Nine Important Facts You Should Know About Food Additives

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					Nowadays, our life can not be separated from what we call food additives.
They are substances that are intentionally added to our food during its
processing. Almost all of what we eat everyday contains such substances,
whether they are naturally occurring or artificial
substances.Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers,
artificial food colors, antioxidants and mineral salt are some common
examples of food additives we usually consume. But the question is do you
realize that these substances are chemicals and may harm your
health?There are some food additives that are safe to eat and some are
not. And it becomes the main reason why I wrote this article. I want you
to know some important facts about such substances, so you can wisely
decide to reduce or even stop consuming such chemicals.1. In food
industry, chemicals are added to food to improve shelf life, increase
nutritional value, improve the food flavor, enhance appearance and
control acidity and alkalinity.2. Most food additives are shown on
product label. You can check what kinds of additives are added.3. Some of
them are not mentioned on the label, because they are stated as
ingredient. For example margarine. Margarine is processed using
additives.4. Not all processed foods contain additives, such as frozen
foods, canned foods and long-life milk.5. Some of food additives are safe
to consume and some of them are not.6. Sometimes the additive is stated
in its full name and at the other times, it is mentioned only in form of
its representing code number.7. There are many types of food additives:
antioxidants, anti caking agents, emulsifier, artificial sweetener, food
acids, colors, flavors, gelling agent, flavor enhancer, humectants,
salts, propellants, preservatives, foaming agents, bulking agents, rising
agents, glazing agents, thickeners, vegetable gums and stabilizers.8.
Food additives are chemicals. They can be naturally occurring substances
or artificial substances. Naturally occurring additives do not always
mean safer than artificial additives.9. Each food additive has safe limit
value to consume by human and at the same time not give bad effect on
human health. The value is determined through a sequential testing.If you
cannot avoid completely eating food additives in your food, at least you
should know what are safe and what are not. Never thing these chemicals
are safe because no health effect were surveyed. Always bear in mind that
they may have long-term effect on your health, not short term effects.
Also remember that you are responsible for your own health, not food
manufacturers' responsibilities.

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