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									Hot water heaters with storage tanks are the most common and least
expensive models, taking both installation and purchase price into
account. The top tank heaters are brands like Bradford White, A.O. Smith,
Rudd, and Rheem. These brands are mainly sold to plumbers and builders or
through independent retailers, not in big-box stores.

Since water heating accounts for about 13 percent of the utility bill,
being more eco-friendly with water heater use can save huge bucks. There
are plenty of ways to cut back the water heating bill and help the
environment at the same time. Using less hot water is maybe the most
obvious and this entails repairing leaky taps, installing aerating
faucets that minimize water use while enhancing spray, and showering
instead of a bath.

Consumers looking for electrical hot water heaters ought to take into
account the GE GeoSpring Hybrid heater. This unit qualifies for the
current federal tax credit and as an ENERGY STAR model, also qualifies
for state rebates and different local and state incentives. Prior to the
release of this hybrid model, Rheem Marathon electric water heaters were
considered the best due to their insulation and leakproof tank featuring
a lifetime warranty.

Each of these models comes with a price tag well over $1,000. For those
with a smaller budget, the gas GE Energy Star SG50T12AVG is a suggested
buy. It costs about $650, features a 12-year parts warranty, and comes
with one year of in-home repair. Previous purchasers offer it high
ratings and plumbers love the fact that the pilot light is sealed.

Improving the energy potency of hot water heaters is just one thing
homeowners can do to be more environmentally aware. Additionally, this
reduces the energy bill, something most people appreciate during these
days of rising costs. The most energy efficient water heaters are not
difficult to find and we can either install them ourselves or hire a
professional to do it.

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