Estonia Attractions - Places to See in Estonia

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					Estonians are known to be hard-working, neat and patriotic. Most of them
are nature lovers, too, which comes as no surprise since Estonia has a
wealth of natural gems that make up the best Estonia attractions.Lahemaa
National Park - Considered one of the most popular natural attractions in
Estonia, the Lahemaa National Park is the country's largest national
park, covering an area of more than 70,000 hectares. Aside from hiking,
the park also offers opportunities for cycling, skiing and camping, so
tourists can actively explore its amazing diversity of plant and wildlife
while admiring the scenic views.Vilsandi National Park - Although not as
big as the Lahemaa, the Vilsandi National Park is still one of the top
Estonia attractions, particularly since it is one of the oldest nature
reserves in Europe. It is also a sanctuary for thousands of species of
migratory birds, making it a true paradise for bird-watchers.Matsalu
National Park - Like the Vilsandi, the Matsalu National Park is also a
bird-watcher's paradise. This is because the park is home to almost 300
species of birds, including ducks, pigeons, finches and owls. You can
also find hundreds of vascular plants here such as yarrow, meadowsweet
and cuckooflower.Soomaa National Park - Although the youngest national
park in Estonia, the area of the Soomaa National Park is second only to
the Lahemaa, which numbers it among the popular Estonia attractions. It
is especially popular for its mires and dunes which tourists can explore
by riding a canoe or hiking along one of the nature trails.Jagala Falls -
Nicknamed the 'Niagara Falls of the Baltics', this waterfall is 7.8
metres high - the highest in Estonia. It is beautiful both in the summers
when it reflects the sunlight and in the winters when it gets iced
up.Parnu Beach - If you've come to Estonia to enjoy the sun and sand,
then a trip to Parnu Beach is a must. Parnu Beach is the best among the
beaches of Estonia, offering a stretch of golden sand, clear waters and
several bars where you can eat and have fun at the end of the day. The
town of Parnu is an attraction in itself, with 17th century houses and
magnificent churches.There are other Estonia attractions, too, such as
the Tallinn Zoo, the Tallinn Botanical Garden, the Kuressaare Castle in
Saaremaa and the Estonian Open Air Museum. Still, its natural attractions
are the best Estonia has to offer and are therefore, must-see places for
anyone spending holidays in Estonia.

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