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					The official name of Eritrea is the State of Eritrea. The word Eritrea
derived from the Greek word Eritrea which means red land. The Capital of
Eritrea is Asmara. The State of Eritrea is bordered by Sudan in the west
side, bordered by Ethiopia in the south side and bordered by Djibouti in
the south east side. The violations of human rights are common in the
Eritrea. The Eritrea is state of one party in which elections have been
frequently postponed. Eritrea has no private owned news media. Eritrea is
only the African country which has no private owned media. In 2001 the
independent media has banned by the government and still it is banned.
The State of Eritrea is divided in to six regions and then these regions
are sub divided in to the districts.       The Central region is divided
in to further divided regions. The sub regions names are Berikh,
Serejake, Debubawi Mi'erab, Debubawi, Asmara and Mi'erab. The southern
region is sub divided in to other regions. The names of sub regions are
Adi Keyh, Adi Quala, Areza, Mai Ayni, Dekemhare, Debarwa, Tserona,
Segeneiti, Senafe and Mai Mne.The third region of Eritrea is Gash-Barka.
The sub regions names are Agordat, Barentu, Dghe, Forto, Gogne, Haykota,
Logo-Anseba, Mensura, Mogolo, Molki, Guluj, Tesseney, Le'elay Gash and
Shambuko. The fourth region of Eritrea is Anseba. The Anseba is then
divided in to sub regions which are Adi Tekelezan, Asmat, Geleb, Halhal,
Habero, Keren, Kerkebet. The fifth region of Eritrea is Northern Red Sea.
The Northern Red Sea is sub divided in to Afabet, Karura, Massawa, Nakfa,
She'eb, Foro and Ghinda.

  The sixth region of Eritrea is Southern Red Sea. The Southern Red Sea
is sub divided in to the Are'eta, Southern Dankalia, Assab and Central
Dankalia. The Government of Eritrea is making efforts to better the
foreign relations. Eritrea is the member of African Union. The relation
of Eritrea with United State is short and not good. In 1973 to 1977 the
United States army operated in Kagnew Station of Eritrea. The relations
between Eritrea and United States became more worsened in October 2008
when Jendayi Frazer who is the United States Assistant Secretary of State
called the State of Eritrea a -˜State sponsor of terrorism'. The United
States added Eritrea in the list of rogue states with Iran and Sudan.
The Eritrea relationship with Italy and the European Union are strong.
The Dutch Ambassador also took the official visit to the Eritrea for
bilateral talks with Presidents. These meetings were held in Massawa. The
economy of Eritrea is moderate and it is severely hurt during the
Eritrean Ethiopian war. Many of peoples are related with the agriculture.
80% of the population is involved in farming and herding. The GDP growth
rate is 3.6% annually. There is no official language of Eritrea many
languages are spoken by the people. The Tigrinya and Arabic are the two
main languages which are major languages for official purposes. Many of
people can understand English and Italian.         Visit Air Zimbabwe,
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