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					Reporter from Shantou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that
revised the GB27602007 " Food Additives Use of health standards "will be
June 1, 2008 the formal implementation of the new food businesses should
be concerned about the hygiene standards of food additives used in food
processing by standard addition and use, ensuring food Security .Learned
that the new standards for food additives by the National Standardization
Technical Committee, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and
Prevention, Nutrition and Food Safety The experts amended to regulate use
of food additives, to ensure the safety of food additives. GB2760 has
been amended several times since its enactment, each year added to the
breed standard. GB27602007 is the largest one amendment, the revised
standards for food additives increased use of health principles for the
use of food additives and food classification system; in risk assessment
based on the combination of food classification system and adjust some of
the varieties of food additives, use range and the maximum use;
adjustment varieties of food additives, the use range, use the search
form; an increase in production of various types of food according to the
list of required amount of additive used and the amount required by the
production by the exceptional use of food additives class lists.

Experts point out that the safety of food additives is an important part
of food safety. Rational use of the safety of food additives is directly
related to food safety. Currently, abuse or excessive use of food
additives phenomena still occur. Improve the standards and regulations of
food additives, can basically control the abuse and excessive use of
additives problems. GB27602007 "hygiene standards of food additive use"
clearly allows the use of food additives provided the variety, range and
maximum usage, food production enterprises could further guide the proper
use of food additives.Experts say, needs to be emphasized is that food
additives and the people Life Closely related, not food additives, food
little. So, people do not talk about additive color changing, our country
require the use of a total of more than 900 kinds of food additives, such
as Preservative , Antioxidants , Thickener , Emulsifier , Sweetener,
baking powder, Spices And so on. These ingredients can enhance the sense
of food shape, to prevent spoilage, extend shelf life and other effects,
so food additives for food is essential to every household in Soy sauce ,
MSG, salt, etc. In fact, belong to the scope of food additives. People
choose foods, attention should be chosen high-quality, good reputation of
products manufacturers, because they will strictly implement national
food additives on Management Requirements. The poor quality of
underground workshops that produce a considerable part of the product
belongs to abuse or excessive use of food additives, a large number of
the human body if the long-term intake of these elements are detrimental.
Finally worth noting is that liver and kidney dysfunction in patients not
suitable for food preservatives, additives, more food, so these patients
is best not to over-eat (or drink) Instant noodles , Sausage, canned
food, beverages and other such fast food products, in order to avoid the
adverse reactions savings effect. "Spring rum" Express Area: I am an
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