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					The Rachel Foundation for Family Reintegration
                                                                                 Your Children Will Return…
                                                                                                      Jeremiah 31:17
                                                FEE SCHEDULE
                                         Subject to change without notice

     Rachel Foundation strives to provide services to all who need them. The Foundation is funded by
        program fees, individual and community donations, and donated professional services.**
    Information provided solely as a guide. Residential Program cost estimates provided during Intake
                  Review. If you need financial help, ask. If we can help you, we will.

BRIDGES                    Intensive residential family reintegration program 1-4 weeks
FOOTSTEPS                  Short-term residential family reintegration program 2-4 days.
HELPING HANDS              Professional Consultation Services

Professional consultation services.                                              $90/hr, 1st hour no charge
                                                                                 Sliding scale available
Intake Review: interviews, document review & security assessment                 $750 - $2,000
Court testimony & depositions , payable in advance, non-refundable               $1,000/day
Travel cost per day                                                              $600/day
All amounts payable in advance of arrival. In case of non-arrival, non-refundable cancellation fee s apply.
Room and board at Rachel House                                                   $75 per person per day*
Professional reunification / reintegration services                              $600 - $1,500/day
Program Reports                                                                  $1250 - $3,000
“Helping Hands” follow-up services (post-departure)                              Per case basis
Travel, meals, lodging, tolls, shuttles, taxis, car rentals                      Billed at cost
Photocopies, postage, courier, cell phone, Internet, Skype                       Billed at cost
Automobile mileage                                                               $0.58/mile or per IRS tables
*Not included: Admission fees for recreation and attractions, off-site meals, travel to/from Rachel House, airport
transfers, car rental, personal supplies, sport equipment. Payment required 7 business days before arrival. Non-
refundable cancellation fees apply. Accounts to be maintained in credit. Non-refundable fees for court testimony
payable in advance by requesting party. Admissions according to urgency, then first-come first-served basis. Priority
given to returning abducted American children.

**The Executive Director and Program Director donate professional services and others provide services
at reduced rates.


                               The Rachel Foundation for Family Reintegration
                                 P.O. Box 294810, Kerrville, TX 78029-4810
                               Tel: (830) 864-4460

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