Nowhere to Hide Emergence of computer forensics by anamaulida


									The creation of digital devices and computers used to be a nightmare for
intelligence gatherers. There were few people who were skilled in
extracting data from a computer, and the evidence gathered was sometimes
unfit to be used in a trial. Computer forensic science has seen a boom
not only in skills, but also tools to aid in gathering data, which is
needed for today's criminal activity. The image of going through a dozen
floppy diskettes to find incriminating evidence is enough to make normal
people like you and me faint, but that was what investigators were doing
to bring criminals to justice.         Finding proof from digital data
and devices used to be a time consuming and cost draining process; Dell
computer forensics had made things easier by introducing a mobile tool
that would help policemen determine which devices to take with them for
further investigation. This tool has helped by reducing the amount of
devices to check, and hence time and money are saved as forensic
scientists are now able to find helpful information easier and quicker.

    Investigators used to only be able to extract information from live
data- existing disks and drives that contains the data. People used to
feel safe after deleting a file because it would not be found; sadly this
is no longer the case as modern softwares now are able to recover deleted
data. Forensic process has become a matter of preserving, identifying,
extracting, certifying and interpreting a data from a digital device;
with an increased amount of software and tools available to help
investigation.         Dell computer forensics solution offers a system
that is team friendly while having a secure storage system to prevent
data leakage. The investigation process becomes easier, as there is more
software and aids to help correlate information and detect any
irregularity found. With the emergence of social networks, information in
websites like Facebook and Twitter may prove useful to link murders and
rape cases, with many being committed by a close friend or relative;
although it might not serve as evidence, but it may start as a lead of an
investigation.         Computer forensics is becoming an important branch
in the legal system; Dell computer forensics is here to help make
taxpayers breath and live easier knowing that computer crimes are being
handled quickly and effectively, and criminals are having fewer places to
hide evidence that would see them behind bars.

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