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Country Chic Fashion for 2012


Country Chic Fashion for 2012

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									Country Chic Fashion for 2012

Many fashion designers and major fashion magazines have been jumping on the bandwagon for this new
country style craze. A lot of people have recognised the emerging fashion trend of typical British heritage
country style and equestrian inspired attire. Fashionistas are already shopping for autumn 2012 and their
shopping totes are full to the brim of equestrian inspired apparel.

Images of British country-like clothing have recently exploded across the media and now this particular
style of attire is extremely sought after across the fashion World. It is almost impossible to decipher where
this recent up rise has evolved from due to the fact that in previous seasons a tweed jacket paired with a
pair of jodhpur-like trousers would have been deemed unacceptable.

Despite this fact, we should embrace this complete British heritage style fashion such as many
fashionistas have done so themselves. Why not get a head-start on this brand new craze and invest in a
pair of jodhpurs and jodhpur boots this season and set the trends for the future. High-street shops will
soon be full to the brim with tweed, plaid and wax jackets and the latest camel jodhpurs - so I have
decided to purchase my equestrian inspired fashion choices from the equestrian source itself.

In order to stay ahead of the fashion trend taking risks is an imperative way of being branded a
fashionistas. If you do not take the risk then you are simply following trends rather than creating them so
by embracing this particular style early you are literally setting the trends to come. With last year's up rise
of the Chelsea boot (extremely similar to the equestrian Jodhpur boot) it was only a matter of time before
this was the popular dress.

The first thing that you will need to invest in is a tweed blazer. In autumn/winter 2012 this is going to be
one of the most sought after items of apparel that you could purchase. A tweed blazer is an extremely
fashionable way of completing an outfit with pattern and a splash of autumn colours.

Upon this, pair your tweed blazer with a dazzling pair of jodhpur boots, which can also be known as
Chelsea boots, which are one of the main pieces of footwear in this upcoming style. These are available
in many different colours and are usually made from real, high quality leather.

Finish your outfit off with an equestrian style polo which has been seen on the runway for Ralph Lauren
and other major fashion brands and some jodhpurs. Jodhpurs are tight fitting trousers, a lot like leggings
that you can wear with your jodhur boots, polo and tweed jacket in order to achieve the best country look.

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