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Girlfriends Chill Out Idea - International Girls Night Out


									For our first monthly Girlfriend series, I thought it was only fitting to
start with the one that served as a catalyst for our other events. It was
also how I met the ladies who would become some of my closest
friends.International Girls Night OutIn college, my girlfriends and I
used to call ourselves the United Nation Girls because we were such a
diverse group of friends. We came from countries all over the world,
including India, Indonesia, Singapore, Ecuador, Sweden, Eritrea, and
Korea. It was after a long class project that one of my friends invited
me to hang out with some of her friends for a night out in Los Angeles.
When I asked her where we were going, she said that it was a specialty
food restaurant. Well, it ended up being an Eritrean restaurant (Eritrea
is a very small country located in the Horn of Africa). It was the first
time I've ever had the food (it's similar to Ethiopian food) and it was
absolutely delicious. Afterward, we all went out to the Santa Monica
Promenade (also a first for me) and finished the night by shopping and
watching the street performers.Everyone had a great time. We had so much
fun that we decided to turn it into a monthly Girls Night Out event. The
idea was that one night a month, we leave our husbands, boyfriends,
children, pets, and work at home and instead think only about the joy of
being surrounded by good friends.It doesn't take too much effort to start
your own Int'l Girls Night Out. The hardest part is committing to
spending one night a month without life's responsibilities and sticking
to your "date" with the ladies. Here are some tips on planning your own:*
First, appoint one person to host the International Girls Night Out. She
doesn't necessarily need to be from another country. She can be from
another state or even another town.* To be carbon and budget conscious,
use a free email service like Evite or MyPunchBowl. Send out the
invitation at least 3 weeks in advance. Remember, LADIES ONLY! Tell them
that they must RSVP at least 1 week beforehand. That way, if you have a
large party, you'll be able to secure reservations with your restaurant
of choice.* Find and make reservations at a restaurant that serves your
ethnic food. Make sure it stays true to your roots. Call ahead and let
them know that this is a special occasion. Who knows? Maybe the
restaurant might give you a special table or extra dressings at your
table. Try to find locations that offer reasonable fixed price menu
options-it will make it easier at the end when splitting the tab.* Find a
fun event to do afterwards that goes along with the theme of the evening.
For example, for one of our nights, we went to a Spanish tapas restaurant
and then watched flamenco dancing.* Four to seven days prior, update
everyone on your RSVP list and let them know the technical aspects of the
evening, such as the meal price, whether there is any charge for parking,
and what time you'll be heading to afterwards. That way, your friends can
make carpool arrangements amongst each other.* As a bonus, at the
beginning of the night, whether you are at the restaurant or an initial
meeting spot, give everyone a little trinket and some information about
your country.* Most importantly, make sure you designate someone to bring
the camera and act as the photographer for the night.- Korea: All You Can
Eat Korean BBQ, followed by karaoke singing
-Mediterranean: A Moroccan restaurant, followed by a group belly dance
class-China: Dim sum, followed by a shopping spree in Chinatown-India: A
Tandoori restaurant, followed by a Bollywood movie-Texas: A TexMex
restaurant, followed by some mechanical bull riding!If you've got any
ideas of your own, share them with us!

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