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English 3 CP

                                    The Salvation Army

       The charity that would be used is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army was

started in 1878, by William Booth. Who was considered to be a spiritual militant, and

Booths original name for the Salvation Army was known as the Hallelujah Army.

During the 1800’s many people had doubts about Booths charity organization, especially

the church but over time people begin to recognize the good works the organization was

doing. They have continually expanded their outreach and some of their present day

activities includeing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, disaster relief and support activities.

       The Salvation Army supports a number of social programs. For example drug

and alcohol rehabilitation has been their biggest accomplishment that they have

supported. The Salvation Army allows people who are willing to find spiritual relief

from their sins and the uses of drugs. The organization has created 119 Adult

Rehabilitation Centers to help the people who are looking for help. This center focuses

on the important people or the necessary help for all the drug and alcoholic people who

are willing to fix their lives. This is just one reason why people should donate money to

the Salvation Army to help all the people who needs medical support.

       Another worthy part of the Salvation Army activities is disaster relief. For

example they are the first to arrive at the disaster site. The Salvation Army comes to

give relief to the victims of a devastating disaster. The Army brings food, clothing and
shelter for the homeless. This why people can trust the Salvation Army to be there when

disaster strikes.

        The Salvation Army engages in many support activities. So as Christmas charity

and Elderly Services. The Salvation Army Christmas charity would have Bell ringers

collect money to provide Christmas dinners, clothing and gifts for the families in need.

The Salvation Army also does Elderly Services, so they may keep them educated,

entertained and keep them housed when they retire. So all in all the support activities

allow many people to experience new things and help keep them all sheltered.

        So furthermore the Salvation Army is asking the people to either donate or raise

money for those that are in need but people can also volunteer at a Salvation Army

center. All in conclusion the Salvation Army has many activities that help people to

rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol, also gives disaster relief, and engages in support

activities. So this why they should support the Salvation Army.

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