall
                                              especially with the cultural     products and services by         event. The climax came
                                              milieu and international         vendors and publishers from      when the venues for future
                                              experience     which    also                                      IFLA conferences were an-
                                              brought together over 3,335                                       nounced.
                                              library and information pro-
                                              fessionals from over 128                                          Furthermore, I appreciate so
                                              countries of the world.                                           much the general arrange-
                                                                                                                ment for the conference.
                                              Another exciting aspect of                                        However, a conference of
                                              the whole thing is that I did                                     this magnitude deserves a
                                              not only attend the confer-                                       befitting conference bag.
                                              ence as a delegate but I also
                                              had a presentation in the                                         Sincerely,   my     profound
                                              poster session (Stand 162)                                        gratitude goes to the ARL
                                              with the title “   Librarians                                     Committee for this award
                                              and Health Workers: Part-                                         which greatly assisted me in
                                              nering and Collaborating to                                       attending my first IFLA con-
                                              Support Free Access to                                            ference at Gothenburg. I
                                              Health Information in Nige-      different parts of the world.    also wish to thank Prof.
                                              ria”. So, the award received     The IFLA Chairperson, Ellen      Andrew     McDonald,     the
                                              is taken more as a God-          R. Tise‟s opening speech         Chairman, ARL section for
                                              given assistance to facilitate   during the opening cere-         his tremendous assistance
                                              my attendance at the con-        mony was great. I believe        towards ensuring that I had
                                              ference and also take part       my IFLA experience in Goth-      a hitch-free preparation to
                                              in the international poster      enburg was very inspiring as     the conference, especially
                                              presentation.                    it gave me insights into the     in the area of ensuring that
                                                                               global library and informa-      the award given to me was
                                              The theme of this confer-        tion practice vis-a-vis re-      well communicated to me.
                                              ence “ Open Access to            search     other    librarians
                                              Knowledge - Promoting Sus-       across the globe are in-
                                              tainable Development” was        volved in. I was also had the
                                              well represented in both the     opportunity to see for the                       Main Library
                                              paper and poster presenta-       first time the “Mobile Li-                 University of Lagos
                                              tions. Planning my daily         braries” which I have before                           Nigeria
                                              schedule was quite a chal-       now only read in books. 

                                              Now up and running, a new and improved website
                                              for the World Library and Information Congress!
                                              IFLA has launched a new
                                              website for its World Library        We have created a new starting point
                                              and Information Congress.             for both future and past congresses.
                                              Keeping the website sepa-        We have created a new URL        ifla77 and see all the im-
                                              rate from the main IFLA          (     provements.
                                              website allows us to work        as a starting point for both
                                              more flexibly with the lay-
                                                                               future and past congresses.
                                              out, as the information that
                                              is offered has different re-     Please visit the IFLA WLIC             IFLA Conference Officer
                                              quirements and output for-       2011 Puerto Rico website at
NEWSLETTER              NUMBER         45                                                                      PAGE   3

Research Impact Measurement Service (RIMS)
Over the last few years, UNSW       make informed choices about             designed to inform best practice
Library has offered a Research      the dissemination of their re-          in the management of research
Impact Measurement Service          search outputs, including the           data around the country. As the
(RIMS) to its academic staff and    underlying research data.               volume of research data in-
researchers. The motivation for                                             creases, institutions are finding
introducing RIMS arose from the     The work of the Group also aims         it increasingly difficult to find
increasingly competitive nature     to provide strategic context and        ways to store, manage and pro-
of the research environment,        leadership to assist CAUL Institu-      vide access to data so that it can
particularly as a result of the     tional Repository Support Ser-          be discovered, shared and re-
Australian Government‟s Excel-      vice (CAIRSS) which provides            used.
lence in Research for Australia     support to all institutional re-
(ERA) initiative. Measuring of      positories in Australian universi-      More information about ANDS
research impact using bibliomet-    ties.                                   projects can be found at http://
rics and other measures is a                                      
strategy that academic libraries    For more information see
can use to support researchers
in increasing their research pro-   programs
file. RIMS produces over 40 re-                                                   Director Information Services
ports a month and the reports       Australian universities are also                          University Library
are used to support promotion,      leading the Australian National                      The University of NSW
grants and institutional compari-   Data Service (ANDS) which is an                           Sydney, Australia
sons. The service has proven to     Australian Government initiative     
be very popular with the aca-
demic community and has sig-
nificantly raised the profile of
the Library.

Supporting institutional research
outputs is also an important role
for academic libraries. The
Council of Australian University
Libraries        (CAUL)      has
established a working group,
The CAUL Open Scholarship
(COSI) to promote open scholar-
ship and investigate methods for
improved advocacy in universi-
ties to educate academic staff
and higher degree students to

2011 Satellite Meeting in Guatemala City
                                      The Academic and Research Libraries Section is working in cooperation
                                      with the LAC section to sponsor a pre-satellite meeting of the IFLA
                                      WLIC in Guatemala City, Guatemala on August 10-11, 2011. Peter
                                      Johan Lor is the keynote speaker for the event. He will be discussing a
                                      passion he has with protecting Indigenous languages and literature.

                                      We will have several tracts related to library consortia, virtual infor-
                                      mation services, and examples of cooperation among others such as
                                      museums, archives, and cultural institutions.
                                      Guatemala is an easy flight directly to Puerto Rico following the pre-
                                      conference. We are selecting programs of interest to Latin America
                                      following the theme of the conference of Libraries beyond libraries:
                                      Integration, Innovation and Information for all. There will be the
                                      opportunity to visit the World Heritage Site of Antigua, a short dis-
                                      tance from Guatemala City.

                                      For further information:

                                                                                                   Contact Person
                                   PAGE   4

                                              The Future of Academic

                                              Library Space
                                                             The Experience
                                                                     at Columbia University

                                                        cademic libraries across the world are rethinking, redesigning and
                                                        repurposing library space. In many ways we are creating the post-
                                                        digital facility as we retain a trompe l‟oeil approach to the mainte-
                                                        nance of book collections and study spaces. With technology and rap-
                                              idly shifting user behaviors as a catalyst, academic libraries are being trans-
                                              formed as learning, intellectual, social, and collaborative spaces characterized
                                              by flexibility and adaptability.

                                                                                          We are embracing new guidelines for
                                                                                          the planning and design of library
                                               We are asking some fundamental
                                               questions about the conception and
                                               application of space:                      1.   Focus less on statistical and
                                                                                               operational formulas.
                                               1.   Why do individuals enter a space?
                                                    (MOTIVATION/OBJECTIVE)                2.   Focus more on diversity of need
                                                                                               and personal adaptability/
                                               2.   How do individuals navigate a
                                                    space? (TRANSPORTATION/
                                                    CIRCULATION)                          3.   Design for the agile rather than the
                                               3.   How do individuals use a space?
                                                    (EXPERIENCE/PRODUCTIVITY)             4.   Start with the user and not the
                                               4.   What is balance among FUNCTION,
                                                    USABILITY and AESTHETICS?             5.   Start with the technology and not
                                                                                               with the staff.
                                               5.   How do individuals relate to each
                                                    other? (PRIVATE/COLLABORATIVE/
                                                                                          6.   Bring the classroom into the library.
                                                                                          7.   Bring the academy into the library.
                                               6.   What is the symbolic role of space?
                                                    (EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL)                 8.   Conceive the library five years
                                               7.   How does a space reflect/advance
                                                    larger organization? (MISSION/        9.   Think more about playground and
                                                    SUCCESS/FEEL)                              less about sanctuary.
                                               8.   How does a space enable               10. Prepare for anxiety, disruption and
                                                    FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY?             chaos.
NEWSLETTER               NUMBER         45                                                                 PAGE   5

At Columbia, space at the 22 library buildings on
campus has been rethought and redeployed in the
context of these questions and guidelines:
 Butler Library, the                information resources together       Library, and Teachers College
undergraduate library and            in collaborative and applications    Library.
humanities library, has              -rich spaces. Similar facilities
experienced a 10-year $100           are being planned, including a        The ability to repurpose and
                                     Digital Engineering Center for       redesign library space has been
million renovation with
                                     the Engineering Library, a Digital   enabled by the implementation
complete refreshment,
                                     Arts Center in the Avery             of the Research Collections and
expanded user space, and new
                                     Architectural and Fine Arts          Preservation Consortium (ReCAP)
technology centers and spaces.
                                     Library, and a Digital Music         offsite shelving facility. Located
 Lehman Library, the social         Center in the Music and Arts         in New Jersey, and co-owned
sciences library, has gone           Library.                             and administered by Columbia,
through a series of projects with                                         Princeton and New York Public
similar objectives focused on         New spaces have been               Library, it now holds nearly 10
group study spaces and research      created in the Libraries for the     million volumes from the three
technologies, including a GIS        Center for New Media Teaching        partner institutions.
center and an electronic data        and Learning, the Center for
                                     Digital Research and                  Plans are underway to convert
                                     Scholarship, and the Copyright       several libraries into information
 Four science libraries have        Advisory Office. Academic            centers as the Business School,
been closed and a new                centers, like the Center for         School of International and
integrated science library will be   American History and the Center      Public Affairs, the Earth
opened in January 2011 with          for Human Rights Documentation       Institute, and the Mind, Brain,
very small current reading           and Research are now integrated      Behavior Institute all look at
collections, and with an             into the Libraries.                  new construction on a new
emphasis on diverse user spaces                                           Columbia campus.
and high-end technologies and         Several new libraries have
research applications for the        been constructed, including the
sciences.                            Social Work Library, and massive
                                     renovations have proceeded at:
 New Digital Humanities             the Burke Theology and Religion          Vice President for Information
Center, Digital Social Science       Library, the Business and              Services and University Librarian
Center, and Digital Science          Economics Library, the Starr                       Columbia University
Center have been implemented         East Asian Library, the Geology                           New York, NY
bringing people, technology and      Library, the Health Sciences             
                                              Some reflections on the

                                              World Library and
                                              Information Congress 76th
                                              IFLA General Conference
                                              and Assembly
                                               "Open access to knowledge – promoting sustainable
                                               progress", 10-15 August 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden

                                                                  2010 in     sembly, during the opening      tions from international
                                                                 Gothen-      ceremony were interesting.      experts followed by interac-
                                                                 burg was     He reminded us about the        tive table discussions. Our
                                              a great success and a won-      power of words, diplomacy       theme was „Radical new
                                              derful professional experi-     and negotiation, reflecting     collaborations in challeng-
                                              ence. The conference re-        on how this had saved lives     ing times‟, continuing some
                                              mains a very popular and        in the civil war in Sudan. He   of the ideas emerging from
                                              truly international event,      quoted Bertram Russell‟s:       our joint session with Man-
                                              attracting over 3,300 dele-     „nobody can do everything       agement and Marketing. We
                                              gates from 128 different        but everyone can do some-       usefully covered radical
                                              countries. Indeed there         thing.‟                         collaborations, journal big
                                              were a staggering 350 pa-                                       deals, integrated support
                                              pers, 200 posters and 80        As chair of the Academic        services and research im-
                                              exhibitors, and IFLA Express    and Research Libraries Sec-     pact measurement services.
                                              was produced daily in seven     tion, I concentrated in         Again we ranged widely
                                              different languages during      three priorities during the     from Australia, the United
                                              the Congress.                   conference: I chaired our       States to the United King-
                                                                              ARL conference sessions; I      dom. Feedback confirms
                                              This all rather confirms the    chaired our section commit-     how much delegates enjoy a
                                              continued value of an an-       tee meetings; and I took        session where they can con-
                                              nual „face -to face‟ confer-    part in IFLA‟s training, eu-    tribute and explore issues
                                              ence even in the age of Web     phemistically         called    together.
                                              2.0 and social networking.      „leadership‟ training.
                                              Exploiting the power of
                                              twitters, blogs and so forth    Our two conference sessions
                                              is very important for IFLA      were great successes.            IFLA tried a few new ap-
                                              and social networking seems                                         proaches this year
                                              to have successfully com-       Once again we joined with
                                              plemented and extended          the Management and Mar-
                                              the reach of the conference     keting Section to organise a
                                              rather than replaced it alto-   session on „Reconstructing      All sessions were colour
                “Our two                      gether.                         library services in challeng-
                                                                              ing times‟. This had a truly
                                                                                                              coded according to five
                                                                                                              congress „tracks‟ and this
                                              The organising committee        international flavour with      was intended to help dele-
      conference                              achieved a „lighter‟ cultural   papers from Canada, Nor-        gates identify and pursue
                                              touch to both opening and       way, Uganda and the United      particular themes of inter-
                                              closing ceremonies this         Kingdom. They covered           est to them. The tracks
                       sessions               year, exploiting the uplift-    organisational convergence,     were open access and digi-
                                              ing „global reach‟ of ABBA      shared services, service        tal resources; policy, strat-
                                              rather than the more in-        innovation and reconstruct-     egy and advocacy; users
      were great                              tense and serious cultural      ing academic and public         driving access and services;
                                              ceremonies of some previ-       library services. Combining     tools and techniques; and
                                              ous conferences. That hav-      the expertise of two sec-       ideas, innovations and an-
    successes.”                               ing been said, I was less       tions to create sessions with   ticipating the new. IFLA are
                                              sure about the „library lov-    broader appeal is one of        keen to continue this ap-
                                              ers‟ publicity campaign and     IFLA‟s real strengths.          proach and it would be in-
                                              IFLA finger nail extensions!                                    teresting to see how helpful
                                              The words of Jan Eliasson,      Our „Hot topics in academic     it actually is for delegates.
                                              Former President of the         and research libraries‟ con-
                                              sixtieth session of the         tinues to be a winning for-     IFLA was keen to get reac-
                                              United Nation General As-       mula: four short presenta-      tion to its new draft strate-
NEWSLETTER               NUMBER          45                                                              PAGE        7

                                                                                                               Gothenburg Harbour
                                                                                                               which inspired the
                                                                                                               logo for IFLA 2010.

gic plan 2010-2015, particularly      and Helsinki in 2012. Through       Equipment and Knowledge Man-
from section committees. It an-       our Essay competition we en-        agement sections.      The new
nounced a seven-year cycle for        couraged three first timers to      university library in Cottbus in
the location of the annual con-       attend IFLA in Gothenburg. We       Germany certainly dares to be
gress based on its regions. IFLA      were reassured that over 600        different, and I was interested
will be in Asia Oceania in 2013       delegates attended our events       to learn about the three KM
and in Europe in 2014. The closer     in Gothenburg and most were         leadership poisons – power,
definition of officers‟ roles is      more than satisfied with their      prestige and prejudice – to
also a welcome development.           professional experience.            which it is suggested a fourth,
                                                                          politics, should be added.
As chair of the Academic and          The national Caucus meetings
Research Libraries Section I was      remain a useful feature of IFLA.    The organising committee are to
pleased with my first two meet-       The UK Caucus certainly pro-        be congratulated on a great
ings in the new role. Interest-       vides a good opportunity for        IFLA, enjoyed as it was by so
ingly we had more observers           keeping in touch with the many      many delegates from around the
than committee members at our         UK participants. Many Caucus        world. I am very much looking
first meeting, reflecting the         meetings struggle to afford a       forward to San Juan, Puerto
considerable interest in our          reception which was always a        Rico where our intriguing theme
work and the inclusive and per-       good way of stimulating social      will be „Libraries beyond librar-
meable nature of IFLA.                and professional interaction.       ies: integration, innovation and
                                      The exhibition continues to be a    information for all‟. However, I
While welcoming the new strat-        significant part of IFLA and one    will never forget the closing
egy, the committee would have         can only assume this continues      ceremony with its lingering
liked to see a shorter and            to make good economic sense         shots of Bob McKee, Chief Ex-
sharper document, setting out         for the companies involved.         ecutive of the UK‟s Chartered
just what IFLA stands for and                                             Institute of Library and Informa-
how it plans to secure the fu-        I struggle to find words to ade-    tion Professionals, whose un-
ture of libraries and librarians in   quately describe this unique        timely death in Gothenburg
the coming period.         Govern-    conference: hectic, exhausting,     overshadowed the memory of
ments, universities and other         stimulating, cultural, rewarding,   IFLA 2010. The accolades have
institutions need to be re-           occasionally hilarious and some-    poured in from all over the
minded of the value and impact        times frustrating. Learning to      world, reflecting Bob‟s huge
of libraries. As one American         be in two or more places at         international presence and his
Library Director reminded us,         once is indeed a huge advan-        massive contribution to the
75% of his staff are no longer        tage.     Chairing both section     world of librarianship. He will
librarians. We have also identi-      meetings and conference ses-        be so badly missed by everyone
fied measurable activities to         sions is tough and leaves little    concerned with IFLA.
support the new strategy.             time to enjoy other conference
                                      sessions. However, I did man-
As well as reflecting on our ses-     age to visit one university li-
sions at Gothenburg we planned        brary and to dip into sessions                      Chair Academic &
activities for Puerto Rico in 2011    organised by the Buildings and              Research Libraries Section
                                   PAGE   8
                                              Academic And Research Librarian’s Opportunity
                                              Apply For Free Registration/Bursary To IFLA 2011

                                              The Academic and Research         covered by the Registration/    contact          information
                                              Libraries Section is offering     Bursary.
                                              three free Registrations/                                         This Essay Contest is spon-
                                              Bursaries equivalent in the        The winners of the essay      sored by IFLA Academic and
                                              amount of € 425 each to           contest will cover their ex-    Research Libraries Section.
                                              an information professional       penses to register to attend
                                                                                the 2011 IFLA Conference in     Andrew McDonald, Chair;
                                              from Africa, Latin America
                                                                                San Juan, Puerto Rico.          with support from the Gov-
                                              and the Asia/Pacific region
                                              to cover the registration/                                        erning Board, IFLA
                                              bursary expenses at the           APPLICATION PROCEDURES          We humbly request your
                                              2011 IFLA Conference, to be                                       support to encourage appli-
                                              held 13–18 Aug 2011 in San         Prepare a written state-      cants to respond by forward-
                                              Juan, Puerto Rico. (http://       ment, in English or Spanish,    ing the information to other
                                           of approximately 500 words.     list managers, colleagues,
                                              The conference theme is                                           or other associations.
                                                                                 Please place your com-
                                              “Libraries beyond libraries:
                                                                                plete contact information on    Any translation of this re-
                                              Integration, Innovation and
                                                                                a separate page.                quest is also appreciated,
                                              Information for all”.
                                                                                                                particularly for the Asia/
                                              One free registration for a
                                                                                 Describe    your general      Pacific region, Africa and
                                                                                current and future interests    Latin America.
                                              librarian from Africa, One
                                                                                and activities and specifics
                                              free registration for a librar-
                                                                                on why attending IFLA would
                                              ian from Latin America, and
                                                                                benefit you. This should also
                                              One free registration for a                                         University of Bergen Library
                                                                                include a reflection of the
                                              librarian from the Asia/                                                        Bergen, Norway
                                                                                meaning of the theme of the
                                              Pacific region.                                                
                                                                                conference for you.
                                              Applicants must be able to
                                                                                Your essay must be received
                                              attend the conference and
                                                                                by March 15th, 2011.
                                              will be responsible for all
                                              other costs associated with       POST AWARD                         Please send your essay
                                              conference attendance.            REQUIREMENTS                       with your address,
                                                                                                                   telephone number,
                                              The Essay Contest only cov-       Recipients will write a brief      and email address no
                                              ers the expense of registra-      article (approximately 500         later than Tuesday,
                                              tion to the conference!           words) for publication in the      March 15th, 2011
                                                                                December 2011 issue of the         to Ane Landoy:
                                              ELIGIBILITY                       Academic and Research
                                                                                Libraries Newsletter on their      Via attachment in email –
                                               Applicants must be eligi-       conference experience.
                                              ble to obtain a visa for                                   
                                              travel.                           NOTIFICATION
                                                                                                                   Via facsimile –
                                               Applicants must realize          All applicants will receive      Attn: Ane Landoy
                                              and declare they are able to      notification of award status        + 47 5558 9703
                                              fund any other costs not          no later than May 1, 2011.
                                              covered by the registration                                          Via Post -
                                              grant allocated to them.           All essays will be ac-           Attn: Ane Landoy
                                                                                knowledged upon receipt.           University of Bergen Library
                                               All other expenses for                                             PB 7808
                                                                                Please be sure to include
                                              hotel and travel are NOT                                             N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
                                                                                your return address or other

                                                    Supporting new professionals in memory of Bob McKee

                                              Aspire Award Launched At Celebration Event
                                              IFLA and CILIP, with the support of his fam-      October, which was the date when Bob was
                                              ily, have launched the Aspire Award in            due to hold his retirement party. IFLA's
                                              memory of CILIP's Chief Executive Bob             Secretary General, Jennefer Nicholson and
                                              McKee, who died in August 2010. The Award         CILIP's President, Biddy Fisher launched the
                                              will support Bob's strong interests in devel-     Award.
                                              oping new professionals and strengthening
                                              international relationships. It will provide      It is hoped the Award will be funded by
                                              bursaries for new professionals to attend         donations, which can be made through CILIP
                                              CILIP and IFLA conferences.                       or IFLA.
                                                                                                Donate through IFLA at
                                              The creation of the Award was announced           grants-awards/aspire
                                              at a special event to celebrate Bob's profes-     Donate through CILIP at
                                              sional life, held in London on Thursday 28        aspireaward
NEWSLETTER              NUMBER         45                                                               PAGE   9

           The Bavarian State Library in the mobile

                                                                                                               for smart phones and iPads
                                                                                                               Innovative information services
The technologies of Internet use    particular in the fields of action    in the form of mobile versions.
are currently undergoing a sea      of academic research and educa-       This requires a comprehensive re
change: The classic web access      tion, in its 2010 edition draws       -design of these services, adapt-
route via desktop computers and     the conclusion: "For many peo-        ing them in particular to the
laptops is no longer only supple-   ple all over the world, but espe-     changed display format and the
mented, but is increasingly re-     cially in developing countries,       usability requirements of ges-
placed by the use of mobile de-     mobiles are increasingly the          ture-controlled touch screens.
vices. Such mobile devices are in   access point not only for com-        Particularly younger library us-
particular the so-called smart      mon tools and communications,         ers, for whom the use of mobile
phones, such as for example the     but also for information of all       devices is a matter of course,
iPhone, which have relatively       kinds, training materials, and        will equally naturally expect
big, high-resolution displays and   more." And the oft-quoted Mor-        mobile variants of library Inter-
an intuitive, touch screen-based    gan Stanley‟s Mobile Internet         net services and will no longer
control, thus allowing for com-     Report also forecasts: "Regarding     put up with "miniature images"
fortable web browsing, as well      pace of change, we believe            of regular web sites on smart-
as the new tablet devices,          more users will likely connect to     phone displays. An analysis of
among which currently the Apple     the internet via mobile devices       the "Inside Higher Education"
iPad is doubtlessly the most        than desktop PCs within 5             platform on "Challenges and
popular.                            years."                               Opportunities of the Small
                                                                          Screen" by Joshua Kim of No-
All current studies and trend       Libraries as important service        vember 2009 describes these
reports on the development of       providers in the Internet have to     changes in the users' expecta-
the Internet agree that these       adapt in time to this global          tions very concisely: "When we
mobile devices are the future.      trend towards a predominantly         get to a point that a mobile ver-
The Gartner report "Top End         mobile Internet use, and make         sion is expected of whatever
User Predictions for 2010" says:    available their core services -       content we want to interact
"By 2013, mobile phones will        the online catalogue, electronic      with, not having a mobile ver-
overtake PCs as the most com-       resources such as data bases, e-      sion may cut off the desire to
mon Web access device world-        journals and e-books, their digi-     consume that content."
wide." The annual HORIZON re-       tised book collections and vir-       The Bavarian State Library and
port, analysing web trends in       tual subject libraries, etc. - also   the Bavarian Library Network
                                                                          started in the spring of 2010 to
                                                                          offer central, net-based infor-
                                                                          mation services to their users
                                                                          successively also in the form of
                                                                          mobile applications. With 10
                                                                          million books, 55.000 current
                                                                          periodicals in printed or elec-
                                                                          tronic form and more than
                                                                          90.000 manuscripts the Bavarian
                                                                          State Library is one of the most
                                                                          important knowledge centres of
                                                                          the world. First the online cata-
                                                                          logue of the library ("OPACplus")
                                                                          with around 10 million entries
                                                                          was optimized for use via smart
                                                                          phone, followed in June by the
                                                                          mobile re-design of the overall
                                                                          Bavarian union catalogue with
                                                                          over 19 million searchable en-
                                                                          tries and 41 million article en-
                                                                          tries from more than 150 Bavar-
                                                                          ian libraries. Both applications
                                                                          were developed as generic appli-
                                                                          cations, executable on all cur-
                                                                          rently relevant mobile plat-
                                                                          forms: on Apple's iPhones like on
                                                                          Google's android-based smart
                                                                          phones and Nokia's Symbian-
                                                                          based mobile phones.
                                                                          The adaptation of the two online
                                                                          catalogues to the use environ-
                                                                          ment of mobile devices required
                                                                          among other things the
                                                                                        Continues Page 10
                                   PAGE   10

                                               Page 9 continued

                                               The Bavarian State Library in the mobile Internet:
                                               Innovative information services for smart phones and iPads
                                               enlargement of fonts and          personalised services, such      now the frequently uniquely
                                               buttons, the filtering out of     as the administration of the     illuminated digital colour
                                               redundant information, the        individual user account and      copies of the genealogies of
                                               subdivision of information        the loan, reservation and        the Fugger dynasty, the
                                               into smaller units, where         interlibrary loan functions.     Ottheinrich bible, the Song
                                               required "hiding" such units      Furthermore direct access        of the Nibelungs, the gospel
                                               behind a finger-stroke com-       to licensed electronic jour-     book from the Bamberg
                                               mand of the gesture-based         nals and digitised collections   cathedral, the Babylonian
                                               touch-screen control, and         is supported, which can then     Talmud, the Theuerdank,
                                               finally the GPS position find-    be read directly on the          the Genji Kokogami and
                                               ing, so that location func-       smart phone. Finally, also       many others can be browsed
                                               tions such as displaying the      links to all relevant social     from the first to the last
                                               nearest library holding the       networking sites have been       page. All functionalities of
                                               desired items can be used. A      implemented.                     the application, such as
                                               switch evaluating the user                                         cover flow, thumbnail pre-
                                               agent of the                                                              view, zooming, etc.
                                               http protocol                                                             can be operated
                                               then controls                                                             through mere finger
                                               automatically                                                             movement on the
                                               whether the                                                               iPad touch screen; a
                                               mobile or the                                                             video provides addi-
                                               classic variant                                                           tional    information
                                               of the online                                                             about the 450-year
                                               catalogue     is                                                          history and the ser-
                                               called up. In                                                             vice profile of the
                                               case        the                                                           Bavarian State Li-
                                               online    cata-                                                           brary. A somewhat
                                               logue of the                                                              slimmed version of
                                               Bavarian State                                                            the "Treasures of the
                                               Library is ac-                                                            Bavarian State Li-
                                               cessed via the                                                            brary" is also avail-
                                               web address                                                               able as iPhone appli-
                                               h t t ps : / /                                                            cation.
                                               and the Ba-                                                                This service offer is
                                               varian union                                                               just one example
                                               catalogue via                                                              showing how top-
                                               the     address                                                            class libraries such as
                                               www.gateway                                                                the state libraries of
                                                                                                      Munich and Berlin
                                               using a smart                                                              can put their unique
                                               phone,                                                                         digital content,
                                               the user thus                                                               developed in accor-
                                               accesses the                                                                dance with sophisti-
                                               mobile version of the ser-                                         cated quality standards and
                                                                                 In August 2010 the Bavarian
                                               vices without any effort on                                        frequently involving a great
                                                                                 State Library ventured fur-
                                               his part, and can of course                                        effort, to work in the new,
                                                                                 ther into the mobile Inter-
                                               also store the links on the                                        mobile-use scenarios of the
                                                                                 net, setting a paradigm both
                                               home screen of his smart                                           digital world and at the
                                                                                 nationally and internation-
                                               phone for comfortable rapid                                        same time maximise their
                                                                                 ally, by offering over 50
                                               access. The adaptation to                                          own visibility in the Inter-
                                                                                 select, digitised master-
                                               the specific characteristics                                       net. When you come across
                                                                                 pieces from its collections in
                                               of the smart phone takes                                           an iPad user in Munich's
                                                                                 the form of a dedicated iPad
                                               place      predominantly                                           Englischer Garten, in Berlin's
                                                                                 application. Bearing the
                                               through loading specific                                           Potsdamer Platz or in the
                                                                                 title "Famous Books - Treas-
                                               Cascading Style Sheets                                             Shanghai Metro - who
                                                                                 ures of the Bavarian State
                                               (CSS).                                                             knows, maybe he or she is
                                                                                 Library", the App is now
                                                                                                                  admiring the "Treasures of
                                                                                 available worldwide and
                                                                                 free of charge via the Apple     the Bavarian State Library".
                                               The mobile versions of the
                                               online catalogue of the Ba-       App Store. On the high-
                                               varian State Library and of       resolution, brilliant colour
                                               the Bavarian union cata-          display of the iPad, which,        Deputy Director General of
                                               logue do not only support         in view of its design and            the Bavarian State Library
                                               the pure search functional-       usability, is highly suitable              München, Germany
                                               ities, but in addition also all   for presenting digital books,
NEWSLETTER               NUMBER         45                                                                 PAGE   11

Merging Two Universities And Their Libraries
                                     humanities and social sciences,      culture shown in the illustration
                                     Kuopio‟s was health sciences,        (Fig. 2.). Here the physical
                                     whereas Lappeenranta special-        “library wall” thinking that was
                                     ized in technology.                  attached to the libraries of the
                                                                          former Universities came to an
                                     After the EU‟s decision in the       end and the library started to
                                     1990s to create a European           discuss its core services and how
                                     Higher Education Area via the so     they should be jointly provided
                                     -called Bologna-process (see         in the different campuses.
                                     more e.g. from: http://
                                          This year – 2010 – has been the
                                     hogeronderwijs/bologna/), the        first year that the new Univer-
                                     Finnish government devised new       sity and its library have worked
                                     goals for restructuring its higher   as a one unit. We have met sev-
                                     education system. In reality,        eral challenges: how to manage
                                     this meant two things: to in-        distances, how to cope with a
                                     crease the quality of Finnish        reduced budget, but we also
                                     higher education in order to         have been able to give better
                                     meet the requirements of the         services to our users, especially
                                     international competition, and       our collections have become
                                     at the same time to increase the     larger as both printed and e-
                                     effectiveness, especially in fi-     resources are available at all the
           Fig. 1.                   nancial terms, of the universi-      three campuses. For the man-
  Three campuses of the UEF          ties.                                agement perhaps the greatest
                                                                          challenge has been the creation

                                     The merging process of the UEF       of a new organizational culture,
          ecently the higher edu-
                                     started in the year 2007. The        a process that certainly takes
          cation legislation and
                                     years 2008 and 2009 meant the        time and is still going on.
          structures were reor-
                                     reorganisation of the two previ-
          ganized in Finland. A
                                     ous libraries‟ management and
new University Act was passed in
                                     provision of services so that it                       Library Director
the summer of 2009. The new
                                     became one new Library. This                      University of Eastern
act means that the formerly
                                     discussion then led to the initial                      Finland Library
state-owned Universities have                                                              Kuopio, FINLAND
                                     innovation in the management
become more autonomous. In                                                    
addition, the number of Univer-
sities in Finland is being reduced
by merging some of the existing
units into newer, larger ver-
sions. One of these new institu-
tions is the University of Eastern
Finland (UEF) which was created
out of the Universities of Joen-
suu and Kuopio. The new Univer-
sity has three different cam-
puses, about 130 kilometres
apart in the eastern part of
Finland (see Fig. 1).

The development of the univer-
sity education in the eastern
part of Finland only started in
the 1960s with legislation that
founded three universities -
Universities in Joensuu, Kuopio
and Lappeenranta. That decision
also meant that the eastern part
of Finland was endowed with
three universities that each had
their own specific profile. Joen-
suu‟s profile was mainly the                                 Fig. 2. The organization of the UEF Library
NEWSLETTER                NUMBER           45                                                             PAGE   12

De Gruyter Saur / IFLA
Research Paper Award 2011

      ven Fund, Managing Director of De Gruyter      to give De Gruyter Saur the right to publish their
      Saur and Jennefer Nicholson, IFLA Secre-       submitted paper.
      tary General invite submissions of papers
      for the De Gruyter Saur / IFLA Research        Both IFLA and De Gruyter Saur will announce and
Paper Award 2011.                                    further publicise the award via their websites,
                                                     relevant mailing lists, journals and newsletters,
This is an annual award for the best research pa-    press conferences, news releases etc.
per on a topic of importance to publishing and
access to information.                               The recipient of the award will be announced at
                                                     the IFLA President's Lunch during the IFLA World
This year's topic is "Use and Users of Digital Li-   Library and Information Congress in Puerto Rico,
braries" with subthemes:                             August 2011. If the recipient is attending this
                                                     Congress s/he will also be invited to the Presi-
   access to digital information
                                                     dent's Lunch.
   user behaviour in digital libraries
   improving interactivity in digital libraries     Papers, accompanied by the completed applica-
                                                     tion form, must be submitted by 31 March 2011.
    using web 2.0 technologies
                                                     Incomplete application forms will not be consid-
   reaching out to the wider community              ered and the decisions of the jury are final.
    through digital libraries
                                                     Download the application form:
The award is aimed at encouraging research and
publication by those relatively new to the profes-
sion. Those with no more than eight years of pro-    degruyter-ifla-award-2011.doc
fessional experience in library and information
services are eligible.                     
The award is an amount of EUR 1,000
The selected paper must have been written no
earlier than January 2010 and not yet to have
been published. The paper's maximum length
                                                                        Professional Programmes Director
should be approx. 5,000 words and should be sub-
                                                                IFLA - International Federation of Library
mitted in English.
                                                                             Associations and Institutions
The selection panel for the award comprises two                                   The Hague, Netherlands
IFLA members and the IFLA Professional Pro-                           
grammes Director. All applicants will be required

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