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                        Promoting Life Skills in Middle School Youth
                           Monthly Messenger Newsletter No. 11
                                        June 2009

The Kentucky “Promoting Life Skills in Middle School Youth” Project is part of the Children, Youth
and Families At-Risk (CYFAR) Program, Sustainable Community Projects (SCP). The Monthly
Messenger serves as a communications link for the Kentucky CYFAR Team and partners. The
newsletter contains monthly "Project Updates" from our community sites in Fleming and Lawrence
counties, "Youth Voices," "Upcoming Events," "CYFAR and CYFERnet News," “Check this Out,”
and "Grant Opportunities." The newsletter is distributed at the beginning of each month. Funding for the
CYFAR Program comes from the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service,
USDA. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those
of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the USDA.

                            KENTUCKY CYFAR PROJECT UPDATES

Fleming County Project Update
                                      The Fleming County CYFAR core youth
                                      hosted a “Photography in the Garden” event
                                      in June at the Fleming County Extension
                                      Office. In an effort to exhibit their many
                                      talents and hard work, CYFAR core youth
                                      invited the public to view their Flower Quilt
                                      Garden and photography of the horse
                                      industry in Fleming County by presenting
                                      their projects at an evening gathering on the
                                      grounds of the Extension office. Canopies
were set at the four corners of the Flower Quilt Garden where each member’s
photos were displayed.

Members of the community enjoyed desserts and lemonade while CYFAR
member, Andrew Jolly, played the piano for the guests to enjoy while they
viewed the many talents of our members. Core youth will continue to
maintain the garden by weeding, watering and fertilizing throughout the
summer. The photography has been displayed at Simons Middle School,
Fleming County Extension Office, and the Fleming County Public Library.
Also in June, the CYFAR Site Coordinator traveled to Maysville Community and Technical School in
Maysville, KY to instruct GPS classes at Career Craze. Career Craze is an opportunity for area middle
school students to explore different career options. Most importantly, CYFAR core youth graduating
from the Simons Middle School 8th grade were honored in front of the entire student body with awards
for successfully participating in the CYFAR program during their middle school years.

Lawrence County Project Update

During June, The CYFAR Site Coordinator attended a Farm and Home Field Day planning meeting to
determine ways to involve the CYFAR core youth in the event. The Site Coordinator and four core
youth then participated in Farm and Home Field Day, where the core youth helped with children’s
activities. Seven core youth helped prepare the grounds for Farm and Home Field Day. They built the
greenhouse and raised beds. The Site Coordinator also held meetings with CYFAR core youth at Louisa
Middle School before school ended for summer.

The month of June was packed with opportunities for the Lawrence County CYFAR core youth to
participate in camps, workshops, and conferences to gain new leadership and teamwork skills and
program ideas! The Site Coordinator and three core youth attended the 2009 4-H Teen Conference and
“Gardening with Class” conference. The Site Coordinator and two core youth presented two workshops
at the Lake Cumberland Operation: Military Kids Family Camp on geocaching and Wii physical
activity. The Site Coordinator and six core youth attended 4-H Horse camp.

                                         YOUTH VOICES

Lawrence County CYFAR and Operation: Military Kids --- A FANTASTIC Partnership!

The core youth from Lawrence County are real “troopers!” During both May and June, core youth
traveled all over the state to facilitate programs at the Kentucky OMK Military Family Camps in West
Kentucky and Lake Cumberland. The children and families
LOVED both programs, and even listed the geocaching or
the Wii as one of their favorite activities of the whole
weekend on post-evaluations! Way to go, Lawrence County
core youth! OMK sure APPRECIATES you!

                                        UPCOMING EVENTS

Fleming County
The Fleming County CYFAR core youth will be conducting a flip-flop and backpack round-up during
July which will be sent to children on an island near Afghanistan. A military family member from
Fleming County is stationed at this location and has e-mailed pictures of children who are in desperate
need of shoes and writing supplies. The youth are currently in the process of applying for a “partner
program” from the Operation: Military Kids grant to supplement the round-up to reach out to military
kids in need. Another fantastic OMK/CYFAR partnership is developing!

Speak Out! For Military Kids – Operation BUG OUT Training Opportunity!
The next Speak out for Military Kids (SOMK) training will be on August 1, 2009 in Elizabethtown at
the Hardin County Extension Office. Adults and youth (both military and non-military) are invited!
This will be a fun training hat will help get the word out about military children and families in
Kentucky, but also will provide skills building for youth and adults on public speaking, leadership, and
even job skills! Limited funds are available for Extension personnel to bring one or more youth with
them to this training. Sign up by contacting Tyrone Atkinson, Kentucky OMK Coordinator, at or 859-257-3019. 
                                   CYFAR and CYFERnet NEWS

Upcoming CYFERnet Online Trainings
   •   Tools of the Trade II - On September 14th, a webinar will be offered on Tools of the Trade II
       curriculum on science, engineering, and technology for children and youth. Registration for this
       session will open mid to late August.
   •   Civic Engagement of Youth - On November 10th, a webinar will be offered on the PEACE
       curriculum on Civic Engagement for youth. Registration for this session will open mid October.

Summertime Safety with Children
During the warm summer months, children are involved in many physical activities. It is up to adults to
identify potential hazards and act with safety in mind - to make changes to the environment, avoid
hazards, and set rules for youth to follow.
Read this month's Hot Topic at for
resources on:

       sun protection
       heat stress
       water safety
       the hazards of insects
       playground safety
       safety on bicycles and other wheeled vehicles
       car and bus safety

                                        CHECK THIS OUT!

The latest issue of the Journal of Research on Adolescence, 19(2), 2009, features two articles on
adolescents’ participation in youth development programs.
The first, “Patterns of Early Adolescents’ Participation in Youth Development Programs Having
Positive Youth Development Goals,” is authored by Aida Balsano, Erin Phelps, Christina Theokas,
Jacqueline Lerner, and Richard Lerner. The study uses longitudinal data from 5th and 6th graders
participating in the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development.
The second study is “Predictors of Adolescent Participation in Organized Activities: A Five-Year
Longitudinal Study” and is authored by Anne-Sophie Denault and Francois Poulin. This study
examined participation in sports, performance and fine arts, and clubs throughout high school.
The journal can be accessed at the following website:

Physical Inactivity in U.S. Adolescents: Family, Neighborhood, and Individual Factors
Although much attention has been paid to TV watching and other individual factors that may contribute
to physical inactivity among U.S. youth, the roles that family and neighborhood influences may play
have been largely unexplored. To help fill this research gap, Child Trends analyzed data from the
National Survey of Children's Health to identify family, neighborhood, and individual factors that may
have a bearing on adolescent inactivity.
The study finds that, compared with moderately and highly active teens, low-active teens (that is, those
who do not exercise or participate in sports) are more likely to have parents who do not exercise. In
addition, living in a "non-supportive" neighborhood (one lacking close ties between neighbors) is
associated with whether teens participate in sports, but not whether they engaged in exercise.

School Connectedness: A Video Highlight
What is the secret behind students staying in school? Interesting courses? GPA? A
new CDC study shows the unwavering support of teachers and community members
is a primary contributor to students' success in school. During a June 23
Congressional briefing from Search Institute and the National Collaboration for
Youth, experts from the Search Institute, CDC and local schools shared their insight
on how to create these essential connections and their lasting impact on students. We've got the scoop.

                                  $$ GRANT OPPORTUNITIES $$

National Gardening Association Announces Continuation of Youth Garden Grants Program
The National Gardening Association has announced that the Home Depot is returning as the Youth
Garden Grants sponsor for 2010. NGA annually awards Youth Garden Grants to schools and
community organizations with child-centered garden programs across the United States. Schools, youth
groups, community centers, camps, clubs, treatment facilities, and intergenerational groups throughout
the United States are eligible. Applicants must plan to garden with at least 15 children between the ages
of three and 18 years. For the 2010 grant cycle, 100 grants are available. Five programs will each
receive gift cards valued at $1,000 (a $500 gift card to the Home Depot and a $500 gift card to the
Gardening with Kids catalog and educational materials from NGA). Ninety-five programs will receive a
$500 gift card to the Home Depot and educational materials from NGA. Visit for application information.
Application deadline: November 2, 2009

National Gardening Association Applications for 2009 Hooked on Hydroponics Education Grants
The Grow Store and have joined with the National Gardening Association to
offer hydroponic equipment to expand indoor gardening opportunities for elementary and middle and
high school students. The program will provide thirty-six schools with equipment and learning
materials for hydroponics projects that involve at least fifteen children between the ages of 6 and 18
during the 2010 school year. Applicants must verify that their facility can accommodate the equipment
in the award packages available for their age group.
Application deadline: September 18, 2009

Programs Assisting Children, Animals, and the Environment Funded
The Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation is committed to improving communities and impacting lives
by supporting programs throughout the United States that address the needs of children and families,
animals, and the environment. Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000, with an average of $2,500. Build-
A-Bear Workshop also provides gift certificate donations to schools and nonprofit organizations that
address the company's priorities. Requests for either program may be submitted at any time. Visit the
Build-A-Bear Workshop's website for funding guidelines and restrictions. See for additional information.

Applications Open for Spotlighting Positive Youth Development
This is an exciting opportunity for individuals interested in putting Positive Youth Development
concepts to work at the state level through interdisciplinary collaborations. Participate in a 3-day
Kickoff session in the Washington DC area, all expenses paid, and learn about positive youth
development frameworks, effective collaboration strategies, and how to coordinate youth services
effectively across sectors.
To learn more, and download an application, please visit

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