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					     ROSEVILLE OPTIMIST CLUB NEWSLETTER!                                                      FEBRUARY 2011

                   ON THE UPBEAT
                   Anchor Bay Optimist Club says GOODBYE

                                                                                                             17354 ZONE 16
The Anchor Bay Optimist Club has decided to dissolve. This club, as many Roseville                             2009-2010

Optimists are aware, is the “Baby” of the Roseville Club. As its parent and sponsor club,                      President
                                                                                                              Judy Hartwell
we have been struggling to keep it viable for the last eight years, unable to set the right                     778-1532

membership needed to build. That being said, I would like to thank the Roseville                             President-Elect
                                                                                                               Julie Brown
Optimist Club for our continuous help and support.
                                                                                                              John Surhigh
                                                                                                             Angeline Marlar
With the funds remaining in our Treasury, we were able to donate $500.00 to the                                Secretary
Roseville Recreation Department in my Dad’s (George Rollinger) memory; $450.00 to                            Frank Maisano
purchase a Wii gaming system and accompanying games for the Mt. Clemens Regional                               Treasurer
                                                                                                             Maggie Rollinger
Hospital. Another $750.00 went to the MI Department of Human Resources toward the                              777-5613

purchase of about fifteen (15) coats, including snowsuits for infants - to coats for                       Board of Directors

teenagers as well as$400.00 for personal items for the back-pack program and baby                                2010
                                                                                                            Michelle Kauffold
sleeper blankets. We were still able to donate $500.00 to both the New Baltimore and                         Robert Taylor
                                                                                                           Sharon Tomkowiak
Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Departments. The final two donations of $150.00 each                       Barbara Miglio

went to the Optimist International Foundation and Roseville Optimist Club.                                        2011

                                                                                                             Mike Antoine
                                                                                                            Claudia Varblow
Even with the sadness of having to lose our “Baby Club,” I feel very proud that we were                      Cathy Surhigh
                                                                                                           Colleen McCartney
able to make all these donations to the various causes or organizations. Please keep in
                                                                                                       Terms expire in September of
mind that the Roseville Optimist Club needs each and every member’s continued support                        following year.
to meet our goals of helping as many children as possible.                                                  Past Presidents
                                                                                                               Sandy Scott
                                                                                                                Nick Miglio
                                                                                                              David Colburn
Once again, thank you all for al your support and help these last eight years.                               Barbara Miglio*
                                                                                                               Robert Kohn
                                                                                                                Beth Aiuto
                                                                                                               John Surhigh
                                                                                                            Michael Antoine
                                                                                                               Anna Lamer
Maggie Rollinger, Roseville Optimist Treasurer and Past President of                                       Darlene Steenland+
                                                                                                               Linda Kohn*
                                                                                                              Judy Hartwell*
the Anchor Bay Optimist Club                                                                                Michelle Rollinger
                                                                                                                Greg Scott
                                                                                                           Shirley Blumberger
                                                                                                             Barbara Miglio*
                                                                                                             Joe Steenland+
                                                                                                              Harold Haugh

TWO MEMBERS INJURED COMING TO MEETING                                                                        Sunshine Lady
                                                                                                            Catherine Hannon

                                                                                                          Denotes two terms *
                                                                                                          Deceased member +
Members Lois Arnott and Anna Lamer were involved in an automobile accident on
Saturday, January 15th, 2011 on their way to attend the Optimist Regular Membership
Meeting. Both ladies were listed in critical condition and both required extensive
surgery. At this writing, Anna Lamer is in Mt. Clemens General and Lois Arnott is in
Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe. With this in mind, it has been decided to postpone
our Youth Appreciation Program to a date in the near future. Here’s wishing a speedy
and quick recovery to these wonderful Ladies.

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ROSEVILLE OPTIMIST CLUB NEWSLETTER!                                                 FEBRUARY 2011
                                                             The next Regular Membership Meeting is scheduled
                                                             for Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 7:00pm at the
                                                             Recreation Center.

                                                                       Gratiot Directory Information
Mayor John Chirkun will deliver his State of the City                   The Directory will be emailed to you.
Address on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at the
Gourmet Manor located at 29730 Groesbeck, Roseville.         Name of Business:
The doors open at 7:30am with breakfast being served         ______________________________
at 8:00am. The State of the City Address will begin at
8:30am. The cost of the breakfast is $10.00 a person         Address: _____________________________________
and a full menu breakfast will be served. Seating is
limited and reservations must be received with the           Contact Person: _______________________________
attached form with payment no later than 2/04/2011.
                                                             Contact Phone #: ______________________________
Mayor Chirkun will also conduct a Gratiot Business
Symposium giving businesses in the Gratiot corridor an       E-Mail Address: ________________________________
opportunity to collaborate their services with
neighboring businesses.                                      Description of your business operations:

This event is being sponsored by the Eastpointe-                   _________________________________________________
Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Christian Financial
Credit Union and Henry Ford Macomb Hospital-Warren
                                                                    Name(s) of Individual(s) attending the February 16
________________________________________                                 State of the City Address and Breakfast
                                                                                   (Cost $10 per person)

     CONGRATULATIONS TO BARARA MIGLIO                                Name                               Title

Barbara Miglio has been voted to the position of Board       _________________________________________________
Member, filling the vacancy created by the resignation
last month by former Board Member, Susan Wright.             _________________________________________________

Barbara has always given of herself and has always ex-                 Please submit information and payment to the
                                                                         City Manager’s Office by February 4, 2011
hibited the Optimist’s Standards. We welcome Barbara
                                                                                      Space is Limited
returning to the Board and look forward to her endless
source of energy and stamina when it comes to being                     Make checks payable to the City of Roseville
an Optimist.
                                                                                Attn: City Manager’s Office
                                                                                    29777 Gratiot
                                                                                 Roseville, MI 48066
                                                                                 FAX: (586) 445-5402

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ROSEVILLE OPTIMIST CLUB NEWSLETTER!                                                                  FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                             is supplied via the DJ. Drawings for door prizes and 50/50’s
                                                                             will be available with the purchase of raffle tickets.
                                                                             Contact Diane Rogers at (586) 455-5505 for further
                                                                             information or tickets.

          Thanks to our Guest Speakers

                                                                                                February Birthdays

                                                                                             4 Ann Marie Reisterer
                                                                                               11 Roma Heaney
                                                                                              11 Charles Frontera
                                                                                                11 Alan LaHaise

                                                                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPTIMISTS!!


                                                                                                MEETING TIDBITS
Pictured are Nicki (right) and Dr. Nancy Patterson (left) of Patterson
Chiropractic Care for People and Their Pets and Lulu, a Bichon
                                                                             Shouts of “Loser, Loser” rang out during our last meeting when
                                                                             Maggie Rollinger’s ticket was pulled. And not wanting to upset
                                                                             those present, Maggie did not pick the Joker. Thanks, Maggie.
   Dr. Patterson and Nutritionist Nicki were extremely informative
in there deliverance of their dissertation on a newly expanding field
                                                                             The 50/50 Raffle was won by that wonderful lady, Shirley Reitzel.
for our beloved pets. Dr. Patterson has treated pets ranging from
                                                                             What a lady this Lady Optimist is!!!! Way to go, Shirley!!!!
cats and dogs to birds and fowls. Nicki let us in on what our pets
needs are when it comes to nutrients and the like, expounding on                                                        th
                                                                             This coming March will mark our ninth (9 ) year anniversary that
the need for all natural products when feeding our pets. Thanks
                                                                             we will have our Saturday morning meeting at the Masonic Center.
were extended and a robust round of applause followed.
                                                                             The Masonic Lodge has been so gracious as to announce that they
                                                                             will be serving us breakfast on their behalf that morning.

               SCHOLARSHIP DANCE                                             We cannot forget to thank Susan Wright for the wonderful job she
                                                                             has done over the years for our Club – first as Treasurer and then as
                                                                             a Board member. Her personnel obligations prohibit her from
The Roseville Community Schools Scholarship Foundation is
                                                                             continuing as a Board Member. We wish Susan nothing but the
holding their yearly Fundraiser/Dance this year on Saturday,
                                                                             best and know that she is nothing short of top-notch people. Don’t
February 5, 2011 at the Athena Hall on Gratiot Avenue in                     forget that she is still a member and we hope that this continues
Roseville. Doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets are available at                    for quite some time.
$31.00 per person and include dinner which will be served at
7:00pm. Set-ups are made available and liquor is BYO. Music                  Michelle Kauffold reminded all present that we need to help our
                                                                             Club grow. If your sponsor is not coming to the meetings, give
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ROSEVILLE OPTIMIST CLUB NEWSLETTER!                                                          FEBRUARY 2011
them a call to see where they have been. If you sponsored                The Guest Speaker scheduled to speak at the Saturday,
someone and they are not attending, give them the call and ask the
                                                                         February 19th 2011 Breakfast Meeting is Michael Clancy
same of them.
                                                                         from C.I.A. Financial Group. Please plan to attend this
                                                                         function and hear what Mr. Clancy has to offer.

            2012)                                                                 MARCH RAFFLE open letter

Our Clubs fiscal year runs from October 1 through
September 31. This years nominating committee is                         Fellow Optimists:
looking for members who wish to take the next step in
giving back to the club by becoming an officer of the                    I realize that we ran this article just a few weeks ago,
club. The major duties of the positions are listed below.                but it is of an extremely important matter and needs
The committee is accepting nominations beginning Feb                     revisiting. By now, all of us know that the MARCH
7 until March 19, 2011. If you are interested or know
                                                                         RAFFLE is our club’s biggest fundraiser for the year. If
someone in the club that you feel may be a good
candidate for office, please call or email any member of                 we take into consideration all the monies earned from
the nominating committee. The nominees will be                           all of our fundraisers, 25% comes from this one event.
contacted by the committee to verify their acceptance of                 That is an average profit of $4,660.00 a year for the
the nomination.                                                          past seven (7) years.

Directors (elected for two years)                                        This year, we are currently for below where we should
Determines policies
                                                                         be. With only one month and a dew days left, our
Makes long-range and short-term plans
Supervises Club activities
                                                                         returns show 39 books sold. This doesn’t cover our
                                                                         expenses. We do realize that money is somewhat tight
Vice Presidents (elected for one year)                                   this year. With this in mind, we are anticipating that
Serves as liaison between the Board, the President and                   more kids will be requesting our help.
President-Elect and a group of committees.
Serves on the Board of Directors                                         We are asking that each member to sell at least ten
Counsels a group of Committees assigned by the President.                (10) tickets. If you haven’t picked up or sold any tickets
                                                                         yet, please call either Cathy Haugh (296-6350) or Cathy
Club President-Elect (elected for one year)                              Surhigh (293-2331) and they will make certain that
Serves on the Board of Directors
                                                                         they get to you.
Presides over meetings and acts in capacity of
President when absent.
Succeeds to the office of President on the first day of                  For every 10 tickets that you sell, you will have a
the succeeding year.                                                     chance to win $50.00 in our Early Bird Drawing. So
                                                                         have your money in no later than the Tuesday,
Nomination Committee Members                                             February 1st meeting to qualify.

 John Surhigh       293-2331
 Frank Maisano      772-4866               We need the rest of the tickets returned to us by our
 Judy Hartwell      778-1532                February 19th meeting on the 3rd Saturday of the
 Julie Brown        575-9137                    month.
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      REMEMBER – Optimists do it for the kids.

Thanking you in advance,
The Raffle Committee

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